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Visionary Archives
Documentation of
Belly Dance Events

Silk Road Dance Performance at the Kennedy Center with Laurel Gray, featuring music by Steven Flynn

Remembering a Past Retreat:
Belly Dance on the Big Island
by Delilah
Captain's Log; Delilah's Journal Notes
Belly Dancing with the Elements
by Claire
Fremont Summer Solstice Parade 1999

Fremont Summer Solstice Parade 2004

Fremont Winter Solstice Feast 1998
Cane Dance of Hatshepsut
Rites of Passage: Maiden, Mother, Crone: Belly Dance and Coming of Age Celebration
The Garden of Allah
Belly Dance and Aromatherapy

Bellydance and Pregnancy

Belly Dance as Birthdance: A Labor of Love
by Delilah
Bellydancing During Pregnancy
video review by Delilah
Dance to the Great Mother
by Gaby Oeftering
Birthdance: Dance of the Great Mothers
by Delilah
Birthdance: Video Media for the Future
by Delilah

Belly Dance Postpartum
by Christy Wenc
Dance to the Great Mother
a review by Shira
Chronicles of The Great Mother 2003


Sea Faring Belly Dance Costumes
Junk to Jewels; Caretaking the Earth
Sirens of the Sea
by Delilah
Alexandra's Skirt for Belly Dancers; The Circle Skirt Formula

Spotlight on Belly Dancers
and Issues

Spotlight on Bridget

Spotlight on Freya

Spotlight on Lois Postel
Cultural Influences on Body Image
by Pat Stricklin
Reviving Ophelia Through Bellydance
Story of Honoring
Video Transcripts
Carolina Nericcio of "Fat Chance Bellydance"
Kajira's Interview with Delilah
Belly Dancing with Rhomza in Seattle

Fun, Fantasy and Fiction

Dresses for Belly Dancers:
The Perfect Man Catcher Dress
by Delilah
Eye of the Sultan
Herstory of the Visionary Belly Dancers
Amphibious Lifeforms
Clan of the Cave Belly
Lulu's Birthday Party


Dance Notes and Articles

Experience of the Beautiful
Pharonic Belly Dance
A Retro Choreography, Fire at the Iao Part 2
Belly Dance as Healing Dance
Hosted by Lorraine Lafata
In Search of Gypsys
Circle Baladi
Dancing with Nature
Learning to Belly Dance from Videos
by Shira


Travel and Adventure

Bamboo Belly Dance Story
Dancing to Uzbekistan
Well Nation Day, NPR
Award-Winning Essay by Delilah
Living On Earth Radio Interview
(scroll down to Delilah on Well Nation Day)
Belly Dancing at Mendocino

Self Empowerment

How to Realize Your Belly Dance Dream When you Have No $Money

Committing to Belly Dance: A quote from Goethe
Delilah's Visionary Belly Dance Retreats

Video and Audio Reviews

Delilah's Bellydance Workshop Volumes I & II
video review by Victoria Anderson
Delilah's Bellydance Workshop Volume III
video review by Victoria Anderson
Dance, Delilah, Dance!
by Shakira
Dance to the Great Mother
by Gaby Oeftering
Dance to the Great Mother
by Mara Makeda
Delilah & Sirocco, Live & Wild
by Shakira
The Spirit of Oriental Dance
Tales of the Night Wind
music review by Laurel Victoria Gray
Welcome to the Dance
music review by Laurel Victoria Gray
Rapture Rumi
music review by Laurel Victoria Gray
Rapture Rumi
music review by Patina Rayna Maya
Delilah's Belly Dance Costume Workshop
video review by Sherezzah
A Retro Choreography
a review by Shira
Fire at the Iao
a review by Shira
Dance to the Great Mother
a review by Shira
Spirit of Oriental Dance
show review

Web Books

The Steven Flynn Story

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