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Winter Solstice Celebration

Dear Dancers

You, your family and any interested friends are invited to participate in our beautiful Winter Solstice Dance Ritual.

Hosted by the Neighborhood Temple priestess and Staff.
Monday December 21st between the hours of 5:15pm - 10:30pm

You can plug into this schedule as your own time permits.
The actual Winter Solstice is at 5:47 PM on Monday!

What are we doing!

We are building a candle dance labyrinth in the studio and a place for new year prayers and wishes.
Labyrinths are ancient and powerful movement meditation tools.
We will celebrate the Winter Solstice together with song, drum, dance and food.

Monday schedule:

5:15pm - 6:15pm Dedication of the space followed by Laura Rose (including her class) leads a Labyrinth dance section.

6:30pm - 7:15pm Delilah, Christine and Dahlia will lead a labyrinth dance .
Participants can arrive anytime. It's not an exact timing thing.

7:15pm - 9:00pm Open time in the Labyrinth Installation.

Pot Luck Feast will begin around 7:45pm at Delilah's
Location across the Street at:

4115 Fremont Ave N.
Seattle Wa 98103
206 632-2353.

People are free to move back and forth from House to studio and enjoy the installation

9:15pm The Neighborhood temple Priestesses will escort the Sun King effigy from across the street by carol, drum and candle light from the studio to the Delilah's back yard where the prayers and wishes for the New Year will be celebrated in a bon fire ritual.

Bring pot luck items to share that speak of warmth and love.


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