Belly Dancing with Rhomza in Seattle

Rhomza Ali from Londrina, Brazil, came to Seattle to study with Delilah and stay at her Bed and Breakfast for ten days. Rhomza enjoyed daily classes with Delilah, as well as participating in a workshop with Aziz from Salt Lake City Utah. While she was here, the Brazilian dancer attended a wonderful Middle Eastern dance show hosted by the "Jewels of Shalimar." The performance at Seattle's Langston Hughes Theater featured Aziz and Delilah.

Rhomza's home, Londrina, is a relatively new city in Brazil -- only 60 years old. Rhomza Ali moved there from Sao Paulo to raise her family and start a bellydance school. In Londrina, she hosts many shows and workshops; she now has almost 100 students.

Rhomza is a lithe, strong, and graceful dancer with a keen ability to master anything she is shown. She has a degree in engineering -- no light subject to master! She knows how to study and takes thing very seriously. Rhomza said she knew in her heart she would be happier dancing, so she choose to devote her life to the study and elevation of bellydance in Brazil, instead of working in the field of her technical study. She became good friends with Delilah and perhaps someday Delilah will visit her in Brazil.

The Story of the Brazilian Bra

On the last night of Rhomza Ali's stay, Delilah and Rhomza exchanged many gifts with each other. The most extraordinary present was Rhomza's gift to Delilah. Rhomza observed that Delilah was looking for elements to make a light pink costume. The guest dancer had brought her favorite "teaching bra" with her that had been handed down to her from another dancer (who hung on to the matching belt.) It was very lovely and many dancers commented on it when Rhomza wore it to the Aziz workshop. It was also very well worn. The costume piece originally was a very simple stretch bra; someone had embellished it with beads, sequins and a light dangling fringe of pale crystals around the bottom edge.

The original, bright colors were gone and the bra had faded into a fleshy pink. It still had stretch to it, though it was safety pinned in the back. Rhomza admitted sheepishly that she wanted to give her favorite bra to Delilah-- if Delilah would not think it too strange. A true gift from the heart, from one teacher to another. She apologized for its aged appearance, but Delilah loved the sentiment behind the gift. It fit too! (Delilah may often be found teaching in it.)