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Delilah's belly dance winter retreat Princess farhana hawaii

January 2009 Retreat


Click to view the scrapbook from our 2003 retreat

2003 retreat scrapbook

Brief herstory of our retreats

We have been bringing dancers to Hawaii as a spectacular rendezvous point and exciting opportunity to study bellydance with me in an intimate setting for an extended time. I say, “Study with me,” because each individual retreat has been the biggest educational value of my life. I’ve been able to share my body of knowledge and experience about this dance form with other dancers from around the globe, at the same time each retreat has offered a unique exploration for all of us. I’ve created the curriculum by setting up different themes and itineraries and often invited different guest teachers of different styles to join me. Incredible friendships have been made that otherwise would never have been given a chance in our busy, hectic adult world these days.

While we have offered an annual Jan /Feb retreat for the past 12 years, we now are exploring different times of year making it possible for different people to come. We have had all women retreats, family retreats, summer retreats, Easter retreats, double retreats. We have welcomed as our guests:

Artist and Ritualist Sarah Teofanov,
Yogi and Dancer Suzanne Del Vechio,
Dancer and Cosmotologist Meleah,
Dancer Choreographer and Historian Laurel Victoria Gray,
Elemental Dance with Z Helene,
Modern Egyptian Dancer and Instructor Sahra Saeeda,
Tribal Dance with Carolena Nericcio,
Folkloric Tribal Dance with John Compton and Rebaba,
American Classic with Mezmera,
Turkish Bellydance and Sufi Dance with Eva Cernik,
Master story teller Diane Wolkstein,
Percussionist and Band leader Michael Beach of Brothers of the Baladi
Master drum instructor and wise man Uncle Mafufo,
Flamenco guitarist Sulyman El Coyote,
Zambra /Flamenco Dancer Nikki Conti,
Harpist and Chantress Ani Williams

and all would not be complete without live music brought to us by Sirocco!

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