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The music heard on the Visionary Dance belly dance video tapes was composed for these projects by Steven Flynn, Northwest composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist. In his work, ancient and modern musical elements combine to produce exotic soundscapes and musical narratives that ignite and inspire the imagination.

Working closely with Delilah on the compositions, he has created world music designed to meet the expressive needs of the contemporary bellydancer.

Check out this recent Silk Road Dance Performance at the Kennedy Center with Laurel Gray, featuring music by Steven Flynn.

Flynn, composer

Rapture Rumi CD

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Rapture Rumi

The ecstatic, passionate poetry of the 13th century mystic Jelaluddin Rumi is the inspiration for the music on this new album by Steven Flynn. Dark, turbulent, jubilant, these churning melody lines haunt us and rip at our hearts. Joined by master percussionist Armando Mafufo, Steven utilizes ney (reed flute), tar (frame drum), digeridoo, violin, and more in creating this music. Hot rhythms and yearning melodies combine to make songs that speak of the desires of both body and soul. Great music for listening or dancing.

52 minutes. CD $18.00, cassette $10

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A Music Review, by Patina Rayna Maya
A Lesson with Delilah: Rapture Rumi Rhythms


Click to download sound file excerpts from Rapture Rumi, AIFF files recommended and playable with QuickTime or other compatible program. Download QuickTime Player Free

Prolog: the Poems. 124K AIFF file
Prolog: the Poems. 1M Wave file

Shems. 220K AIFF file
Shems. 1.8M Wave file

Circling. 136K AIFF file
Circling. 1.1M Wave file

Rhythm Dance. 1M; download time with 288K modem, approx. 4-5. minutes.
Rhythm Dance. 1.6M Wave file

Selam. 164K AIFF file
Selam. 1.3 M Wave file

Light. 124K AIFF file
Light. 1M Wave file

Longing. 180K AIFF file
Longing. 1.4M Wave file

Rumi & Shems/ Zikr. 689K; download time approx. 3 minutes.

Epilog: Disappearance of Shems. 204K AIFF file
Epilog: Disappearance of Shems. 1.6M Wave file

Welcome to the Dance

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Welcome to the Dance

Audio Cassette - 40 minutes - $10.00

Compact Disc - $18.00

These nine compositions by Steven Flynn, filled with rich textures, heart-felt melodies and compelling rhythms, include music heard on the videos, Delilah's Bellydance Workshop, Volume III, and Delilah's Costume Workshop, as well as new works. The music weaves worlds in the air, for dancers to glide through in their bodies, or listeners to tour in their minds. The songs provide fresh opportunities for the dancer to expand her art with music that, while non-traditional, is perfectly suited to the bellydance. Side Two contains a full 20 minute routine, complete with drum solo.


Click to download sound file excerpts from Welcome to the Dance, AIFF files recommended and playable with Quicktime or other compatible program. Download QuickTime Player Free

Mystery Rhumba. 200K AIFF file
Mystery Rhumba. 1.6M Wave file

When the Rain Comes. 204K AIFF file
When the Rain Comes. 1.6M Wave file

The Road. 104K AIFF file
The Road. 872K Wave file

Conversations. 192K AIFF file
Conversations. 1.6M Wave file

Turning Around. 164K AIFF file
Turning Around. 1.3 Wave file

Welcome to the Dance. 621M AIFF file; download time with 288K modem approx. 3 minutes.

Lonesome Lullaby. 180K AIFF file
Lonesome Lullaby. 1.4M Wave file

The Night Visitors/Spin & Shout. 164K AIFF file
The Night Visitors/Spin & Shout. 1.3M Wave file

Diluvian Rock. 180K AIFF file
Diluvian Rock. 1.5M Wave file


Tales of the Night Wind

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Tales of the Night Wind

Compact Disc - 38 minutes - $18.00

Seven pieces written and recorded by Steven Flynn for the video series, Delilah's Bellydance Workshop. You'll find baladi, masmoudi, karshilama, chefti-telli, and a beautiful bolero. This is music for the contemporary American bellydancer.

"Here is music for dancing and dreaming. The moods conveyed encourage the imagination to wander through that exotic realm which may only exist in the tales of the Arabian Nights, but which is ever-so-appealing to the Western mind."
Laurel Gray, Habibi Magazine


Click to download sound file excerpt from Tales of the Night Wind, AIFF files recommended and playable with any QuickTime compatible player or program unless noted. Download QuickTime Player Free.

Yah Delilah. 188K AIFF file
Yah Delilah. 1.5M Wave file

Caravanserai. 184K AIFF file
Caravanserai. 1.5M Wave file

The Dream Weavers. 184K AIFF file
The Dream Weavers. 1.5 M Wave file

Orient Express. 200K AIFF file
Orient Express. 1.6M Wave file

Ruth. 220K AIFF file
Ruth. 1.8M Wave file

Lilith. 220K AIFF file
Lilith. 1.8M Wave file

Angelita. 1.1M MP3 file; download time with 288K modem, approx. 4-5 minutes

Inner Dances

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Inner Dances

Audio Cassette - 40 minutes - $10.00

This is music for mind and body. It is a utility tape, designed for use with various types of physical and mental exercises - dancing, working out, meditating. Side One contains the music written to accompany the Warm-Up Ritual in Delilah's Bellydance Workshop, Volume I. Side Two contains a long, slow drum chant for use with meditation, ritual, or slow physical movement exercises. This is followed by the Zahr, a Middle-Eastern trance rhythm which begins slowly and works into a frenzy. Delilah uses these pieces in her live workshops, and has received numerous requests that we make them available on an audio cassette.

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