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Prayer to the Divine Mother

by Mirayah Delamar

Belly Dance 

Prayer to the Divine Mother

Divine Mother,
Earth Mother!
In your image I am made,
a human vessel
filled with Life spirit.
I celebrate your infinite Creation:
I turn and dance in reverence
to the rhythms of the Universe,
music of the Cosmos,
giving form to your seed
that in me lives and grows
into a child of Love.
Oh Goddess of Beauty and Grace,
Queen of Peace!
In the abundance that you give may you be honored,
that we may not call forth our own destruction,
but spread your Glory
far and wide upon the earth.
Mother, I am your daughter,
of your pure spirit I am nourished.
With you in heart and mind, I create.
To you I surrender,
To you I surrender,
in the dance...
of Life,
and Rebirth.

June 1993, Mirayah Delamar
Written during a meteor shower

Listen to an audio recording of Mirayah's Poem
in aif or wav format.


Mirayah was an original member of Delilah’s Visionary Dancer Dance ensemble in the early 1990s. When Mirayah became pregnant with little Eli, her sisters in dance, donned veils and flowers and with incense and kisses danced for her baby shower. Mirayah happily danced throughout her pregnancy. She choreographed a beautiful poem she wrote that expresses her deep feelings for the sanctity of life. A pregnancy is a powerful experience in a woman's life. It is a time of great knowing and wisdom. Hearing her words and seeing her beautiful image is a celebration of life! It is a powerful experience with a powerful message.

Thank you Mirayah for allowing us to share these important words and images with other dancers. Mirayah now lives and dances in Hawaii.


Delilah with Mirayah at her baby shower in 1993

Belly Dancing During Pregnancy

Visionary Belly Dancers

The Visionary Dancers gather to honor Mirayah

Mirayah's sisters in dance shower her with flowers, incense and kisses

Visionary Belly Dancers
Mirayah and Eli

Mirayah and Eli


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