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These three video volumes present a complete workshop, to be studied in your own home, at your own pace. Delilah defines an extensive vocabulary of dance, explaining and demonstrating hundreds of different movements and techniques including zill patterns. In addition, she provides an holistic warm-up routine, designed to prepare your body for the joyous experience found in this ancient dance form. Each program is presented as an entertaining blend of instruction, philosophy, and beautiful dance performances.

Delilah's Belly Dance Workshop program on DVD has a 3Hour run time on each Volume. That's 9 Hours of Quality instruction from one of the industries foremost teachers!

Volume I Volume I

Warm-up  ritual
Slow Hips and  Torso
Arms and Hands
Zills and Rhythms
Volume II

Volume II

Baladi Rhythms
Masmoudi Rhythms
6/8 Rhythms

Volume III

Volume III

Belly Rolls
Coin Tricks
Floorwork Made Easy
Advanced Floorwork
Turkish Drop

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