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The Belly Dance Stimulus Act of 2009

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The Belly Dance Stimulus Act of 2009

Here’s the deal

The economy is getting the best of many of us. We believe fervently that Belly Dance empowers our lives! It builds confidence, self esteem and self reliance. It keeps us together as women body, mind, and soul. It’s deep yoga and moves our chi. It recharges our batteries and an opportunity for wordless self expression that is important for our interior world. We know belly dance heals and builds stronger women.

Got a Job ?
If you have a job, FANTASTIC! Come take classes at VDP and pay us for them. We thank you! We are having our own challenges as a small business and our dancers derive their livelihoods through teaching. Most important we all need to stay fit, empowered and in balance during these challenging times. What better than doing something that celebrates being alive in a woman’s body! We have lots of wonderful and exciting instructors, classes, music and dance events for you to enjoy!

NO Job ?
If you DO NOT have a job or a source of support right now, we feel you need belly dance more than ever! And I bet you have the time now more than ever before to Belly Dance!
We would rather see our studio full of dancing women than empty space and dance-less lives. Women need to take care of themselves first, and then they will be better equipped to aid family and community.

Come to class!

We’ll figure it out with you.
Maybe you can trade something. We actually need many services so please do not feel you are imposing on us. It can be a win win situation for everyone!
Office tasks, cleaning, sorting the studio paraphernalia, raking leaves, painting, making signs, designing flyers, cooking, answering phones, internet management, costume repair, massage, beauty services, writing, video review . . . Maybe you just remember us when times are better later on up the road. For now let’s belly dance.
Life is too short to postpone that which we need and love.

How is this going to work?
We are reserving spaces in each classes for you.
Please if someone you know is depressed and suffering because of this economy and you can see they need belly dance class then please pass this message on! They need to fill out a form and apply. We have 2-4 positions reserved in each class. We want to fill them by women who really want to belly dance! We are offering classes on every day of the week!

Click here for an application form.



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