Belly Dance Postpartum
by Christi Wenc

Dear Dancers

Please note: The transition into Motherhood is exciting and challenging and you are never alone. There is a fantastic sisterhood/club you are joining; "Birth Givers of the Yoniverse" as my friend Falicity put it! It's like night and day . One minute you are pregnant and all is still and in place. You are just patiently/impatiently waiting and then, boom! Your life changes and you are for ever connected to this other little person who makes their debut into this world. They need you like no one has ever needed you. It's a joy and it's overwhelming. Your body goes through major shape transformation again but this time it can be faster and harder on one's back so be gentle with your self and really listen to the daily changes. Stay fit and strong, eat well and sleep. Also know that your hormones are doing a number and your brain is too. A fabulous motherhood resource for all you pregnant dancers out there postpartum is Christy's Mommy Muse.
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Christy Wenc
Lisa Sarasohn
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