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Delilah with Armando, Hanya and Claire

Delilah with Armando, Hanya and Claire

Dear Dancers,

Welcome to our new Visionary Belly Dance
Web Club #303
Companion to Delilah’s Belly Dance Workshop series Volumes I, II, III

Thank you! You have received a free membership as an added educational benefit for purchasing any or all three of the volumes in Delilah's Belly Dance Workshop series.

This is a brand new, extra value we are adding to celebrate the 2003 release of our hallmark instructional series on DVD. The original series was released in 1987 and was upgraded in the 90s. Now, 90 minutes of additional educational and performance material has been added to each instructional volume. We are very proud to announce these classic video programs continue to be sought after by dancers all over the world and the belly dance family they have brought us has been an absolute love-fest. With the new DVDs, these teachings have been preserved for future generations to come.

Web Club Innovation

Delilah came up with the idea of web clubs a couple of years ago. It’s similar to a companion booklet that comes with a video program, but instead of printing it, Visionary Dance put it on the web where only people who purchased the program can access the pages with a password. We consider you alumni and this is your long distance dance lab.


These pages are only for people who purchased the programs. Please do not give the password away to students and friends who have not officially purchased our programs. All our Web Clubs are accessed by putting in the number of the club (#101, #202, #303) in the designated user field instead of your name, and typing in the password, without capitals and spaces, in the password field. Putting the information on the web means it we can add to it at any time. If there are trespassers, the password can be changed (we have not found this to be a problem with our other clubs). We keep records of who has our programs so if you forget the password, just e-mail us and we can give it to you again. Over the past two years the Web Clubs have grown nicely and there are many resources in specific alignment with each of the program’s goals.

Currently Under Construction

We apologize that the site of WEB CLUB #303 is still emerging and currently under construction. Gosh we have been busy in the past 12 months! We finished the DVD just 12 hours before Delilah and Sirocco left for their fabulous 40 Days and 40 Nights East Coast Caravan Tour in October/November of 03. December has been a busy holiday season, January and February of 04 we built these pages and March we are gearing up for our fabulous Visionary Belly Dance Retreat in Hawaii! Then soon as we came back we found a new office space for Visionary Dance Productions and have madly been working on remodeling and creating a video/ dance studio we are calling VDP Studios located in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle Washington. We have been teaching lots of new classes and workshops this fall. Can you believe all that?
The staff at Visionary Dance Productions hopes to build the Web Club up with helpful information to assist in your growth, understanding and enjoyment of belly dance. (It will grow, but slowly, since Delilah is also currently writing a book and a couple other DVDs are in the works!).

WEB CLUB #303 Goal

Our goal is to include additional information on this site that directly relates to subjects covered on the three programs — additional teaching tools and resources, photos, extra diagrams, extra tips, stories about footage used, transcripts, index of steps, costume notes, specials . . .

ALSO If anyone has a question about any aspect on the programs feel free to communicate your question, idea or concern and perhaps it can become an instructive article on this site so others who are working with the program can benefit.
We have two other Web Clubs:

Web Club #101
The companion to Absolute Beginning Belly Dance with Delilah; for Students and Teachers.
(See table of contents.)

Web Club #202
The companion to A Retro Choreography and Fire at the Iao; Advanced Student /Professional
(See table of contents.)

Our goal is to teach women everywhere to belly dance!

Important Reminder:
This is a secret password accessed site! Please do not give your password to students and friends. This is your special reward for purchasing “Absolute Beginning Bellydance.” All work is copy written. You are welcome to print out any materials you want, but please do not pass it out or share with others. Thank you! We hope you recommend this video to your students and friends.

This program is brought to you by Visionary Dance Productions:

Delilah, Steven, Laura Rose

We always appreciate your feedback.

And. . .Come study with me in Hawaii
at my Visionary Belly Dance Retreat!
January 16-24 2005
see details and register here

A Companion to Delilah's Bellydance
Workshop Series,
Volumes I, II, III

*Still under construction . . .


All information is copyright of Delilah.
You may use it personally, but it's not to be passed out.

Delilah's Book Notes
An ongoing work in progress

In Service to the Dance/ Delilah's Introduction

Feed Back: Letters and Notes from Students

Language of the Goddess

The Dancing Alphabet of the Goddess

Reptilinear Locomotion / The Goddesses Quill

Right Brain Creative Approach / Drawing Exercises

Basic Alignment and Imagery

Crossroads: Finding our way to the Center

Using our Serpent Wisdom

Labyrinth; Palace of the Intestines

Puzzle: Dancing the Labyrinth

Vibration and the Wave Pattern

Transaxial Pattern Tool:
Understanding your body's alignment

Slide Versus Rotation — The Wedge Exercise

Transaxial Mapping of the Internal Realms
The Internal Realms Workout

1- 4, Slow Exercises for the Transaxial model

5-8, Fast Exercises for the Transaxial model

Dance Map Puzzle Exercises

Dancing in Nature:
What is it and how to do it (slated to be up in summer)


Full Transcripts of Delilah’s Interview with Julia Terr
Volume I, • Volume II, • Volume III

Transcripts of Bellydance Intro

Transcripts of Inspirational Talk on Volume III

Full Transcripts of Women’s Belly Talk (extra notes, un-edited)


Costume notes, The Bustle Skirt (waiting for photos)


Production Credits

The Making of the DVD
The Visionary Belly Dance Video Magazine Footage
Future DVDs


How to use your DVD, by Steve Flynn
Index of Steps


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