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Welcome! To the Visionary Bellydance Web Club #101. We would like to Thank you for your purchase of “Absolute Beginning Bellydance with Delilah.”

We are so pleased to have finally given birth to this program and make it available to you! It’s been two years in the making. We hope you have enjoyed it as much as we have enjoyed making it.

And there’s more!

As an added bonus to our program, we have prepared for you these additional pages that relate specifically to this program. It is our hope that in this way we can add an ongoing interactive aspect to the world-wide education and promotion of bellydance arts.

Important Notice: This is a secret password accessed site! Please do not give your password to students and friends This is your special reward for purchasing “Absolute Beginning Bellydance.” All work is copy written. You are welcome to print out any materials you want, but please do not pass it out or share with others. Thank you! We hope you recommend this video to your students and friends.

We are adding to these pages every month and we always appreciate your feedback:

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A Companion to Absolute Beginning Bellydance with Delilah


Program Additions:
Mapping the Internal Realms, Additional Exercies
In the Crystal Ball Performance Notes
Extra Dance Footage (on DVD) Notes
Belly Dancing Exercises with Weight Belts
The Bellys from the DVD intro and main menu.
Belly Rolls
Absolute Beginning Right Brain Dance Exercises
Imaginary Bellydance Instructor
Bellydance Therapy
Styles of Belly Dance
DVD/Video: Transcripts of "Belly Talk"
Movie Notes

Weight Belts
Hip Scarfs
Special Offer for Club Members

Music Notes
Music Composition

News / Works-In-Progress

Costume Construction Tips
Veil Wraps
Costume Workshop Video Outline
Cut a Dress in Half; Blue Enchantress
For the Love of the Enchantress Dress
For Sale

Paper Dolls

License for Teachers Classroom Use

Visionary Dance
Business goal and intention

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