Power Belly Show on DVD Set 1

Set ONE 
The Power Belly Show: A Workout Series
2 Workout sets with Delilah and Mr. Erik Brown.
The Summer 2009 Edition features Episode 9 in its entirety. “Incredible Arm Workout”
“Sweat Your Ass Off”, episode 11 Episode 12, “Earthy Workout”

Each episode of The Powerbelly show includes a “How to Do Stuff” segment, short tutorials with a variety of teachers. This Summer 2009 Special Edition includes Dahlia Moon, a resident instructor at VDP Studio in Seattle, teaching Modern Egyptian and Gawahzee 3/4 Shimmies. Delilah talks about balance issues their correction, as well as teaches her famous “Tail Spin” hip move.


Price: $39.95
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