Delilah’s Neighborhood Temple Priestess

Purifying Milk Bath

Lovingly made for your relaxation and well-being by The Neighborhood Temple Priestess.


  • Do not use on children or the infirm. WHY?
    Because the amount of anise oil needs to be an adult decision.
  • Do not use if you are allergic to milk or anise.
  • Those with extra sensitive skin please use extra caution.
  • For longer leisurely baths use as little as 6 drops.
  • For spicy baths use more 30 – 40 gently tapped(for people who like hot sauce).
  • The size of the bottle may make bigger drops. If you buy a size larger than a dram container use less. Mix well before stepping into the bath to distribute oil more evenly and get out of the bath if you feel a burning sensation. Salt and soap counteract it . Experiment to find your personal preference.
  • A drop can be measured by holding the dram between thumb and second finger gently tapping the bottom of the bottle with your first finger. Hold up to the light so you can count. Check liquid line in dram to double check how much you have added to the bath.

The directions with your kit are the simplest and mildest. The proportions of ingredients can vary to desired intensity and size of bath tub. We have included more information on this page.

Read all directions first so you know the order. Use less Anise oil at first until you gain experience.

Before you start you may need to have a pail handy for pouring clean water rinse at the end of the bath or use your shower or a spay hose if you have one. This bath is best before bed. It encourages a sound night’s sleep while it fortifies the circulation and immune system.

1. Fill a warm to hot bath.
2. Add ingredients in the following order and stir.

  • Bluing to desired intensity of color (can use blue food coloring instead).
  • Anise oil: Approx. 1/8 teaspoon to a 50 gallon bath tub, 20 gently tapped drops
    More or less can be used upon desired effects (30 – 40 drops)
  • 1 can of Neighborhood Temple Priestess Milk

Do not put sea salt in bath. It’s used as a scrub at the end with the rinse.

3. Light at least one white candle and turn out all artificial lights.
4. Submerge into the bath up to your neck. Relax in bath and and focus on slow deep breathing and your favorite meditation or day dreams.

Notice the bath may begin the nip at skin and make you sweat. It’s part of the process. A bit of this is fine but don’t overstay your welcome. If it is too intense, it is time to get out. You will have to be the judge of how long you want to stay. Experience taking this bath will help you know the exact amount of anise for your level of comfort.

5. Stand in bath and lightly rub skin with sea salt and rinse with warm to cool water to close pours.

To cleanse and stimulate the skin and circulation.

In the bath the anise oil will have a spicy biting effect that is similar (but not the same) to a mild niacin rush. The prickly sensation will be counter balanced with the light scrub with salt and warm to cool water rinse at the end. However if you do not like this effect and your skin is known to be very sensitive use only a few drops.

The bath tub size and the amount of the ingredients will change the effect. More anise equals more stimulation. However, it’s important not to over do the anise. Consider how long of a bath you want to take. If you like long and leisurely then add less anise. How hardy is your skin is or your sense of adventure?

  • Start with the low amount of recommended and work up with subsequent baths as you gain experience.
  • 20 – 30 drops gently tapped drops or 1/8 dram

Delilah Says :
“I like it fast and spicy and so use a 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon or 1/2 dram.”

The amount of water changes the proportions of the ingredients a bit. Bath tubs differ in gallons. The average size tub is 35-50 gallons.

Bathing rituals are ancient. They are used to cleanse body, mind, and soul. They are used to prepare us for important moments of transformation in our lives such as birthdays, weddings, solstices, healing, new beginnings, women’s cycles etc. This is an old Voodoo folk bath passed down from New Orleans. It should not be used daily but when situations arise that call for extra cleansing of the body and spirit. It’s great for kicking a cold or flu that you think you might be coming down with. It’s good for reducing stress and getting rid of any negativity you may have been exposed to.

Personal Note:
I maintain a busy schedule, travel a lot and come into contact many people each day. I don’t have time to be sick. I have used this bath for years and even taken them after I get off air planes while on tour. The ingredients are easy to come by.

Metaphysical effects of this bath:
These are brought on by the simple fact you are taking time out to relax and paying personal attention to your breathing, and/or meditating on your personal choice of spiritual devotions.

The Physical effects:
Milk softens, exfoliates and nourishes the skin with hydration.
The anise oil is known to has antioxidant and antibacterial properties. It also soothes muscles spasms. It aids circulation and may increase perspiration. The skin may get a bit nippy (then it’s time to get out). The salt counteracts the action of the bath and combined with the warm to cool after rinse, closes the pours back down.

Candle and Color therapy:
Removing artificial lights helps change the ambiance of our everyday surroundings. It assists us to go within and be more reflective on our lives. White is a purifying color.
The color blue color of the bath stimulates the metabolism and builds vitality at the same time it soothes and aids respiratory and circulation. It is astringent and very good for inflammatory diseases. Good against insomnia, migraines and asthma. Aids willpower and communication.

Aroma Therapy:
Aroma therapy has been around for thousands of years.
Some believe that essential oils contain the vital force of the hormones, vitamins, enzymes, minerals, and the consciousness of the plant. There are theories about the measurable frequencies of scents. Rose holding the highest.

  • Essential oils may provide therapeutic effect by elevating or suppressing action within the body. The oils enhance brain wave functions and improve psychic and spiritual awareness, working directly with the sensory motor system, and thus bringing balance to the body.
  • Anise, Apiaceae (Umbelliferae)  is not the same as Asian Star Anise or Licorice Root though its scent is similar and they all share an aromatic compound.
  • The ancient Romans used Anise to aid indigestion and morning sickness. It’s used in oral hygiene products, liquor and candy.
  • Anise has relaxing properties to help sleep patterns, emotional balance and even improve ones sense of humor.

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