House of Tarab: Beledi

The Band House of Tarab aka "H.O.T" performs vintage live Arabic Music on acoustic instruments, often accompanied by World Class Belly Dancers. Performing classic and traditional belly dance music with heavy cabaret touch is our specialty. Dabke and folk music from around the middle east is also a large part of the repertoire. This is not sleepy acoustic music, H.O.T delivers high energy dance music!

"Tarab" is a state of ecstasy and surrender one enters while listening, with Body and Soul, to music. Whether it’s the dancing strings of the Oud, the weeping melody of the violin, the mystical call of the nay or the pulsating rhythm of the drums...


  1. Longa Farafaza  (Riyad al Sunbati)
  2. Al- Aracia  (Traditional Syria)
  3. Nay Taqsim (David McGrath)
  4. Drum Solo (Erik Brown)
  5. Sa 'it Mabah Shoofak Ganbi (Mohamed Abd el-Wahab)
  6. Ya Shadi el-Alhan (Muwashahat)
  7. Oud Taqsim (Stephen Elaimy)
  8. Riq Solo (Jane Hall)
  9. Ala Bali (Traditional Lebanon)
  10. Ya Aziz Aini (Traditional Sayid Darwich?)
  11. Adaptation (Sallah Ali)
  12. Tablah Solo (Erik Brown)
  13. Ya Tira Teeri (Tradtional Syria)

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