Hossam Ramzy: Best of Om Kolthoum

Om Kolthoum was born in Egypt to a family of singers. At 5 her voice was talked about all over Egypt. Later Om Kolthoum sang a live concert every last Thursday of the month and all of Egypt gathered around their radios to hear her and be enchanted by her songs.

All the top Egyptian composers have composed songs for her. She was called KAWAKAB EL SHARQ (the Shining Star of the Middle East).

Enta Omri - I (You are my Life) 6:30
Enta Omri - II 5:18
Enta Omri - III 5:38
Ansak da Kalam (Forget you? What kind of talk is that?) 11:42
Ana Fintizarak (While waiting for your return) 10:30
Ghannili Sheway Sheway (Sing for me a little by little) 4:13
Yamsahharny (I'm loosing my sleep over you) 13:5
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