Hossam Ramzy: Best of Farid Al Atrash

Farid became a Middle Eastern household name, famous for his virtuoso Oud (lute) playing, his magnificently lush musical films and his warm voice, singing the most rosy love songs.

Farid composed most of his love songs and dance music for Samya Gamal who became one of Egypt's No.1 dancers. Using all his talents Farid started a film production company and made no less that 42 films in which he sang and Samya or Taheyya danced.

Yahliwa ( You little Beauty) 8:03
Ma Alli Wi-Oltilo (She told me and I told her) 10:08
Farid Al Atrash 8:32
Gamil Gamal (Such Beauty) 7:23
Ya Wahishny Rod Allaya (I'm missing you, please answer my calls) 11:59
El Hayah Helwa (Life is so beautiful) 6:49
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