Hossam Ramzy: Best of Abdul Halim Hafiz

Abdul Halim Hafiz lost both parents when he was very young. In the orphanage he received a very good musical education. In his late teens, Abdul Halim was enrolled into the Arabic Music Institute by his eldest brother from where he graduated as a classical oboe player.

He accepted contracts for songs and films in which he starred and became the leader of the current flow of popular music, songs and films. Abdul Halim wasloved and adored by his generation.

Bahlam Beek (I'm dreaming about you) 6:43
Oqbalak Yom Miladak (May you attain the same happiness) 13:08
Olulu (Please tell her the truth) 7:53
Ganalhawa (Love has come our way) 8:55
Khusara Khusara (What a loss) 6:47
Asmar Yasmarani (My beloved dark one) 11:12
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