Ani Williams: Shemah/ The Calling

This music was composed by Ani Williams but added to by a variety of musicians in different locations: Steven Flynn on ney; Armando Mafufo on percussion; Richard Williams on bouzouki, sarod, oud, 12 string guitar, shakuhachi; Pat O’scannel on penny whistle; Robert Cory on keyboards; Irene Tukufu on bowed psaltry. The songs are very watery and soothing. I will always see mermaids when I hear this music; Ani was working on many of these melodies and introduced them to us at my 1998 Summer retreat in Maui.

Inspired by both the stone circles and mystical moors of her cross cultural roots and the ancient Egyptian temples of the Nile. Ani’s harpestry takes us through dreamy Arabian gardens….with harp, vocals, viol de gamba, ney, oud and bouzouki, the light streams through these liquid compositions. Tracks include: Love and Beauty, Shenasha, Leonid Light, The Calling, Shemah.

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