House of Tarab 1.5

House of Tarab

House of Tarab 1.5 Remixed & Mastered

This is a MUST in every dancer’s library. All dancers should be familiar with these classic songs if she wants to be a professional. This is a perfect CD for dancing a classic routine at a party or concert, and for enlightening students in class room music appreciation. Your Arabic audiences will be impressed to hear these songs played so well. This CD is played with a better than authentic zest for life. Salah Ali from Baghdad plays a sensuous solo on his violin that all dancers smoon over. David McGrath’s ney playing is superb and soulful, Stephen Elaimy is a second generation oud player from Palestine that has toured with Delilah in Korea, American gal Jane Hall rocks on riq, Erik Brown from DC plays solid on tabla and Andy Zadronzy add his virtuosity on the upright bass. These musicians have exceptional chemistry together. Not kidding around!

1. Zeinah 5:09
2. Lamma Bada 3:52
3. Azizah: 3:34
4. Oud Taqsim 4:35
5. Tablah Solo 4:35
6. Hibinna, Hibinna 5:09
7. Finale Tutah 0:56
8. Samaii Bayati 6:25
10. Nay Taqsim 3:56
11. Khatwat Habibi 4:27
12. Sallah's Violin Solo 5:21
13. Nassam Alayna al Hawa 5:42

Samples on line Here>>

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