Learning with DVD

While Delilah’s videos are the most comprehensive “learn to belly dance” on the market, DVDs in general have revolutionized access to personal growth and learning. Owning your instructor’s DVD is like having a private class whenever you want. With a couple simple clicks of a button you can go back over material as many times as you need to. With this in mind, we are able to get more instructional material on a DVD than you would get in actual class time. While both video and classes are vital to learning belly dance, many people live and travel to areas where they don’t always have easy access to dance studios. DVDs are the answer! Many DVD players today even have the ability to set up play loops for you. All of our instructional DVDs have been authored with the intention of being intuitive and effective learning tools. With lots of extra learning and inspiration material on each DVD title, alternate interviews and practice tracks, along with smart navigation: all you have to do is sew a pocket for your remote control into your dance gear and hit “Play”!

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