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Tarot Readings on the Belly Dance Temple Layout

StrengthDeathStarhierophantLoversMoonJusticeWheel of FortuneThe SunHigh Priestess

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READING By Diane Lynn Law:

I am reading this as a Celtic Cross layout, although there would be an extra card. Overall, it would be a very promising reading! The Lovers and Heirophant cards I am seeing as the cards typically found representing the actual persons involved for the reading, as they are directly adjacent to each other. It reminds us to balance our love relationships and our work, the foundation of a strong partnership is there, and the work is important to many, not just the self, the trick is in balancing the two things successfully. The Justice card shows the possiblity of some legal entanglement during the year, but the inner Strength card shows that this situation will be overcome by summer, by holding onto the conviction that one is in the right and standing firm, the Moon shows using intuition to find the motives, maybe meditation, although the Wheel of Fortune means all is not decided on the matter, when one is coming from a place of strength the wheel generally spins in our favor, a fact that is pointed out by the following card, the Sun, which is a happy time shared by all who enter, this space being cared for by the Empress, who is in command of her space and circumstances, a generous and wise ruler. The Death card is in the West, place of endings, signifying the ending of one phase of life to make way for a new beginning, which is shown by the Star card, which says that the new beginning is a miraculous one! Heaven shines on your plans at this time or just shortly and by winter we have the High Priestess or priestesses, maybe, as this card is ruled by the number 2, teaching and bringing the power of insight, which doesn't mean teaching won't go on in between now and then, it will just reach its fullness at that time, although there is also a hidden quality to this card that means that all cannot be revealed at this time. With the Empress guarding the door to the inner sanctum, I feel that overall this space is very auspicious and all will ultimately go well this year!

I hope this interpretation brings you some happiness or insight, and at least makes sense! I look forward to seeing anyone else's interpretation and mean to look up the spiral you mentioned, how interesting! There are of course as many ways to read something as there are people, and it is so amazing to see the different points of view.

— Diana