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The Fremont Summer Solstice Parade

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Great work dancers, musicians, banner carriers and water carrier!

Fremont Solstice Parade 2003
Saturday, June 21
Everyone meets at the parade grounds at 10:30 in costume
Parade starts at Noon

Parade Party, July 1, 7:30 at Delilah's . . . details here

Jerry Johnson has a photo CD available for purchase: more than 600 photos. Contact Jerry to arrange purchase.

Parade Details at

choreography notes

We are doing this all in just 4 weeks so don’t miss a class!
Anyone that has comfortable belly dance experience can participate.
The routine will be easy!
Absolute beginners wait until next year.
Tuesday and Wednesday Parade Classes are the same. We’ll merge the two together in a BIG rehearsal on Thursday the 19th of June.

WE need musicians!
Call Delilah, 206 -632-2353

Color Theme
80-90% White
10+ % dark to medium green. All costumes should be dignified, not funny or too tinselly.

Sandals are a must for the parade. A great dance sandal may be found at

Costume Workshop on May 31
11 am -1:00 pm
4020 Evanston North
Free to parade participants
$10 to all other dancers (call ahead). Tell a friend.
Skirts, Bras, Belts, and Ideas

The parade class is 4 weeks long on either Tuesday or Wednesday night; both classes are the same, with an additional costume workshop and a party as an added benefit. If you need to switch from a Tuesday to a Wednesday night on a given week, that is Ok (with prior notice). We will be rehearsing outside part of the time, so dress for the weather of the day.

We need everyone to make it to class rehearsals at least once every week because we have so few rehearsals. Choreography will be easy. Don't be shy!
However, if you have never belly danced before, (I can't teach you in 4 weeks). . . you will need to get into classes this Summer or Fall and wait until next year’s parade.


  • TUESDAY. . . .7:30-9:00 pm, May 27, June 3, 10, 17
  • WEDNESDAY. .7:30-9:00 pm, May 28, June 4, 11, 18

    Costume colors this year are 80-90% white with green accents.
  • Costume Workshop, Saturday, May 31st 11 am -1:00 pm
    Will cover how to make circle skirts, belts, cover bras and other costume resources. . .
    • Post Parade Party, Tuesday Night, July 1st, 7:30-10:00pm at Delilah's House
    Extra rehearsal if needed Thursday, June 19th

    WE NEED MUSICIANS DRUMMERS, ZORNAS and anything that does not need amplification!
    CALL IMMEDIATELY, 206 632-2353, and talk to Delilah

    We need your current email address and your commitment to read it each week to stay informed of progress and details. If you do not have email you will need to check in or get it from someone in class.

  • THURSDAY ADVANCED STUDENTS: The parade class is on Tuesday and Wednesday, so it's best if you come to the 2nd Wednesday class, PLUS One Thursday to jump start our progress.

    Schedule: Wednesdays 7:30-9:00 June 4, 11, 18, plus Thursday, June 5, 7:30-9:00
    Costume Workshop May 31 11 am -1:00 pm
    Post Parade Party Tuesday Night, July 1, 7:30-10:00pm
    Extra rehearsal if needed Thursday, June 19
    Cost $60

The parade is June 21. It starts at NOON, but we must be at the staging area at 10:30 am IN COSTUMES. It goes until 3:00 pm and when we finish really depends on where we are positioned, then it takes a bit of time to get out because of crowd congestion. Afterwards there is the Fremont fair with tons of booths, entertainment and food to enjoy. Plan to spend the day!

It's fun!

206 -632-2353

Choregraphy Notes

Parade Dance — Week 1

See Circle Baladi, under Dance Notes in Alexandra's Library

A Belly Dance

• R Side walking undulation - 16 Counts (2 phrase of baladi speak)
• L Side walking undulation - 8 Counts (1 phrase of baladi speak)

• Turn in, to left
• (on Doom) Walking undulation slowly raising hands center and up (1 phrase of baladi speak)
Turn out, left
(on doom) hands up palms out 4 counts
(0n 2nd doom) hands on belly of the women next to you on both sides (4 counts)

• Hands up palms out, walking forward undulation ending with feet together (1 phrase of baladi speak)

• Body locking undulation; with knees bent and head still; start center, drop down to tail 1, up to center 2, up to sternum 3, down to center 4, down to tail 5, up to center 6, up to sternum 7. Hold

• 4 rib cage rotations (1 phrase of baladi speak)

• Tap hips with both hands, shimmy and slowly raise arms as if there were a weight in your hands (palms toward sky). When hands raise above eye brow level turn palms out toward audience (continue raising arms and hands as well as up on balls of feet, knees together, left foot in front of right) and look up at the sky (maybe zagareet).

• Turn head to the right and grab the little finger of the person to your right. Move to right promptly.

Repeat series


(Idea: leader breaks circle chain and all undulate down the street to next position)

June 5th


This week we worked on
• Powerful Belly Dance to Cheftitelli—Looking mighty fine!
• Circle balady . . . with addition of
• Wagon wheel down the street.

Keep a holistic view of where the circle is going . If you are in back, you will move side instead of our usual diagonal back. If you are in front, you will take larger steps. Center person with walk forward 8 out of 16 counts.

• The 4 Corner Blitz to Masmuti( 8 counts)
Teca Doom, teca Doom
teca ta, teca ta
teca doom, teca teca ta,
teca tec a ta

Corners /Horizontals/Verticals
Corners are considered vertical, gals.

Align with your corner
Facing up street angling hip toward center of rectangle
1 Move in for 8, turn out for 8, 2 turn in, 3 turn out, 4 turn in and change

• Catching the Bus
This needs work, so expect a change next week on Tuesday.
Bus drivers may change course.

• Grape Vine by 8s
Goal is to move down the street consistently and quickly.
1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+ 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8
1+2+3+4+ 1+2+3+4
1+2+ 1+2+ 1+2+ 1+2
1+2+3+4+ 1+2+ turn and stop +

Begin with group on specified side of the street. Each group is stationed ahead of the next on opposing sides.
All steps move diagonally forward.
Each dancer will have a line of dancers to their sides and a line ahead to be mindful of.

Facing down street, step a cross with the leg closest to the sidewalk audience.

Arms are stretched to the sides for good strong torso balance. The hips are twisting and returning. The grape vine step is small. If it’s too big, you may loose the hip accents and leave your troupe members in the dust...

*Everyone should practice this combination everyday by counting out loud. Everyone be on time and be prepared to stay until 9:30 on Tuesday, if possible.

All are welcome to come to Tuesday and Wednesdays rehearsals!

— Delilah

June 11

Ok, many of you are looking good! However, just because you have it down doesn’t mean you don’t need to rehearse. To practice this successfully takes a group effort. We need everyone to be present and those who have it the best are the most important to have in attendance. Does that make sense????

So... please come on Tuesday and THURSDAY! ...Wednesday too! But the biggest night of attendance has been Tuesday. Wednesday we work with the veils or extra tightening.


The dance looks good when people stay focused and remember the tight little details. The tighter the group gets the more noticeable a mistake is now. This is exciting because it means the group has made very good progress.

After this parade ends, I feel dancers will have some fabulous skills they didn’t have before:

3 different belly rolls
Eye contact
Improved balance,
Broad-based Traveling Steps, focused in the hips
Holistic kinetic awareness
Knowledge of Rhythms: Baladi, Masmuti, Ayub, Chetitelli, 3/4

June 18

Beginning around 10 -10:30 AM, you can store purses and other stuff at Faye’s massage studio, upstairs at the Planet Earth Yoga (formally Center for Arts and Movement Therapy). The location is a little east of Phinney and 35th across from the old Redhook Brewery. She will lock it up during the parade and then open it for an hour or so after the end of the parade. It will be very difficult to park because people line up on the street to see the parade very early in the morning. It’s best to have someone drop you off and call a cab or take a bus to your car later.

Please meet at 10:00-10:30! No later, please! so we can review any last minute factors with musicians and banner carriers and then secure our placement in the parade. We do not want to be at the end. Meet just northwest of the the old Redhook on 35th and Phinney. Please have all your costumes and makeup on before you arrive. You'll find us on the street there somewhere.

Drink some Gator-Aid or other such drink with electrolytes for breakfast.
Take Arnica the night before to head off sore muscles. PCC has it in rub for after the parade or in tablets before and after. Amazing stuff!

Don’t forget our parade party on Tuesday night, July 1, at my house. Hopefully we will have pictures and other things to help us celebrate.

Delilah and Sirocco in Seattle

Delilah and Sirocco dancing in Seattle

Visionary Belly Dancing

PO Box 30797

Seattle, WA 98103

(206) 632-2353 . . . e-mail:

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