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Written 11/20/03

Where are my NEW DVDs?
They are done as of October 1st 2003!

The task of transforming Delilah's Bellydance Workshop Volumes I , II & III to DVD ran a little behind schedule. We apologize and, of course, did our best to finish the project as soon as we could. They are some of the most complicated DVD programs on the market. They are not just simply videos slapped on disk. They feature lots of extra instructional, documentary and performance footage as well as an immediate index to all the steps taught on the 3 volumes. We did this so you can access things at the touch of a button. Each program has been doubled from it's original length. They used to be 90 minutes now they are 3 hours long. We did this so you can easily afford to invest and up grade your old set of videos because you know you are getting a completely new set of videos that are inclusive of the valuable original programs. Delilah's legendary teaching have been completely washed and fined-tuned with the latest digital media tools to be preserved for future generations. The new footage adds a dimension of history, community and aliveness to the corner stone techniques and philosophy the videos have been internationally famous for.

This has been an expensive and time consuming project . It's been a labor of devotion and love on everyone's part to make a quality program to enable dancers of future generations to learn and grow from. Laura Rose, Steven and D have been working hard — in and around busy performance schedules as well as a few unforeseen computer melt downs. Yeow! The pressure of the fall East Coast Caravan Tour was on, and they slid into the finish line just hours before Delilah and Laura Rose left for the start of the Caravan Tour on October 1st in New York..

DVD -Upgrade and our teens donation program
We offered a free DVD up grade for those who choose the up- grade offer insted of free zills when they bought the full 3 Volume series as one discounted purchase in 2003. Re regret we cannot afford to up grade everyone who has ever bought our series, but we can assure you this new version on DVD is even better and doubly long. They are well worth the cost of up grading.(everyone has to replace thier shoes now and then) We thank you for your support of our hard work. Check our Specials Page from time to time for possible up-grade deals.

Those who qualify for the free up grade have 30 days from notifacation to send them in with $7 postage. Visionary Dance is donateing your VHS tapes to a young women's or a teens-in-need organizations. Cool! Yes!

We hope these DVDs have been worth the wait. So far the feed back is fantastic! Here is a little sneak preview of what's in store for you dancers.

All videos will be indexed so you can find any move at the touch of your remote! Really cool!

Volume One

  • An Introduction Dance
  • Introduction to Study
  • Ritual Warm Up
  • Slow Hips
  • Arms and Hands
  • Finger Cymbals and Rhythms of the Dance
  • Interview with Delilah Part 1; with dance footage
  • Cheftitelli Scat Exercise
  • Belly Talk with D and Students
  • Brothers of the Balady in Concert
  • How to tie your Zills and put on Eye Lashes and Lipstick
  • Delilah’s Turkish Turquoise Dance
  • Uncle Mafufo’s Riq Lesson
  • Index

Volume Two

  • Inside the Belly Photo Collage, to Music
  • Fast Hips Shimmies
  • Fast Hip Dance
  • Balady Steps,
  • Masmoudi Combos
  • 6/8 Steps
  • 9/8 Steps
  • Karshilama /Turkish dance
  • Angelita Veil dance
  • Veil work
  • Interview with Delilah Part 2
  • 10/8 Samai Steps
  • Veiling and Unveiling
  • Dance of the 10 Veils
  • Delilah in White/Spirit of Oriental Dance
  • Index

Volume Three

  • Shapes
  • Prayer to Ishtar; a Belly Dance
  • Undulations
  • Belly Rolls
  • Coin Tricks
  • Floorwork Photo Collage
  • Floorwork made easy
  • Ruth; a Belly Dance
  • Advanced Floorwork and conditioning
  • Lilith;
  • Turkish Drop
  • Delilah’s Words of Inspiration
  • Conversations; a Belly Dance
  • Mermaids
  • Belly Rolls on the Beach
  • Lilith in the Sea
  • Welcome to the Dance/Spirit of Oriental Dance Concert
  • Interview with Delilah Part 3
  • Index

In addition, with Volumes I, II, and III on DVD, we’ll create a companion WEB CLUB #303, (Due to the East Coast Caravan Tour for 40 days and 40 nights, WEB CLUB #303 will be up in late DECEMBER/ JANUARY) offering more educational resource materials for the owners of these valuable instructional mediums. Look for transcripts, choreography notes, additional information about scenes from the footage, discussion boards, stories, costume tips, special deals and more . . . a very valuable resource for those who love belly dance!

Soon! Very Soon!


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