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There is a wide world of belly dance out there on the web! Here you’ll find some other good bellydance sites to explore, which will lead you, in turn, to still other sites and resources (scroll past the link letter below or Jump to Belly Dance Links). Informative and entertaining reading and viewing awaits you. Just don't forget to get off the computer and dance once in a while!

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Dear Lover of Bellydance,

Over the past months, we have been working hard, expanding and improving our web site, producing new DVD's, belly dance web clubs , sponsoring big events like retreats and theater productions, performing, teaching, writing and being a visionarydance family! Whew! Now we turn our focus to getting our Bellydance Links page up to par (we are way overdue).

We get a lot of visitors and would like to provide them with a wide range of belly dance contacts on the web. Women are always looking for teachers in their area. In our typical steam-rolling, over-achieving style, we’ve set ourselves a goal to expand our links page by leaps and bounds. We are eager to establish reciprocal links with you!

We hope you have enjoyed investigating our site, and would like to exchange links with us. Our wonderful webmaster Erik is ready to add your link to our site; all you have to do is add a link to us on your site in exchange. Tell your other bellydance friends, too!


We have been learning more everyday on how to most effectively set up a link to our site. We would appreciate it very much if you can follow these NEW directions to add or update the anchor tags linked to our site.

Important: IN ORDER TO BE CONSIDERED FOR AN EXCHANGE LINK we request you list our site with the EXACT anchor tag:

For dancer Instructor listings

“Belly dancing with Delilah”

and link it to our intro page as shown below. With this effort we hope to create continuity because we find more people recognize Delilah’s name internationally in connection with belly dancing more often than Visionary Dance Productions. The main page is the best page to link to for longevity because if you link to internal pages you may be directing people to dead links since we are always updating and moving things around on our site. If you want to place secondary links as reference notes to articles, movies, schedules and such to make your site informative. . .WE'D LOVE IT, but in order to supply the most effective information to the web surfer, please link to our main page. Our main page contains an overview plus specific information, updates and news about any additions to the site.

To install our link on your page, you can copy the following source code and paste it in the page where you want it:

<a href="">Belly Dancing with Delilah,</a>

If you'd like to use a little logo, so the link looks like this...

copy the following code and paste it where you want it on the page:

<BR clear="all"><div align="center"><a href=""><img src="" width="120" height="60" border="0"><BR>Belly Dancing with Delilah,</a></div>

You can include your own comments about our site after the </div>. Or you can use this description we wrote:

"Belly dancing with Delilah” (anchor tag): Visit the home page of Delilah and Visionary Dance Productions. This site features a library of bellydance articles, Quick Time movies, sound bites, photo galleries, calendar of events including classes, workshops, retreats, instructional DVD's, videos, CDs, other products and information devoted to bellydance. Even bellydance during pregnancy!"


Please send us the URL of the page you’d like us to review for inclusion on our “Belly Dance Links” page. If you’d like, include a description of your site that indicates its relevance and importance to belly dance. Send this via email to:


Dear Webmasters,

When the links are up, please send an e mail with the exact pages where our links are placed so we can easily check they are working. If we have problems it may result in a delay in returning the link. Thank you.

VDP Staff

More Questions? Please contact:


We feature links to other sites on our Links page and throughout our site when another site page enhances or applies to a subject discussed. If another site includes a reciprocal link to our site, then it may appear also on our Links page.


We linked Kennedy Center for the Silk Road Concert Performance from Alexandra’s Belly Dance Library pages without a reciprocal link. We also linked Morocco's article titled “Roots” from our Bellydance and Pregnancy section in Alexandra’s Library. Many links are found to sites with information involved in our Retreat programs.

If you have a special page that applies to an article or item on our site, please feel free to alert us and we will consider adding an additional page link. We acknowledge that we can’t read everything out there and we welcome your help.

We look forward to hearing from you!
Thank You!

Yours truly,

Delilah and VDP Staff
Visionary Belly Dance Productions

For our full List of Belly Dance exchanged Links

click here Belly Dancing Links Page 2


List of Visionary Dance Favorites or most used sites
(page 1)

Abyssinian Dance Center, Dance studio in Burien WA

Amy Sigil and Unmata/ Tribal Fusion Artists

Art of Middle Eastern Dance by Shira , Fabulous, most extensive belly dance resource of the web!

Belly Dancing for Full Figured Women, a site dedicated to queen-size belly dancers, by Shira.

Belly Dance: A Raqs Sharqi Magazine

Dahlia of Seattle / AKA Dahlia Moon. Egyptian/Fusion/Folkloric

Dahlia Dance Productions

Dance Videography with she who dances with camera Petrushka Pavlovich

Erik Brown: Visionary dance Resident Drum Instructor Available for workshops, lessons, recording sessions, and shows.

Gypsy Caravan, Portland Oregon.Tribal style dance school and troupe under the direction of Paulette Reese Denis

House of Tarab: exceptional arabic music in Seattle

International Academy of Middle Eastern Dance, IAMED — Belly Dance Show Productions and Videos.

Isis and the Star Dancers, publishers of The Chronicles magazine., Find questions and answers about beginning belly dancing, a fascinating belly dance historic timeline, a belly dancing technical forum featuring Delilah as the first instructor on duty, and much more.

Laurel Victoria Gray. Highly acclaimed international choreographer, instructor, and performer. Recognized authority in Middle Eastern, Eastern European and Central Asian dance. She is the producer of the Silk Road Dance Company out of Washington DC.

MECDA, The Middle Eastern Culture and Dance Association proposes to develop unity to provide educational sources for  the community of Middle Eastern Dance through close communication, sponsorship of workshops, dance parties and other events that ensure continuity of these arts.

Middle Eastern Dance Association, B.C. Canada

Oriental The Belly Dance Hub

SAMEDA, San Diego Area Middle Eastern Dance Association, a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion, research, and discussion of Middle Eastern dance and music.

Skin Deep Fat Chance Belly Dance sister studio Seattle Wa

Tatseena's Good Vibrations, Middle Eastern Dance Ensemble in the Oakland area.

Uncle Mafufo is an incredible drummer, a great teacher and one of the most extraordinary people we know. And he makes a mean paia. He is the percussion half of the musical group Sirocco. His site has music, drum instruction, and more.

World Fusion Dance A fabulous catalog of world fusion dance, products, services, artists profiles

Wameda, Washington DC area Mid-East Dance Association

Zaghareet, An American belly dance publication with a Middle Eastern focus about dancers, troupes, events, musicians, food, lifestyles, books, videos and more.

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