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Episodes now available!!! The Power Belly Show Belly Dance Classes Online with Delilah! In Seattle, Hawaii, Egypt and The Universe
Belly Dancing: the joyful, creative, empowering women's art. Welcome to the home of internationally acclaimed Belly Dancing Legend Delilah. (updated 12/16/09)


delilah belly dance bellydancing bellydancer siroccoThis site features her award-winning belly dance instructional & performance videos and DVD's, beautiful pictures of belly dancers, informative and entertaining articles on bellydancing, schedules of workshops and retreats, bellydance music, and other delights from the world of Middle Eastern Belly dancing and music.

"Dance is a metaphor for life. As we are born, we are destined to move in life through time and space. As we learn to dance, we are also learning to move through time and space. Thus, the process of learning to dance can bring us information about living our lives, if we allow it to. We can learn how to move through our lives with fearless autonomy, grace and spirit; to flow with the melody line, be in the stillness or ride the chaos; to overcome the fear that puts us on the sidelines. We can listen to the voice in our head that says, 'I CAN DANCE!'"

Delilah's Belly Dance Retreats 2010
Delilah's Temple Priestess Belly Dance Retreat in Hawaii

Delilah's EASTER Belly Dance Retreat featuring Amy Sigil of UNMATA

NEW Bellydance Classes starting all the time see our calendar and class description pages to find out more about the exciting fall programs that are getting started. We welcome new students to drop-in or join classes at anytime.

Breaking News! Read about:
The Belly Dance Stimulus Act of 2009



Red Veil Sale! Saturday Dec 5th!
New Veil Blessings workshop with Delilah
New Friday Night Cabaret Dec 11th Dahlia, Bella, Delilah and H.O.T
New Dreaming our Dance

New Dahlia's Winter Student Recital Dec 18th
New Power Belly eStudio
New Power Belly Sunday and Thursdays
New Belly Dance for Teens Sundays

New Shimmy Madness! Mondays
New Yoga with Kitty Wittkower
New Pillow full of Drone experimental music night

Winter Solstice Celebration Monday Dec 21th


New Years Day Zaar Ritual
Friday Night Cabaret Jan 15th Sabura, Lisa Yasmeen and H.O.T
New Power Belly eStudio
New Performance Class and Recital
New Power Belly Sunday, Tuedays and Thursdays
New Belly Dance for Teens Sundays
New Shimmy Madness! Mondays Level 1 and 2
New Beginning Classes with Laura Rose
New Beginning Classes with Delilah
New Beginning and Intermediate Classes with Dahlia
New Pillow full of Drone experimental music night
Delilah's Belly Dance Retreat Begins Jan 24th 2010!




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