Belly Dancing Happy Mail

Here is a sampling of some of the mail, email and other forms of correspondence that we receive. There is a great reward in knowing that we can share our talents in a way that truly touches and contributes to other people's lives. We hope that you enjoy reading these thoughts as much as we enjoyed receiving them. Thanks!

Dear Delilah and Family,

I just love that your DVDs and videos are all family produced
and family focused! Great job to all!!!

I have loved Absolute Beginning, Fire at the Iao and the Workshop
video series I, 2, and 3
. Service is quick for those like me — anxious
beginners. I can't tell you enough how this dance and your kind words
in the videos have helped me physically (getting in better shape), mentally
and spiritually (also getting in better shape).

As a woman I now feel so much more connected and in love with myself,
my body, and yes my belly — it is no longer an "ugly," bumpy, esthetically
unpleasing object, but a beautiful life giving source of energy and love — a
beautiful message that you repeat in your videos. I cannot believe how trully
distorted my view was and how ashamed and uncomfortable I felt. It's amazing
how aspects of our Americanized culture and our society negatively affects our
view of being female! It's a slow process to heal and change! Physically, my
belly is in better shape than it has ever been (I actually have a waist!) but it is
no longer hidden out of shame. I can't begin to tell you how liberating the
dance feels.

I just had to write you and tell you and your family who produce these
wonderful products that not only are you teaching a beautiful art form, but you
are healing the world (I wish more people around the world would listen
regardless of whether they dance or not). Believe me, your healing message
is being heard.

Thank you!!!
Austin, TX



I wanted you to know that I have many instructional videos but I tell everyone, if they have no other videos except Delilah's Belly Dance Workshop Volumes 1, 2, 3 they can learn to belly dance and even dance professionally!

Lejla Sas, Hawaii


Dear Delilah,

Marhaba to you! I wanted to let you know that I think that your site is great,
a wonderful resource of belly dance. I highly recommend your lovely website
to all of my clients, fans, students and colleagues. As an Arab, I love how
you present this art form with such class!



I'd like to start by saying I'm a big fan. I recently purchased Absolute Beginning
on DVD and a weight belt to go with it. I love the DVD, it certaintly
grows on you. . . The section on arms is breathless.

Thank you very much, especially for the wonderful website and information bank.

Dear Delilah,
I just wanted to let you know that I have received and watched Vols. I, II and III.
They are wonderful! You give such insightful advice on the dance itself and on
ourselves as dancers. It's nice to get the emotional process as well as the physical
procedure of the dance.

Moves that I have done easily, gained so much more in their execution; more curve,
more power, more control, more nuance after using the instruction you give... even
after one workout! Even the use of my eyes is worlds better. Moves that I have
NEVER been able to do, such as the belly roll, are now actually developing. . .

The dimension and clarity you give in your instruction of the dance is exactly what I
need. It is also, unfortunantely what is missing in a LOT of instructional dance tapes.
I know that my classes are still the best way to learn the dance, but your videos give
me an extra, added leg up (no pun intended) on my own progress. You are a truly
beautiful dancer and an amazing teacher ... even from a distance. Thank you!

Yours in Dance,

I just received Delilah's Bellydance Workshop series and can say FINALLY
I've been taught by someone who not only knows her stuff,but is exactly the kind
of teacher that makes sense to a pagan, yoga-loving, belly-dancing freak like me! I
have over 15 belly dance tapes and they are worthless to me now. You are so talented,
yet so sincere, that you are truly likened to a goddess teaching dance in your joy of it!
Thank you, thank you, thank you! Even of all the actual classes I've taken with a
teacher in studio, none have compared to the humanity, spirituality, and talent of
these tapes!

Brightest Blessings,

Hi there,

I just thought I would drop you a line to say I received the videos you sent last week,
they took less than a week to get here, which is amazing. I am so pleased with them,
they are very inspirational and have made me realize how much I still have to learn!
I will be busy practicing those backbends for a very long time!! You make it look
so easy, I could watch you for hours.

Thank you again

Dear Delilah and Steven:

I want to take this opportunity to express my very deep appreciation of the
Beginner's video I recently purchased . . . Delilah's arm movements are the most
beautiful forms of dancing I have ever seen.


I am a high school teacher, and often have little 'self' time, plus lots of stress.
I really love using the "Absolute Beginning Belly Dance" video for the
stretch/ritual warm-up routine. Lots of times when I get home from school,
I am completely beat and suffering from tension related back, shoulder and
neck pain. When I take the half hour to do the warmup, I find that the tension
and back pain vanish, and I feel better!!! And then I usually find enough
energy to do something for myself and really boost my mood . . . thank you
for the careful way you put the video together!!!

From a dancer in spirit...

I just wanted to send you a quick note complimenting you on a totally gorgeous
web site and your wonderful sense of humor. I was wandering the web . . . and
stumbled across your site in a google search. It is gorgeous work and I will be
sure to direct some belly dancers I know to your site.


I had a wonderful experience taking your beginning classes, I find
you to be a wonderful teacher!!

Thank You Sincerely,

Love the website. I have been dancing for 3 years now. During that time
I have learned so much about how to take care and even help cure my own
body. I love my body now and enjoy every breath I dance.

Wendy Whyte

Thank you Delilah!

I love your videos and want to share with everyone in the world how great
they are!!!! Someday I hope to save money, and get time off work to come
to one of your retreats! I have heard from dancers that have attended what
an incredible experience they are. You're the best, Delilah.

happy dancing

Greetings! I just want to share with you how much I have enjoyed the
information you have on bellydancing during pregnancy. I had my first son
just three months ago and danced throughout my entire pregnancy . . . being
pregnant is a time of joy and celebration.

i am looking forward to ordering the Bellydancing and Pregancy video that you
carry as well as Dance to the Great Mother. I am overjoyed that you have these
videos available to encourage other women to feel proud of their bodies and
celebrate birth.

Eternal Blessings,

Dear Delilah,
It was wonderful to meet you at Rakkasah East! I have long been enjoying
your video presence, so it was such a blessing to meet you in person. This
morning I watched "Live & Wild" WOW!!! Such gorgeousness. I love what
comes through your dancing! Your work, the instructional videos, the
performance videos, your website, have all inspired me to come on out of my
shell as a woman, and as a bellydancer. There are no words for the healing
I've received while working with your videos. Very deep. Thank you,
Much love to you,


I just wanted to take a moment to say that I am a very satisfied customer!
I have recently purchased Delilah's Belly Dance Workshop series and
I find that they are the best instructional videos out there. I have several
other videos which I purchased before discovering your website and now
I want to give them away because I only want to watch Delilah's videos.
I am just a beginner and already my dancing has drastically improved thanks
to Delilah's videos. I also love the website, I find the pictures and articles
inspiring and motivating.

I would just like to say that I bought the DVD version of Absolute
Beginning Bellydance
, and I absolutely love it. I feel like I have my
own instructor in the room. I'm hoping you'll be releasing the Vol I,
II, III on DVD also, because you'll have a guaranteed customer here.



Thanks for the great customer service. I got the new replacement tape last
Wednesday (7 Aug). Never had an int'l delivery so fast (both first and
second delivery). The new tape is in good condition; and I really enjoy all
three of them.
Thanks again.

K. S. F.

Dear Delilah,

The Enchantress Dress is even more beautiful than I thought it would be!!!
It was a nice pick-me-up after the recent events with my mom, who was in
a car accident. I wore it out Saturday night to a play & received a lot of
comments on it. The color is gorgeous. I couldn't have picked a better


Dear Delilah,

Your Web site is the most beautiful site I've ever seen. I have never belly
danced before but just after seeing your site I knew I wanted to learn, so I
ordered the Absolute Beginner's Bellydance video. I will be back to visit
and more! Thank you so much!

Brightest Blessings!

Dear Delilah,

"Fire at the IAO" is great! You are truly magnificent here — Delilah, today
at the peak of her artistry, and having so much fun! The band is great
also, as is Nikki Conte. Thank you, I love it!


Dear Delilah,

I am definitely impressed with your Web site. I have been trying to find music
to dance to and haven't been very successful. And then I found this site. It's
my new favorite resource for anything dealing with belly dance!


Dear Delilah,

I just finished watching your video Absolute Beginning and I wanted to say how
much I enjoyed it and will be putting it to practical use immediately! I also visited
the web club and found many items of great interest. Thank you so much for all
your hard work. I really love your teaching VHS and DVDs.

San Diego

Dear Visionary Dance,

I am enjoying Fire at the Iao and A Retro Choreography! Delilah's videos are always
so timeless; very engaging and useful for all levels and all passages a dancer might be
going through. I continually revisit them and am still challenged and inspired. I am
also enjoying Steven's music. It is broadening my ideas about belly dance and is
giving me the courage not to be so strict in my interpretations of what belly dance is.

I borrowed my friend's Absolute Beginning Bellydance and I'm getting ready to order
it myself. What a unique approach to body awareness! And the Web Club is such a
unique, wonderful incentive! You continue to reach out, through your products, in a
meaningful way to someone way over here in New Jersey.
I appreciate and value you, as many of us do!


Dear Delilah,

I certainly did enjoy taking your last two workshops in Vancouver. Your
videos were the first videos I ever learned from and I still have
them. Perhaps someday I can take private lessons with you. I'd really
enjoy that.

Once again, thanks for keeping me informed.

Vancouver BC

Dear Delilah,

My life has changed through the expression and friends I have made
through bellydance and it is something I can do until I exit this
Thanks for your dedication to dance.


Andrea L. Mack
Medford, Oregon

Dear Delilah,

Thanks again for your incredible performances at
Festival Fantasia — I couldn't believe my eyes —
you're amazing. Will you be putting those shows on video —
you really should — and if so I want one!! No dancer
inspires me as much as you do — when I was watching
you, you made me feel glad that I am alive during this
life time (I can't say that about anything else,
except for maybe the fact that I get to see the turn
of a century). Sounds cheezy but its true — if I'd
lived during a different lifetime I'd have missed you,
unless of course I caught you during one of your past
lives as a dancer. Enough of that. Hopefully I will
make it to a Maui retreat one of these years — until
then I'll be coming to you for workshops.

Debello, CA

Dear Visionary Dance,

"I'd been taking bellydance from various instructors for over two years.
then I purchased Delilah's Bellydance Workshop Volumes 1, 2 & 3. I have
to say when I started using these instructional video tapes I began to
feel like I was looking at bellydance for the first time in a way I can
easily understand."


The breeze at dawn
has secrets to tell you
Don't go back to sleep
You must ask for what you want.
Don't go back to sleep
People are going back and forth
Across the doorsill where the worlds touch
The door is round and open
Don't go back to sleep.


Dear Delilah,

Thank you. You've been an incredible inspiration to me over the past
several years, introducing me to the dance that has become an integral
part of my life. While I don't always have the time to make it a priority
(with family and school taking much of my time), I can say that dance is
something I can always count on to bring me strength and peace. You have
taught me this; and to you I am grateful!

In my 5th and final year of naturopathic medical school, and while I
prepare to graduate in June, this class comes at a perfect time for me. I
am excited to dance with you again!

Susan Stratton

*In regards to the Healing Our Sexuality thru Bellydance workshop you
sponsored with Lorraine Lafata . . .

Thanks D!

I really appreciated your postcard and personal note. In the Healing Our
Sexuality thru Bellydance workshop you sponsored with Lorraine Lafata
Lorraine was so healing in a many fold way. Just wish I could get my mom
interested...does not want to even hear about it...ouch...but I will
continue to unify and make myself whole. It certainly has changed the way I
relate to my pelvis and sexuality...very beautiful, very much at a loss
for words at what that rainy Monday opened up for me. I do look forward
to learning more! I have even found a way for my clients to drop into
their pelvis on the massage table. I have one woman who has suffered a
disc injury. She is very visual and when I told her to breathe into the
trigger point over the psoas and quadratus lumborum muscles it helped
relieve the pain...but what worked even better? Getting her to do
"reverse keggles"! HA! I even have a couple of male clients doing
figure eights to loosen the psoas and make their pelvis more stable so
their necks can get some relief.
Thanks for inviting me into women's ways and "secrets" keep in
touch, I am grateful.


P.S. Of my women friends who wanted to know about the workshop, I had 5
who were interested in taking it next year!!!
Do it again!

"Lorraine was fabulous! I really enjoyed her "Motherliness" and her
voluptuousness. I wish I could have attended all her classes. I think it
is amazing that she takes this into the women's prisons. I admire her
for that. Thank you for sharing her with all of us and for your desire
to be more vulnerable and connect with other women in a compassionate,
supportive fashion. We are here to learn from one another and give, give
and give more as creators and Mothers.

OM Shanti,
Seattle, WA


I just had to tell you what my 8-year-old daughter said about your
dancing. I bought your Live and Wild video from Laurel Victoria Gray at
Artemis' class and was home watching it, when she walked up. Her name
is Grace. It was the last performance; you are indoors, wearing the
salmon-peachy-orange costume. Grace watches for a few minutes, saying
nothing, then says, "Did a snake's mind enter her body or something?" I
am smiling, amused, pleased, proud, but haven't come up with a response
yet, when she says, "Or is she being dramatic for the king?" Isn't she
wonderful? I just thought it was great and had to tell you. I figured
you would think it was great, too. A marvelous critique of your
inspiring dancing!

Julia Marston

Dear Delilah:
I want to thank you for giving so much of yourself during Maja's
workshop on June 26, 1999.
When I saw you perform that night, it was magical. When you fell to
the ground it was as if you had disappeared and had left a silk veil to
fall to the ground. Everyone, as well as I, was left in amazement at the
fluidity of your movements.
You have inspired me to be free as a veil in flight. And I thank you.

Yours truly,
Zoraida Patino

Hi Delilah,

First I want to say that I LOVE your work. Last year a friend of
mine bought me one of your videos and now I just can't believe I'm
talking to you! I always thought, "I wonder how to find this fabulous
Your dance is pure, intense, perfect in all the aspects !
I learned a lot seeing you dancing, not only about belly dance, but
about life itself and its dynamic renovation!

I had a lot to say, but my English is not very good, so that's it!!

muitos beijos ( kisses in a brazilian way)

Juliana Donzelli

Hi Delilah,
I just had to drop you a line to thank you for a great weekend at that
Ottawa workshop. It was only the 2nd workshop I've ever attended, and I
thoroughly enjoyed it (and also learned so much). As well as being an
amazing performer, you are a wonderful and interesting teacher, and I
hope to be able to take some more classes from you someday. I was glad I
decided to sign up for both days, it was well worth it!

Thanks so much,
Jocelyne Smallian-Khan


Many, many thanks for finding a way to fit me in for January! I'm just
thrilled. I want to take advantage of the chance to do a little
individual taping this time. I guess last time I didn't realize how much better I
was dancing than usual/before until I got home and saw the video of myself
dancing. (I didn't realize my dancing would even be worth taping.)
When I showed Kajira the tape, she reminded me that the mermaid retreat
was not even 3 months after Inanna, and she said I'd come a long way.
There really is a big difference - you should see the videos!
(I know, you have... I mean, if you watched them together I think you'd be
as amazed as I was.) the Maui one is just so much better, you'd think
it had been made after a much longer time. I actually enjoy showing it
to people). On the other hand, I can barely stand to watch myself, on the
dance of greeting, especially - tense and stiff, jerk. (Though I am
really glad to have it, don't get me wrong!) seeing the difference
between these two tapes really reminded me that I've learned a lot from
you and grown as a dancer, and in other ways and I appreciate that.
thank you!

your fan and grateful student,

San Fransisco, CA

I just wanted to write and thank you! I just got the catalog and loved
it! Please keep me updated on new products or if any events are ever in
Kansas City. Thanks again!


Hello Steven Flynn.

Thank you for the recent order of 3 video tapes and your music -- Rapture
. IT IS FABULOUS! My husband loves it too! Wow!

I would like to order the cassette tape, Inner Dances. My husband has
studied Sufi dancing and will love Inner Dances. Thank you.

What a talented artistic team you and Delilah are. I bet your daughters
are incredible budding dance artists in their own right too!

Stephanie Olson

Hey Delilah,

Just wanted you to know, I have been studying with your tapes I bought
last year. I learn more from you in 10 minutes than I learn in an hour
from a live teacher. Thanks for all your hard work, you are an

Many blessings,

To Delilah and Steven...

Dear Delilah,

I purchased your instructional videos a few years ago and am extremely pleased with not only the teaching techniques but also the results! The steps are easy to understand, the pace is moderate enough for a beginner to keep up with and you made sure to leave no stone unturned! With most instructional videos they are either too fast, not easy to understand, or just plain boring. Your videos set a pace and example of what instructional dance videos should be! And the way you incorporate bits of your actual dance routines in between sections is superb! It gives encouragement for the dancer to keep with the routine so that they can reach their goal as well as show how to place all the movements into a good solid performance. Not only was I pleased with the professionalism of your teaching, I was also amazed at the difference in my physique after a just a few weeks, then months, not to mention the way it lifts the spirits and confidence.

You are truly blessed by God with your talents!
May He continue to bless you richly,

Dear Friends,

I am watching the snow melt from my suite windows. There is a beautiful
gorge less than 100 feet from me, the sky is blue and bright. The long
Winter is almost gone. This is a good thing.

I must admit, I have discovered the secret to surviving the Winter in
these cold lands. The secret is this: go to Delilah's Maui retreat.

I feel very blessed to have shared such a beautiful experience with such
wonderful people, and I miss you all very much. I hope everyone is well,
I'm sure you are all very busy. Enjoy the last year of this century!

Nikolai Ruskin

Dear Delilah:

Thank you so much for letting me take part in the National Video Round
Robin of the retreat. I really enjoyed the videos and seeing how much fun
these retreats were. I hope to some day make it to the Visionary Retreat.

I have also enjoyed all of the videos that I have ordered from you. I
have ordered your bellydancing workshop instructional videos and the
costuming videos. I really like these a lot and enjoy getting to know
you through them. The only regret I have is that I don't have enough
time to practice bellydancing. I just wanted to drop you a little note
to let you know how much I appreciate your work and for sharing your
gift with so many people.

Thank you again!

Cari Serres


Just to advise that I just received and listened to the Rapture Rumi CS
ordered from you recently. Very tranquil, sensual, and thought-provoking
music - a positive effect on one's senses. Great piece of work indeed.

Many thanks.

Kathryn M. Munin
Miami, FL

Just a fan letter;

I was at your last workshop in L.A. and am now hooked! I was the one who
laid down next to you to do coin tricks, remember? If you don't, that's
very understandable, I, too, meet a TON of people in my line of work.
Anyhow, I love volume 3 and just want to say you look even more
mesmerizing in person!

See ya,
Belinda Pate


We just received your Vol III & Goddess Grace videos. They are both
wonderful!! Especially the Vol III, we will be glued to the TV for hours
each day! Thank you so much! We hope to see you in Texas in the near
future, keep us informed.

Thank you

Shimmy On...
Jipsi & Souzan

For Delilah,

And you wonder what those of us at the back of the class are thinking;

Here, at the end of this day, you've brought me here (along with a glass
of wine) to a resting place at the end of my thoughts. I am listening to
the silence and what comes to mind though, is not wisdom-like in nature,
but certainly a real part of my thoughts. Take my words; they are the
pulse of what I know as my own truth. I feel drawn to share this with
you; perhaps to ease the tone and the tension that I feel just beyond
the drum.

I can say that I know you; though we have shared but few conversations
(of words, that is). I feel a long sense of history. It is the rhythm
that I know you understand and that inspired me 5 years ago to begin
this long journey, taking that first step toward feeling the true weight
of my body and filling the spaces as I left behind what was not healthy,
but familiar. I saw the world in your belly and it made sense. Know that
I found refuge and safety. It was my own, but you showed me where to
plant my hands and my feet. You shared the pain of lifting my arms and
made it worthwhile. I used to be invisible, I had something missing; you
helped me find it. I am both smaller and larger.

Sometimes we take our treasures for granted; we don't mean to.
We just get lost in our own shadows.

So thank you. And thank you for being vulnerable. We sometimes forget
that our teachers are just like us and need nurturing, too. So, this is
my body and heart undulation to you: it's not always easy to dance the
part in our encounters with others; to put it in classroom text, with
extension there might come the tension and that's what needs to be
smoothed. Be of faith; you know all the right steps.

Looking forward to dancing with you into the millennium.

Dancefully yours,
Miss Jeanne

Words sent from Donna Bardwell after the Big Island retreat in 1995;

"Friends are cherished people whom we carry in our hearts wherever we go
in life. We may spend a lot of time together, getting to know each other
and sharing each others lives, then moving on to other places. But, no
matter where we go, we always remember the special people who touched our
lives who loved us and helped us learn more about ourselves."

Donna Bardwell
SeaTac, WA

Visionary Belly Dancing
P.O.Box 30797
Seattle, WA 98103 USA

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