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2008 Message from Delilah About Dance to the Great Mother
by Delilah

2008 Great Mother Message from Delilah:

Dance to the Great Mother was done in 1985 in my third trimester. The dance has 6 parts: A Wooing, This Women has Life in her Body, A Soul is Called, Gestation, and Welcome to the Planet. It is accompanied by a short interview about what I experienced by making this ritual dance during my pregnancy and how it made a huge difference in my life. If I were to do an interview today, I would say that since 1985 this dances has still not been used to it's fullest potential. Even I did not direct people towards it's most important usage until a whole generation had walked past. While it is often given as a gift to women (dancers and non dancers) who are pregnant so few have brought the performance down from the shelf after the child is born. It is important that we show it to our children. Think about it. If our children witnessed a woman doing a moving and powerfully present dance portrayal while she was with child, how might that shape a young man or woman's mind at an early age. Our culture would come to see women differently and to value life. Instead we fill their heads full of television and movies about heinous crimes against women.

Second, I would have to ask why is this dance still an icon amongst dances. Why have not more women made their own ritual dances and shared them with the community? That is my wish. What I learned and experienced opened me up. Not just by watching but by doing! This dance experience beyond all others continually shapes my life as a teacher, mother, activist, and identity as an artist and member of community. Human beings need to be openly creative as much as they need food and water. The original impetus to dance has been largely lost to us. Dance is sacred wordless communion between the dancer and the mysteries. We move, we shake, we skip, we stomp, roll of guts and sculpt the air with embracing gestures in a authentic experience to savor and celebrate life.

One woman was moved to write me and tell me she loved my all work. However, because she never had or wanted children, she didn't buy Dance to the Great Mother. By chance she saw it at a girl friends house. She said she cried and cried because she realized that it wasn't just for women who were pregnant, but it was about the great potential women share and carry within themselves by nature. From the minute girls are aware they realize they carry this potential that is different than boys.

Sometimes women who collect my work have slammed the video down on my vending table in favor of something else simply because I tell them I was pregnant in the piece. If they love all my work why would this dance be any less satisfying just because I am pregnant. Shouldn't it be even more powerful for a belly dancer? It says a lot about how brain washed we are as women against our selves. Woman=Vessel=Body=Earth.

The original dance video has now been turned into a DVD in hopes to continue inspiring women to feel the regenerating power of the Goddess. Image helps shape our future. It is my wish that those that see this dance go on to show it to their sons and daughters so that the world will truly honor all life.

Running time approximately 38 minutes plus additional trailers.
Dance to the Great Mother is a historic and classic sacred dance. This is the dance that has been sited many books and articles. It remains to be one of the most powerful ritual belly dance works to this day.


Dear Dancers
Please note; The transition into Motherhood is exciting and challenging and you are never alone. There is a fantastic sisterhood/club you are joining; "Birth Givers of the Yoniverse" as my friend Falicity put it! A fabulous motherhood resource for all you pregnant dancers out there is Christy's Mommy Muse. Book mark it!