Contact Delilah for special performance engagements: birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, wedding showers, christenings, any celebration where the ancient dance of the feminine creative principle is called for.
Belly Dance Workshops and Concerts

Delilah is available as guest instructor for weekend workshops, concert
and festival events
, and as a retreat facilitator.
Contact her directly through Visionary Dance Productions, 206 632-2353 or


Make your next house party a fantastic memorable event by inviting
Delilah and her musicians into your home or palace! We do travel!
Wedding Showers
Wedding Receptions
Baby Showers or Fertility Rituals
Naming Ceremonies
New Beginnings
Ground Breaking
House and Garden Blessings
Rites of Passage
Forgiveness and Healing Rituals
Parting Ways
Adult Birthday Parties
Children's Birthday Parties
Full Moon Gatherings
Cosmic Dates
Seasonal Gatherings
Make a special moment in your life even more special by arranging for Delilah to bring you a unique dance presentation. Through the beauty of music, dance, poetry, and ritual, a meaningful event may be shaped especially for you, your family, business or community.

Seattle bellydance classes. . . Private and semi-private (small group) bellydance classes with Delilah are now available. Call 206-632-2353.

We are delighted to now offer a B & B for BDs. . . a Bed and Breakfast for Bellydancers! We have a very reasonable and comfortable lodging situation available for dancers from out of the Seattle area who would like to come study with Delilah. Call 206-632-2353 for details.

Visionary Belly Dancing

PO Box 30797

Seattle, WA 98103

(206) 632-2353 . . .

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