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Seattle Belly Dancing Class Description Page

for Delilah and other Guest Instructors
Middle Eastern Dance, Drum, Yoga and Massage

Delilah's Bellydance Events 

All Seattle Classes listed here are at:

VDP Studios
4128 Fremont Ave. North
Seattle, WA 98103
206 632-2353

Below are some samples of classes we offer please see Bellydancing Calendar-at-a-Glance for current overview of classes and events.

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How's the current session going? What do I wear? How do I study belly dance?

See details, news and up dates on Delilah's Additional Student Information page.
For good basic alignment, review Delilah's Student Notebook Also, I'd suggest reading the articles in Alexandra's Library and those at

Powerbelly Training and Workout

Conditioning Class Series
Tuesday & (or) Thursday Nights

Be prepared to sweat! Weight belts are NOT mandatory for Power Belly Class, but as many of Delilah’s students know, they add a lot to your work out. Weight belts are recommended for maximum results.

In these classes we will stretch and warm up for 10 minutes and then begin to work with a series of 1 minute repetitive torso, hip, thigh, belly, arm and balance conditioning exercises for strength and endurance. We are striving to run the bodily instrument through the full range of belly dance movement possibilities during the hour.



Bring a towel! You'll be wet!

Weight Belts

Rent or Buy a Belt

If you do not have a weight belt we have plenty for sale here. If you want to give it a try before you buy one, or you accidentally leave yours at home, we have a limited amount to rent for $5 per class (keep in mind they are heavy so we cannot provide each student with one. First come first serve.

If you want to make an appointment to come in and have a free weight belt demonstration before class or on a different day and time, call (206) 632-1906. One of us will be glad to spend time with you: Erik, Laura Rose, or Delilah.

The Class History

The summer of 2003 the first Power Belly Course was offered for 4 weeks before Delilah went on her 40 Days and 40 Nights East Coast Tour. Dancers loved it with or without weight belts, but for those who used weight belts, the results were amazing! We saw waistlines manifest. Dancers lost weight, inches, and got incredibly strong. So, we are going to do it again. Now we are proud to announce that the Power Belly Class is one of our most popular classes we offer. Jeannette, who attends both Tuesday and Thursday class gets the award for 'Most Enthusiastic'! She told me the other day that she has not missed one class since that summer in 2003!

When we opened VDP Studio in 2004 we added the element of live music by Erik Brown; percussion, bass, migwiz, didgeridoo and found sounds as accompaniment to our courses. The live element gives us an added dimension to the total feeling of involvement in the dance. This is also the goal of Power Belly–– to move from the gut! We strive to engage the dancer emotionally through the discovery of the power in her belly!

See Bellydancing Calendar-at-a-Glance for an overview of classes and events.


Coming Soon! • Seattle Join Delilah for the

Complete Power Belly Workshop Training.

For dancers in and out of town. There are hotels close by for out-of-town dancers that we can recommend. Enjoy the Seattle Belly Dance Night Life!
[more information]

For good basic alignment, review Delilah's Student Notebook

To sign up for any class, download the Registration Form (pdf format).

Delilah's Bellydance Events

Lunch Time Belly Dance Classes

Periodically offered

All Ages Belly Dance

Belly Dance in your Jeans if you want! Have fun and experience the love and spirit of belly dance!

See Bellydancing Calendar-at-a-Glance for current classes and events.


To sign up for any class, download the Registration Form (pdf format).


"Giving Thanks to a Woman's Body "

Annual Thanksgiving Morning Belly Dance with Delilah and friends

10:30-12:00 (1 1/2 hours) workshop.

Our Bodies are our temples and this is the day we give thanks for being a woman. Woman=Vessel=Body=Earth
We shall honor her with beauty, reverance, and care on this day of feeding and feasting. Belly dance is the perfect celebration. Bring something to share; a poem, a thought, a quote, or a wish for the world and our global family.

All are welcome. Male or female, anyone over the age of 12.
LIVE MUSIC by Erik Brown and members of House of Tarab
Put the turkey in the oven and come belly dance!

Private Classroom

An organization has hired Delilah to teach belly dance for a series of private group class. If you would like to start your own group class or with all your friends, co workers, club or association call or e-mail Delilah about rates and availability. Day times or evenings are available. Fun Birthday party idea too.

Also private lessons for all levels are available with Delilah and other teachers.

Leslie of Raqs Serpentine

What’s not to love about belly dancing with fire? I combine over ten years of belly dance training with fire performance to create a fusion that is sensual, powerful and beautiful. My dance is inspired by the images and archetypes of Eastern religion as well as Middle Eastern and Classical Indian dance. After completing my BA in Medical Anthropology with a minor in Ceramics at UMass Amherst, I hit the road teaching, studying and traveling. It took three action packed years in the Far East and Southeast Asia to finish that part of life's adventure. A proud native of the great state of Maine, I will be making my home here in Seattle until the circus comes to town.

It’s my honor to share my love of dance with Kaori and Ellen. They are goddesses of the winds and earth. Our differences are our strengths.

I can also be seen in performance with Pyrosutra and the stiltwalking fire troupe Birds of Paradise.
Visit my website for more pictures, video and info:

Let us know if you would like to perform in the demonstration!

Each class includes a performance.

To sign up for any class, download the Registration Form (pdf format)

Veil Dance with Delilah

Bring a three-yard veil and learn with Delilah. Or we have veils for you to borrow. Learn beautiful veil wraps, spins and techniques.
Also learn Delilah's Gypsy 9/8 veil. Soon to be released on a DVD.

"Veil Dance"

Improve grace, balance and spread your wings. Dancing with a veil is the closest one comes to flying.
Class 1. Veiling, whirling and unveiling
Class 2. Wraps tucks and flourishes
Class 3. Dance 9/8 Gypsy veil and other tempos


We have veils for you to borrow.

See Bellydancing Calendar-at-a-Glance for current classes and events.

Belly Dancing During Pregnancy

Delilah presents:

Belly Dance for the Pregnant Women!

This class is for all women.

Absolute beginning dancers, experienced dancers, belly dance instructors, midwives, dulas, doctors. Pregnant or not and in all phases of pregnancy. (Maybe you are just trying to get pregnant and you hope by hanging out with a bunch of pregnant women it'll be contagious!) Any woman who is sincerely interested in the subject may join this class.

Belly Dancing During Pregnancy is an experiential class aimed at enhancing women's individual experience of pregnancy as well as her relationship to the birthing process and creative identification. Classes on belly dance and pregnancy are a very rare bird anywhere in the world. These are the first classes offered of this kind at VDP studios.

This is more than a physical movement class. Through the medium of the worlds oldest dance we will access wordless expressions that arise for each woman during this miraculous time in her life. We will be pioneers in exploring and furthering the relationship between belly dance and pregnancy by way of journaling, discussing and the chronicles of individual journeys.

"Belly dance is the most powerful thing a woman can do for her self!"

Delilah could be heard repeating all day long in the Fremont Summer Solstice Parade 2005.

"I began an amazing journey when I preformed for a conference of regional family planners in my second trimester 20 years ago. It changed my life. I embraced the beauty of the goddess within me as I masqueraded as Isis the Great Mother for my entire pregnancy. It's implications were far reaching. Women came to me with tears in their eyes and said they wished they had experienced this dance during their own pregnancy. They wished for their daughters to have the chance to experience it too. I knew what they meant because this was my second pregnancy, and even though belly dance was my life, I didn't see how clearly important it was during my first. Like these women I felt a bit awkward or invisible to our culture during a time of the most miraculous female life experience!" excerpt from Delilah's interview on the Dance to the Great Mother video.

While this class is a 6 week course, the plan is to later offer continuing weekly courses or monthly workshops for the entire year.

Resource articles

Belly Dancing as Birth Dance: Dance to the Great Mother

Dance to the Great Mother A Video Review By Shira

Belly Dancing & Pregnancy

Divine Mother Poem by Mirayah Delamar

Class limited to 24

This class is for all women.

Absolute beginning dancers, experienced dancers, belly dance instructors, midwives, dulas, doctors. Pregnant or not and in all phases of pregnancy. (Maybe you are just trying to get pregnant)

Beginning Bellydancing Classes

See Bellydancing Calendar-at-a-Glance for current classes and events.

So you want to be an exotic harem dancer...

Basic fundamentals and techniques leading to all styles of Belly Dance.

"Absolute Beginning Introduction Class"

Dates: See Bellydancing Calendar-at-a-Glance for current classes and events.

We will go over a different subject each week:
1. Alignment
2. Shimmy shakes and quakes
3. Slow dance and finger cymbals
4. Fast combinations
5. Belly moves and snake dance
6. Veil Dance
7. Drum solo and pops and locks
8. Review and routines


Beginning Belly Dance with Delilah for Students and Teachers

See Bellydancing Calendar-at-a-Glance for current classes and events.

The subject is "Beginning Bellydance"

Want to learn and want to learn to be a good teacher?

Some of these classes will have student teachers assisting and teaching along side of Delilah. This is always a really rich experience for students because it’s like each student gets their own teacher.

Use registration form and register as "teacher" or "student".


WHAT FUN - The Pyramid Lounge

Pyramid Lounge Belly Dance Show 8:00- 9:30
Join us for an entertaining evening at the High Dive in Fremont.
Good food, good drinks, must be over 21

Sponsored by Raqs Serpentine.

DATES:First Monday of each Month.


Intermediate Belly Dance

"Classical Arabic Belly Dance" (4 week session)

See Bellydancing Calendar-at-a-Glance for current classes and events.

This class is about music appreciation. Each week we will introduce a different Arabic composer. We will learn about the evolution of belly dance music, the structures of rhythms, and the finesse of the Middle Eastern belly-dance. Not a beginning class, but good for anyone seriously interested in the spirit of the dance.


To sign up, download the Registration Form (pdf format).

Rhythm of the Belly Dance

Intermediate to Advanced Level Workshop (a must for all inspired dancers)
Zills (finger cymbals) and Rhythm Training

Delilah & Erik Brown

In this class, we will learn basic zill patterns and techniques with Delilah, and combine them with combination steps danced to live music.

The second part of the class will be taught by Erik Brown, who will explain and demonstrate the most popular belly dance rhythms, the various other percussion instruments and lock them into the music. Dancers will have hands on drum experience. Some drums will be provided, but please bring your own if you have one.

Zills are required.

See more about Middle Eastern drumming and drummers on VDP Drum Page

Performance Classes

”To be a creative artist you must indulge the self; for all art comes from within.”

Cultivating the Performer


It’s traditional at VDP studio for Thursday nights to be dedicated to the cultivation of the belly dance performance artist rather than a belly dance technician. We will work on standard techniques from time to time, but we will call on more emotion and creativity from the individual dancer. Awareness is key. Strength, accessibility and courage come next. This class will stretch your mind as well as your body. Class is scheduled for 7:45–9:00 pm but may run longer on some nights.

Each week there will be a group warm-up dance exercise for 10- 20 minutes, then we move into beyond dance moves and into the schooling of performance techniques. Class members are dancers and audience for each other. Be prepared to start the first class by introducing yourself through a 3-5 minute prepared dance in costume and make-up. Costumes are part of the creative experience of performance.

In this class we will listen and explore all sorts of music and belly dance with it. Exercises will explore dynamics and floor design usage. NOTE; In this class you will be expected to dance solo for each other. You can bring in your own music as well.

Fall Performance Session 2007
Level: Intermediate to advanced
Time: 7:45-9:00
Dates: TBA
Theme: Cultivating the Performer by Listening and Dancing to the Music



"Dance of the Seven"

Theme: In this course we explore the refinement of the dancer’s creativity and expression. We will also look into myth, fable, and archetypal symbolism to expand our awareness. In-nana, Salome, the seven charkas, and the seven part cabaret belly dance routine. . . Seven classes for seven veils.

To sign up for any class, download the Registration Form (pdf format).

5th Annual Spring Performance Class and Concert

"In the Garden of Allah"
A creative and sensual experience.

Theme: Aroma Therapy and Belly Dance

At each class we will work on various performance exercises to stretch the artists creative muscles. During this session each dancer will pick an aroma or a taste as her muse. She will investigate it’s properties; scent, healing use, history, symbolism, color and texture. . . She will pick music, dance design, figure out costuming, and perhaps props that will be used to compliment in a dance inspired by it. This is a performance of her making, but it is worked on in class under the guidance of Delilah and the constructive feedback from other class members. Each dancer is then invited to perform it in our annual "In the Garden of Allah" Studio Show on Friday April 25th 2008 (usually at VDP Studio).

"In the Garden of Allah" A Sensual Performance

The Public is invited!

VDP Studio Presents
The 5th Annual performance of "In the Garden of Allah" A sensual performance. . . An Aroma Therapy and Belly Dance Show.


This show concept originated many years ago when Delilah’s Visionary Dancers were studying the power of the muse in their dance. Searching for inspiration that engaged the body, mind and senses they began exploring the world of scent. Our sense of sent is the most mysterious and least understood. So the first few shows were all about the dancers exploration with chosen scents. They research their use history symbolism and then experience the effects of the sent and let it lead them to music, costume and dance composition. Truly a wonderful thought provoking and experiential show to attend.

Then last year they branched out to also include a sister sense of Taste! So this year you may be invited to imbibe or chew a bit of the dance as well!

Warning: there will be lots of scents used in the air so this show is not for the sneeze inclined.

(This is a Studio Fundraiser to pay studio property taxes Yikes!)

Limited seating: 40 chairs plus pillow seating. Advance tickets may reserve a chair. Otherwise first come first serve.

To sign up for any class, download the Registration Form (pdf format).

THURSDAY Performance Class

Golden Era of Belly Dance Classic Series


Dates: TBA

Time: 8:00pm - 9:00 plus (classes often go over because of solo performances)

Each week we will dance together with some sort of creative exercise and work on performance and stage presence techniques. Dancers are expected to perform and be audience for each other. We will work with LIVE drum solos. Dance in costumes by all means if you like.

Theme: for this series we will use all music by classical Middle Eastern composers and singers. Frid Al Atrash. Om Kathum, Halim Hafis, Addul Wahab.

COST: $120 Registration Form (pdf format).




Maybe a performance date as well TBA

This class is open to all levels and is meant to provide challenge and experience. As the dancer takes on different themes we offer each session, the combined assimilation of experience is aimed at fully developing and educating the dancer about all avenues of belly dance.

My performance classes usually meet on Thursday nights and are 6 weeks sometimes with extra field trips and performance options and usually go over time ( it’s a great dollar per hour value). The sessions are all theme oriented and rotate during the year.

The September-October theme was Musical Appreciation and was dedicated to study and performance of the Great Arabians classics artists and composers; Hafiz, Um Kolthum, Wahab, Fairuz, Rabani Brothers, Farid El Atrash, Darvish. (If you don’t know any of these names then you need to sign up for this particular class next time it’s offered. Probably next summer of fall.). I was very happy with the growth everyone made in this class. As an extra fringe benefit the class had a dinner dance party with live music by House of Tarab (5 piece middle eastern band that just changed their name from Ahlam to House of Tarab). They played live classical Arabic music for them all to dance to. A fabulous opportunity!

This course is about exploring the deeper spiritual meaning behind this ancient dance by way of it’s personal feminine empowerment, myth, archetype, seasonal connections and ritual. It starts this week and will meet on a bumpy schedule. So before you sign up, look carefully at the calendar and see if you can make most of these dates. Reason being working in and around holidays and Winter Solstice.

In addition on DATE TBA, we try to attend the Fremont Solstice Feast and contribute some sort of performance energy and that field trip starts at 6 and goes to late. It’s an annual fabulous family event.

The goal of this class is about developing the artist within and development takes thought provoking work on the part of the student. There will be homework projects and the maybe even more hours of rehearsal if a performance venue and project is launched by the class. Often unexpected events arise during the holidays and it’s a lot of fun!

More Visionary Instructors

Goth Grrrrl Bellydance with Laura Rose

Techno-Belly Conditioning with Laura Rose

Let’s get down! Modeled after Delilah’s Powerbelly Conditioning class, Laura Rose will take you on a bellydance journey. But in techno_Belly we be shimmying, isolating, undulating, and generally gettin’ sweaty to electronic, dub, techno, industrial, and rock music. Weightbelts suggested but not mandatory. Warning: some musical selections may involve coarse language.


More on Laura Rose and her Goth Girl Belly Dance Class
More on Power Belly here.

See Bellydancing Calendar-at-a-Glance for current classes and events.

Drama and the Dance with Laura Rose

Explore dance character, costuming, makeup and mystique. Enjoy alternative music, cathartic dance and exotic play. Focus will be on stage presence, projection, archetypes and mythology in dance. Own your stage!

This class will be valuable to experienced dancers, prior classes are encouaged. New dancers or those who want more personal instruction on technique, are requested to come a half hour earlier, and we will focus on technique.

"Drama In the Dance" A Workshop with Laura Rose


Teen Belly Dance
with Laura Rose

DATES: See Bellydancing Calendar-at-a-Glance for current classes and events.

Laura Rose, Delilah’s daughter, will be teaching beginning belly dance in this class for girls aged 10–17. Belly dance is excellent for fostering confidence, independence and self esteem. We want to encourage youths to drum and dance! We have a big project in the summer for you to perform in...get a jump start on your dancing now with Laura Rose!


Specialty Workshop for Drummers

Erik Brown

Erik Brown Delilah and Drum Three Week Drum and Zill Class

Each week we will learn about traditional rhythms and approaches to drum solo and finger cymbal with Delilah and Erik Brown

Bring finger cymbals or buy them from our studio and a drum if you have one. We also sell them. Cymbals are $18
Drums with cases $79 but drums are not mandatory

Each week we will work on a different drum solo.


To sign up for any class, download the Registration Form (pdf format).

"Middle Eastern Drumming Workshop" with Erik Brown; Beginning and Intermediate levels



Drum lovers! Learn the Middle Eastern drum and it's rhythms. The drum is commonly called Darbooka, Dumbek, Tabla.

Dancers! This class is highly recommended to any dancer who really wants to know her onions! You don’t have to become a professional drummer, but to know the rhythms from a hands on experience is vital to the dancer’s growth.

Husbands! You will love the drum and love playing for your wife!

Teens! It’s a great way for teens to burn energy, build confidence, and coordinate mind and body, quickly and inexpensively (oh, yeah, and have fun, impress friends and meet chicks).

Cost: TBA

Drums available with cases $79 - $99

Parade Drummers and Musicians

Experienced drummers only. NO absolute beginners. Please come to as many classes as possible

Call to sign up: 206 632-2353
Leave name, address, phone and email

Cost:No Charge
However, there may be expense for suitable costuming to wear in parade.

Erik Brown

Middle Eastern Drumming for Youths, Teens and Adults

with Erik Brown

Private classes only by appointment call (206) 632-2353 or (206) 225-3109
COST: $40 per Hour
Semi Private $60 per class ($30 each)

Erik Brown gained his foundation in music playing bass guitar for over 15 years. Introduced to Middle Eastern music in early 2003, Erik took it in like the elixir of life. He dedicated the past years to intensive practice of techniques, styles and rhythms common in Middle Eastern Music. Learning from some of the greats, Issam Houshan, Said El Artist, Faisel Zedan, Karim Nagi, Souhail Kaspar, Tobias Roberson and Uncle Mafufo, Erik has developed a strong base in Middle Eastern Percussion.

Erik is a regular member of the Northwest’s only classical 6 piece Arabian music ensemble HOUSE OF TARAB. He is also the drum corps/music director for the Billion Belly March in the Fremont Solstice Parade since 2004.

Notable recent performances:


Recent Recordings

Belly Dance Live DVD, Billion Belly March DVD, Combinations with Delilah DVD, House of Tarab Concert DVD. Pangia Dreams; Volume 4 CD, House of Tarab self titled release. Available at VDP Studios.

More on Erik on the Middle Eastern Drum Page

To sign up for any class, download the Registration Form (pdf format).

See more about Middle Eastern drumming and drummers on VDP Drum Page

NOTE: Visionary Dance now has drums available for purchase! Great gift idea!

See more about Middle Eastern drumming and drummers on VDP Drum Page

Michael Beach

Lead vocalist,multi-ethnic drummer/percussionist and founder [1975] of Brothers of the Baladi.  Based in Portland, Oregon, the Brothers perform both traditional and original Middle Eastern / World Music featuring vocals in seven languages (Arabic, Turkish, Armenian, Farsi, Spanish, French & English) and instruments from around the world.

Michael Beach, Drummer and Singer for Brothers of the Baladi

Michael and his Brothers of the Baladi have been successfully bringing their music to festival, college, concert and Belly Dance audiences all over the US & Canada for over 30 years.  The Brothers’ ten recordings, including the newest 2005 CD  "Presence of the Past", continue to be distributed nationally and internationally by Allegro Distribution.  The Brothers also remain one of the most popular Belly Dance bands internationally too.   His 2002 CD "Hands of a Thousand Dances" proves that Michael is still true to the music of his heart.  It features many different kinds of drum solos on Arabic tabla/doumbek, tar/framedrums, riq/daff and drum kit, a heavy folkloric/tribal piece, a haunting Persian vocal mawal/gazel and even a modern house/remix dance piece.


Michael continues to be one of the most sought after clinicians nationally because he makes it fun and very easy for everyone of all ages - from Basic Beginner/Elementary Schools to college music programs /Advanced levels and Belly Dancers.  Michael's 1991 Basic Middle Eastern Rhythms VHS/DVD was the first Middle Eastern Drum instructional video ever marketed. His brand new DVD "Zils and Rhythms for Dancers & Drummers" features a collaboration with International Dancer, Choreographer, Clinician and Director of UCSB Middle Eastern Dance Ensemble - Alexandra King.

A multi-linguist and multi-instrumentalist, Michael is a rare American who has embraced the true meaning of World Music.

In 1995 The LA Times said this about the Brothers " the band aims to open a window to the world and creates a sound that knows no borders"

Egyptian Style Belly Dancing with Dahlia Moon

Dahlia has been teaching and performing various styles of belly dance for over a decade. Before moving to the Seattle area in 2003, she taught and performed regularly in Arabic and Turkish restaurants in Osaka, Japan for
two years. Prior to living in Asia, Dahlia performed solo and troupe work throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Dahlia is fortunate to have been born into a family of musicians. She has been surrounded by live music and song her entire life. Being a musician herself allows her to transform music into movement with expertise and ease. Dahlia has a BS in Anthropology and has also studied other forms of dance, such as ballet, jazz, modern, flamenco, Japanese, salsa, and ballroom throughout her life, but has a special place in her heart for Raqs Sharqi and Dance Orientale (Egyptian Belly Dance). Blessed with a talent for music and dance, Dahlia performs with unaffected intensity, skillful grace, and sheer joy.

Dahlia can be found wearing her genuine smile in Seattle's top restaurants and nightclubs such as Marrakesh Moroccan Restaurant, Caspian Grill Persian Cuisine, and Kolbeh Persian Restaurant.

Learn more about Dahlia Moon
Dahlia Dance Productions

"Music and Dance are common languages we all share. Let us be peace."

Registration Form

See Bellydancing Calendar-at-a-Glance for current classes and events.

"Beginning Egyptian Basics"

Wednesday Night

Beginning Egyptian Basics with Dahlia Moon

Dahlia’s Beginning basics for Egyptian belly dance includes learning proper technique, isolations, basic footwork, combinations, identifying rhythms, as well as, strength-building warmups and stretches with muscle anatomy. Dahlia breaks down each movement with precision and ease. Learning Egyptian styling and elegance is comprehensible and fortifying.

"Intermediate/Advanced Egyptian Style"

Wednesday Night

Dahlia’s Intermediate/advanced Egyptian belly dance continues learning proper technique, isolations, basic footwork, combinations, identifying rhythms, as well as, strength-building warmups and stretches with muscle anatomy. Dahlia breaks down each movement with precision and ease. Learning Egyptian styling and elegance is comprehensible and fortifying.


Registration Form

Intermediate Technique and Concepts: Elusive Improv

Time: 7:45-9:00

Dates: TBA

Improvising does not need to be intimidating! It is not this daunting task so many dancers fear! Improv is in each of us. Every cell of our bodies know how to do it, we just have to TRUST. Dahlia is an expert at improvising and music interpretation. This six-week session will gently guide intermediate and advanced dancers through the "letting-go" and "trusting the self" process. With handouts and excercises, students will help students feel more confident and inspired to interpret new music and move freely to the old. Each student is asked, in advance, to bring one piece of music that MOVES them. It does NOT have to be belly dance music. Anything will do!



BEGINNERS: Know Your Rhythms!


Know your Rhythms! Learn basic technique for some of the most popular Middle Eastern rhythms: Saiidi, Baladi, Chiftitelli and Masmoudi, Maqsoum, and Khaleegy.


Registration Form

INTERMEDIATE: Shimmy Madness!

See Bellydancing Calendar-at-a-Glance for current classes and events.

Shimmy Madness! Be ready for 10 weeks of shimmy madness. Review and perfect many ways to work your 3/4 shimmy. Plus, work flat-footed, toe, vertical, Egyptian, and Freeze shimmies! Let’s sweat and shimmy into the summer!

Cost NEW STUDENTS with registration form
$125 Check or money order in advance of class.
$135 Please use cash day of at the door


Fremont Solstice Parade

Dear Dancers,

The theme this year is "Women for Peace" We are aligning our bellies and dance enthusiasm towards the direction of world peace. How? By a simple show of numbers of women coming out to belly dance all decked in BRIGHT PINK.IT'S A CODE PINK! Pink is an Aphrodite color! It's healthy and attractive and luscious and we want to attract our message of peace!

Come to our opening day party night on Thursday MAY 1st for the full game plan!
7:00pm VDP Studio 4128 Fremont Ave N Sea Wa 98103 206 632-2353

Lots of styles of belly dance to choose from this year! We have Tribal Pink contingent by Tayissa Blue We have Gawazi Pink contingent by Dahila Moon We have the Original Parade contingent ala Delilah & Laura Rose

COSTUMES Ok, so some of you are thinking you can't wear pink. Oh yes you can! For one day make a show of pink. It's not going to be hard. You can use any other color as an accent as long as the over all feel of the costume says Bright hot fuchsia pink at a glance. Look at the Code Pink web site to get a clue. Tribal gals can use black and silver and beaded costumes can contrast a hot pink swath of fabric over laying another color of< under skirt. Gawazi coats can use Pink and paint stripes on them if need be! Again come to our opening day party night on Thursday may 1st for the full game plan!

It's going to be powerful!


Parade Date:

Delilah's Parade Belly Dance Classes and Meetings:

Formal Kick off Meeting:


To sign up for any class, download the Registration Form (pdf format).

Tuesday Class: Delilah’s Main String #1

See Bellydancing Calendar-at-a-Glance for current classes and events.

Wednesday Classes: Delilah’s Main String #2

See Bellydancing Calendar-at-a-Glance for current classes and events.

Dahlia’s String Wednesday Night

See Bellydancing Calendar-at-a-Glance for current classes and events.

To sign up for any class, download the Registration Form (pdf format).

Simple Costume Workshop

See Bellydancing Calendar-at-a-Glance for current classes and events.

To sign up for any class, download the Registration Form (pdf format).

Thursday Class: "Advanced Parade Class"


Advanced Dancers String

The advanced string of dancers is for dancers with lots of interest, time and dedication and who want to take on a more of a leadership role in the ranks of the parade project in general. Many of the ideas for the future weeks rehearsals are born in this class as well as adding special attributes. This class officially meets on Thursdays 6:30-8:00 to work on concepts, challenges, choreographic design and special positioning. Dancers are expected to make it to as many Tuesday and Wednesday classes as they can to assist and lead the over all group class choreographs.

LOTS of Dancing!
7 Thursdays official classes
Sat May 31st Costume Workshop
plus 7 Tuesdays & Wednesday if possible

See Bellydancing Calendar-at-a-Glance for current classes and events.

BELLY CON The Second Billion Belly Dance Convergence

10 days of classes with a fabulous cast of instructors!

See Bellydancing Calendar-at-a-Glance for current classes and events.

Belly Dancer Photo Session
with Photographer Jennifer Richard

Did you see these fabulous photos Jennifer Richard took of us!? Delilah, Dahlia and Laura Rose, Erik, Sallah, David Stephen and Jane! We are so pleased. She’s great!

So we are wrangling up another opportunity for you to get in on a great session

Up to 3 costume changes and a CD full of amazing shots that you can make as many copies as you want.

Download registration form and write in a 1st and 2nd choice of time slots... Sign up for a session. Plan to arrive 10 minutes early



1:30- 2:00

2:00- 2:30




First time slot choice

Second time slot choice

We will get back to you with a time confirmation

All Seattle classes listed here are at:

VDP Studios
4128 Fremont Ave. North
Seattle, WA 98103
206 632-2353

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