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Mega Belly Dancing Workshop

Delilah in
West De Moines Iowa
Belly Dance Workshop and Show

April 5, 2003
Morning Class session, Luncheon, Evening class session
Performance followed 7:00-9:30 in formal theater
Sponsored by: Rainbow of the Desert Dance Troupe

There were 104 dancers in the 4 hour workshop! The class drew from local teachers and students as well as out of state dancers. Even a few men participated! What an exciting and record-breaking turn out!

During the months leading up to the event, there was a high degree of attention to detail in all dealing with the group. These women are efficient and highly organized. When Rebecca, Samantha and Courtney met Delilah at the West Des Moines airport she found them to be as charming as they are organized . They really did a fabulous job producing a 4-hour workshop, luncheon and evening show.The entire group of Rainbows is a supreme example of women working cooperatively and lovingly together.

Good thing it was held in a giant gymnasium — there was plenty of space. Delilah did have to yell a bit to be heard but it worked out fine. She began with a short lecture about the meaning of movement and how it evolves in the body so the dancers could be thinking and allying the concepts during the entire workshop. This was followed by a brief basic alignment review. Then the dancers did veil wraps and veil moves, one dance choreography, and an ancient Egyptian movement meditation! Wow!

They rolled out the red carpet and took exceptionally good care of their guest instructor. The Evening Show was held in a theater on campus. Lovely performances by all!

The Rainbow of the Desert Dance Troupe really rocks!

(Photos may be coming soon!)

If your organization would like to sponsor a belly dance workshop with Delilah, please contact Delilah:


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