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Belly Dancing is Delilah's passion. Our site is devoted to offering belly dancers the best tools and inspiration we can, in the form of pictures, articles, stories, instructional and performance videos, music, belly dancing accessories, costume pieces and more. Delilah's calling in life has been to nurture the passion for belly dance in others, and the resources you'll find on this site will do just that.

You can learn expressive, joyful, sensual, energizing bellydancing through the award-winning instructional video series, Delilah's Belly Dance Workshop. You can gain inspiration and ideas from our breathtaking performance videos. We offer secure online ordering and internet specials. Come visit our Belly Dancing Videos page for an index of instructional and performance videos.

Our site also features beautiful images, articles on belly dancing, bellydance music, a bazaar with accessories, costume pieces, books, zils, and more. In our Belly dancing Ideas and Images section, there's a gallery of beautiful photographs of dancers doing what they love best... belly dancing! There are video clips and audio clips. You'll also find Alexandra's Library, a collection of articles and stories on a wide variety of topics, including dance notes and choreographies, costumes, travel stories, fantasy stories, a section on Belly dance and Pregnancy, reviews of videos and music, tales of belly dance events, and other information on bellydancing.

Women come to this dance for many reasons: exercise, creative expression, devotion, therapy, community association with other dancers, the fantasy and exoticism of l'arte d'orientale, body image, etc. It is a beautiful and fulfilling art form that has offered all this and more to women over the centuries. We encourage and support belly dancing in all its forms. We hope you'll find the materials on this site useful, and that you'll let us know if we can be of assistance in supporting your bellydancing.

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