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Belly dance accessories, Power Belly Weight Belts, costumes, books, posters, zils, and lots of other belly dance goodies, recommended by Delilah and Visionary Dance. Selections may be ordered direct from our website with a secure credit card transaction. Although the current selections are available through Visionary Dance Productions, some are subject to limited availability and the list will certainly change and evolve over time.

In our costume section we are leaving some of the costumes up even though they are sold (look for little gold sold sign) so that dancers can see what kind of costmes do periodically come through here. Do you have a costume you want us to sell? We are looking for costumes with good vibrations to put up on this page. Some times they sell very quickly.


Please read our VDP Sales Policies and mode of operations.


NEW - Egyptian Eye Of Horus Sandal

The best sandal for belly dancing!

The Eye of Horus

Belly dance is usually a barefoot dance but when occasions arise where bare feet just aren’t safe or practical, these sandals are the next best thing. Designed for use indoor or out, these sandals hug your feet, are light weight, and form fit to your foot. They are so flexible it’s like having no shoes on at all, yet your feet are protected. The soles are made of a lightly textured waterproof material providing just enough traction so you will not slip, unlike many other sandals. Available in many colors to coordinate with your belly dance costumes. Many dance sandals from dance shops cannot be worn outdoors with out being destroyed. These sandals are perfect for parades and outdoor festivals, can be worn every day and are great for camping and hiking too.

Eye of Horus embossed on back

Specially crafted for Visionary Dance with the magical "Eye of Horus" symbol embossed into the heels...perfect for Belly Dancing!

Custom handmade in the USA.

Colors: Red, Chocolate Brown, Black, Golden Brown, Purple, Tan, Green, Wine . . . other colors may be ordered.

Eye of Horus Sandals

Size 5-11 $84
Size 12-15 $89

Eye of Horus Sandals

Sizes 5-11 $84
(choose your color when ordering)

Sizes 12-15 $89
(choose your color when ordering)
red eye of horus sandal

Metallic Gold or Silver Eye of Horus Sandals

Available in metallic silver or golden.

Size 5-11 $110
Size 12-15 $120

Metallic Eye of Horus Sandals
Sizes 5-11 $110
(choose your color when ordering)

Sizes 12-15 $120
(choose your color when ordering)
gold eye of horus sandal

CALL 206 632-2353 if you need assistance

Note: Orders usually take 2-4 weeks for delivery, depending on size and color. We keep a fair number in stock and ship every week but if you have a special request unusual color or size it will be longer. No half sizes. These sandals fit medium to wide feet. Narrow widths are availabe by special order. Sizes run true to street shoes. Order your normal size.


Coin Hip Scarf

These coin scarves are a must-have for anyone beginning bellydance. They make great sounds and move nicely. Tie them around your hips, drape around your shoulders, or even make a bra cover out of one. A perfect addition to the instructional video series, these versatile coin scarves last a long time and are great dance investments. Numerous assorted colors and styles are available. Please call or email your color choices with either gold or silver coin.

Single Row Triangle Hip Scarf $27


Triangular Hip Coin Scarf

This triangular coin scarf has a single row of small coins and beads all around the edge. Produces a lovely light tinkling sound.

5-row Coin Hip Scarf $45


This rectangular coin hip scarf comes in a multitude of solid colors with five rows of sturdy crocheted silver or gold coins. The coins are larger and produce a bold, enthusiastic sound.

Hip Scarf Special $80

# Get two hips scarves for $80 ($40 each ) when you order two of the five-row solid color coin scarves. Save $10!

5-row Coin Fancy Hip Scarf $48


Fancy 5 Row Coin ScarfFancy Coin Scarf Back viewFancy 5 Row Coin Hip Scarf

The fancy coin hip scarf is the same as the standard 5-row listed above, but comes in a variety of colors and styles. Currently we have two-color scarves with a center stripe, tri-colored, leopard print, lightly embroidered with a floral print, and a floral print with subtle but sparkly holographic dots. Stock changes frequently, so please call or email for availability. Or take a chance and let us surprise you. You won’t be disappointed with these beautiful and unusual scarves!

Velvet Hip Scarf $55 #

An elegant addition to your dance wardrobe. The velvet coin scarf is curved, with coins and intricate beadwork hung in beautiful patterns. The velvet provides some stretch for a more comfortable fit. Each one is unique. Please call or email if you are looking for a particular color, or let us surprise you!

fancy Velvet Hip Scarves

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Power Belly Weight Belts for Belly Dancers


Speed up your learning curve with Power Belly Weight Belts! Delilah has researched and designed weight belts especially made to meet the specific needs of belly dancers! The ultimate tool for the best belly dance workout!

These belts are designed for even distribution of weight. They start at 8 pounds and go up to 15 pounds. This means the larger you are, the more weight you can carry in proportion to your size. The belt is made with 1 pound packets that can be removed. It is washable, soft, and more feminine looking than any other athletic weight belt. Perfect for our bellydancing needs!

As Delilah says, these weight belts"...improve core body strength, balance, and endurance. This technique is for the beginner, hobbyist, or professional dancer or instructor. It speeds up the time it takes to learn a new hip move. The subtle extra weight makes you work a little harder; when you remove the weight belt, the muscle memory is there, and your hips move like greased lighting! It’s a great warm up device before a show or contest.

[More information on weight belts]

Basic sizes colors and pricing


8 pockets for
8lb weight set
(fits 22" to 31")
10 pockets for
10lb weight set
(fits 30" to 39")
12 pockets for
12lb weight set
(fits 38" to 47")
14 pockets for
14lb weight set
(fits 46" to 55")
15 pockets for
15lb weight set
(fits 50" to 59")
# # # # #

Power Belly Fancy Weight Belts

Power Belly Fancy Weight Belts

Prices range from $82-$160 depending on weight and materials used... Here are samples of the myriad of designs available. They can be custom ordered as well. Call us or e-mail for more info.

Uterus and Ovaries Camisoles $20

Uterus and Ovaries design (our Power Belly emblem without words)
RED with sweetheart front
GOLDEN round front
PINK round front
OR the White Camisole with the Power Belly logo on it
SM. MED LG XLG (please choose a size and color when ordering)


Uterus and Ovaries Sports Bra $22

Uterus and Ovaries Red Sports Bra

Red with black Uterus and Ovaries design. Comfy!
SM MED LG XLG (please choose a size and color when ordering)


Choli Tops

A fabulous design for dance class and performance that originally evolved from tribal, bollywood, and yoga bellydance styles. They are great for Delilah's Power Belly classes and workshops of all styles. Made of either soft t-shirt cotton or stretch velvet velour. V-style neckline with darted bust and underarm inset for comfort and mobility. They are backless and tie at back and neck. Short or long sleeve. They are designed to wear braless. However, many women still wear bras with them (either the same color or be inventive with contrast colors). It's a matter of style, taste and comfort. You can even wear them over leotards or under an embellished bra! Sizes come in small, medium and large. Sometimes we have 'queen' size or even colors different from the ones listed.

Short Sleeve Cotton Choli $46



Long Sleeve Cotton Choli $48



Velvet Long Sleeve Choli $49.95



Special Dye Lot choli $49

Not pictured. Please call for available colors.


Bellydance Veils

a must for every dancer

Tricot Bellydance Veil $15

This inexpensive starter veil is 3 yards by 58 inches in colors that complement your dance costumes. They are extremely wide and float in the air in brilliant colors. Delilah uses them all the time for class, stage, parades, veil therapy techniques and for practice.

(choose your color when ordering)

Silk Belly Dance Veil $48

Nothing beats the mesmerizing beauty of a silk veil. Silk dances with you. An excellent investment for performance, and a must-have for the accomplished dancer.
Available in Spanish Red, Dark Purple, Turquoise, Rose Pink, Black and White.

Please choose a color and call 206 632-2353 to order silk veils.

(call 206 632-2353 for colors!)





Enter the Great Shakes Showroom

Costumes with Good Vibrations worn by Famous Dancers

Belly Dance Costumes for Sale Do you have a costume you want us to sell? We are looking for costumes with good vibrations to put up in our Showroom




Zills $18

These zills are brass, 2 1/4 inch diameter with an engraved oriental design. Includes a velvet drawstring carrying bag and black elastic for attaching.

[more on zills, and a lesson from Delilah]


Instructional CDs

Zills:The Art Of Playing Finger Cymbals $29.95

A must-have instructional set for all bellydancers learning to play the zils. This helpful book and CD set by Mimi Spencer will help take away the mystery of finger cymbals.

(Booklet and CD)

Zills and Drums by Armondo Malfufo $18

This CD is an instructional learning tool for playing finger cymbals. Intermediate skill level. Delilah says "once you have learned the basics and studied the rhythms, this is a wonderful CD to grok the finesse and artistry of playing the zills. Listen, play, absorb." "I believe any percussion player could benefit from this CD." Kajira Djoumahna (Zagareet Magazine)

from Armando Mafufo

Drums $79


Who should drum? Everybody! Man, woman and child! You can start at any age. Drumming improves coordination and mental focus. It's a great way for kids to work off excess energy and has proven very beneficial for senior citizens. Hand drums are very affordable instruments and are easily portable. Satisfaction in learning to play them is quickly achieved compared to many other instruments. They are organic and basic to the human heartbeat. You have nothing to lose by giving it a try. You just might have an undiscovered talent for it. Belly Dancers' ear and chops improve vastly when they add drumming and Middle Eastern rhythms to their studies.

About shipping our drums:
Our drums are inspected by a professional drummer before they are shipped. This is an important advantage. They are packed and shipped carefully and separately. Your location and the weight of the drum determines shipping costs. We ship USPS. The shipping can't be totaled on line until after you put in your address.

More Drums
Call our shipping room for other drums available.
206 632-2353
Solid colored drums $99
Fancy inlaid drum $150
Dahola (basically a bigger bass dumbek) $130

[VDP Drum Page]

[VDP Music CDs]

[VDP Instructional DVD’s]

25 Essential Rhythms for Middle Eastern Drumming

25 Essential Rhythms For Middle Eastern Drumming $20


A must for the music library of every dancer, drummer and composer. Follow Uncle Mafufo as he speaks and counts and then teaches you to play each rhythm. We use this in class and students learn to recognize the rhythms by name, count and sound. Dancers can adapt different steps to different counts. This CD is a wonderful instructional learning tool.

Rhythms of the Nile Double CD

Rhythms of the Nile $29


Follow master percussionist Hossam Ramzy as he leads you through an Egyptian Percussion workshop. A double CD set featuring percussion on one disc and Egyptian dance on the other.


Belly Jewels $5.95

Eight assorted colors and a bottle of spirit gum to adorn your belly!


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Solstice Parade Mug $12

Solstice Parade Mug

Step right up! Be the first belly on your block to get your Solstice Parade mug of Delilah's Mug.

Limited edition.

Uterus and Ovaries Patches $5 for 3


Uterus and Ovaries logo patches

Just for fun, we made patches with our Power Belly Uterus and Ovaries logo. Sew or glue on jeans, purses, back packs, other clothing, pillows, notebooks... you name it! Wear them with pride!

Available in Red on Black or Black on Red


11 x 17 color poster on glossy card stock. Autographed, if you like!

$18 each:
Blue Delilah
Delilah as Hathor

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