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Here's how
Visionary Dance Productions handles their business;

• Sales and Customer Service procedures,
• Foreign Orders
• Refund Policies
• Catalogs
• Web site Design and page access

  • Seattle, Washington Location
    VDP is an internet business with a physical home base located in what is known as "FREMONT" , a quaint little artists neighborhood in Seattle, Washington (officially sanctioned by the city of Seattle as the "Center of the Universe").

    The business has been owned and operated since 1985 by Delilah and family. They are widely known as integral artists and business operators in Seattle Washington, as well as the greater world of belly dance. They are always busy on new projects that strive to bring quality education to those who want to learn and enjoy belly dance. They do this through DVD instruction, musical recordings, live performance, classes, community work, workshop engagements, and study retreat programs. It is an important value for Visionary Dance Productions to sponsor other artists in the field and utilize live music when ever possible.

    Current Staff:
    Delilah, Erik Brown, Laura Rose, Dahlia Moon, Leslie Rosen, and Christine Hamby

    This company specializes in the teaching philosophy of the artistry of "Delilah" by way of offering quality instructional belly dance program media. This company also carries many essential supplies dancers will need to begin learning and teaching belly dance to others, such as coin hip scarves, weight belts, veils, books, sports bras, finger cymbals, music CD's, instructional as well as concert performance videos/ DVD's . You will also find some costumes and clothing offered from time to time.

    Visionary Dance Productions also hosts a very informative, entertaining and beautiful web site dedicated to the art of belly dance and the personal growth and transformation it offers women. In addition to all the pages made available to the public this web site also hosts 3 password-assessable web sites related to particular Instructional courses. They are called Web Clubs #101, #202, #303
    Local Seattle classes, national and international workshops, public performances, lectures, and belly dance retreat schedules are posted on our Calendar-at-a-Glance
  • About our Sales and Service

    In Person Purchase:
    You can come by the Store any time, just call and let us know you are coming. We run errands and such from time to time but are glad to arrange a time to meet you. Please call Erik at 206-225-3109, or the office phone at 206-632-2353.
    VDP Studios is located at:
    4128 Fremont Ave N
    Seattle Wa 98103

    Online Order:
    We do offer internet specials for on-line purchasing.
    Our site is very secure. No one sees your credit card information outside of our trustworthy staff.

    Duplicate Orders:
    If for some reason you manage to come up with a duplicate order number, or email confirmation, don't worry!  If we see two orders of the same products to the same person, on the same day, we would only process one order and you would only receive one order. All processing is done as carefully as possible by human hands. Just because you punched it into the computer does not mean it goes straight to the credit card processing. However if the orders were a little different, we would not send anything out without clarification from the purchaser.

    Email Confirmations:
    An automatic computerized response stating that we have received your order will be sent to your email box as long as you have typed in the correct address. However, some email spam tools may put that automatic response into a trash/delete folder on your computer. The confirmation does not mean your credit card has gone through. It just means your purchase request was received by us.

    Credit Card Problems;
    If there is a problem, you will be contacted. A very typical problem is the incorrect expiration date for credit cards. Double check to make sure you've typed it correctly.

    Shipping Procedure and Schedules:
    We generally Ship orders daily Monday - Friday unless we are on the road teaching and performing. In this case Items are generally shipped once a week. We are a small owner operated company so please be patient! We use United States Postal Service for the majority of our shipping. The post office is fast and is less expensive the other carriers. Priority Mail generally takes 3-5 days.

    Weight Belts;
    They are made in the USA and due to the weight, they are shipped direct from the manufacturer and go "Priority Mail". They are shipped generally once a week so depending on when you order it could take up to 2 weeks to arrive. We send your receipt from our office so this will arrive before your belt.

    In the case of European and foreign order weight belts; it is very expensive to ship because (remember) they are heavy and the shipping is complicated to figure out to every destination in the world, so the handling change is well earned. Since it is so expensive and they are drop shipped from the manufacturer (with their own set of policies) so we do not ship many out of the country and are not well versed in the exact costs so please have patience and be prepared $. Estimated shipping costs 12 lb weight belt $30 -$55

    Sure we sell and ship to Canada. Shipping costs will be a little more and weight belts will have to be calculated separately according to your address. Write US funds on your check and the bank will convert the exchange as it passes through your account. Your credit card will also automatically convert the exchange for you. We cannot say how long it will take however. Sometimes 5 days and some times a month.

    Foreign Orders:
    Even if you want to phone in your order or send a US check or money order, please use our web site to total your order first and get the correct shipping charge. You can find out the postage without putting in a credit card number. You may simply abandon the order with no repercussions if you change your mind. Note the total amount of purchase with shipping charge and call or send in the order if you rather. Checks must be in US dollars and easily cashable at US banks. Any extra charges will be paid by purchaser.

    On-line Problems for Foreign Orders:
    • A common problem: When ordering, do not leave any of the entry fields blank when filling out the purchase information, even if you have to put your country name again for the "State" entry field. The total with postage for your country will be automatically calculated - and the internet computer program is better at it than our phone staff.

    • Make sure you specify formats PAL or NTSC; please click on this link and read.
    • Shipping time is hard to predict for foreign countries. Sometimes it's very quick and sometimes very long. We have no control.
    • Duty : You may have to pay duty. Many countries do not charge duty for educational medium .

    Copyright Infringement Foreign and Domestic:
    We reserve the right to refuse to ship to certain countries and/or people that are known for copy right infringements of artists' properties. We do have a "Loyalty Oath Agreement" individuals must fill out and sign for some locales. Wondering WHY? Its very simple: unethical people have stolen our work, and it leaves a very sour taste. We want to pass on the teachings on to women everywhere, but we also want due respect and a chance to make our livelihood.

    Please do not let people copy, rent, borrow or show these programs publicly without permission. They are not licensed for such use. When you allow people to borrow, they can make illegal copies. You can be found guilty of aiding and abetting criminal activities. These programs are for personal use only. Please be supportive and share our web site with others and encourage you students and friends to support the source and buy their own copies if they wish to study with Delilah. These videos and DVDs would not continue to be sought after if they were not valuable teachings

    Thank You for Your Understanding

    Coin Hip Scarves / . . .other Color Selection:
    Some items need personal service such as the color of Coin Hip scarves or special one of a kind costumes . . .. There are so many different colors and shades of 5 row coin hip scarves we can't keep them all in stock all the time. They send us different colors with every order. We also have special combinations or beads coins available from time to time that never even make it to the web because they sell so fast to Seattle classes.When you call ask us what else we have. Toll free 1 866 22BELLY

    Missing Orders:
    We do not email everyone that the order has been shipped, but if there had been a problem, we would call or email you. Ordinarily your order will be shipped on the next shipping day from when you entered your order. Example: Monday 8 AM would go out that afternoon. It would be received as early as Thursday but more likely Friday or Saturday. Example: Monday at 3:30 might go out that afternoon but most likely would go out Thursday afternoon. It would be received by Monday or Tuesday. Delays: Credit card problems or questions about your order may delay shipping date. What you type in as the shipping address will be output on the shipping label, so please double check your address.

    Faster Delivery:
    We can ship FedEx with a credit card purchase. You will be charged accordingly .

    Phone Orders:
    We are glad to take your order over the phone. If we do not pick up the line, it may mean we are on the other line with another customer. Sometimes it is not easy to interrupt one call to pick up another. We do get calls from all over the world and sometimes the calls take time due to language barriers and the amount of questions. We are glad to answer all questions. As many of you know we sometimes spend a lot of time on the phone with a customer. Please leave your name and number and we will call you back. You may also email us and tell us when it's convenient to call you back. We may answer the phone at any hour between 7 AM - 10 PM PST.

    Our office manager's name is Erik. He can be reached at the Studio 10am-6pm PST at 206-632-1906. Delilah is available to take your call at 206-632-2353, 7am-10pm PST.
    Other auxiliary staff members include Laura Rose and Leslie.

    Mail Order:
    If you do not want to put your order through our web site, you can put all items in the shopping cart and it will give you the total, including shipping.  Once you have the total cost, just abandon your order and send a check or money order .
    Checks; We reserve the right to delay shipping until the bank's clearance of checks. If a check is returned to us, we will ask for a credit card number and charge your account $18 service fee over the amount of the purchase.

    Money Orders:

    These are processed as cash and shipped immediately.

    Note about Internet Specials:
    On-line purchases save "us" money and time; thus we offer specials. If you cite the page address of any specials you see offered on-line, we will honor those through mail purchases as well. We do not automatically honor all specials with phone service. We might not even know what they are. They are for internet purchases where we save time and money on phone staff. Internet specials are not honored at festivals or vending sites where incurred expenses (traveling, room and board) are high.
    Visionary Dance Productions PO Box 30797 Seattle, WA 98113 Toll Free / 1-866-22BELLY

  • Refund Policy:
    Intellectual Property / Soft Products :
    We do not refund Video, DVD's, CD's or books for any reason.
    If there is a "defect" in the merchandise, we immediately replace it.

    Hard Products:
    We do refund or exchange all other merchandise; weight belts, hip scarves, costumes, veils, zills, as long as they are in resalable condition . Know that the buyer pays shipping, handling, and a restocking fee. Call first to be advised how and where to ship product back.
    Toll Free 1 -866-22BELLY

    Currently your best bet is to review the pages on our very detailed web site. Catalogs are too static for the influx of merchandise we have experienced over the last two years to reflect quickly the changes in our product line. We are working hard on converting tapes to DVD's and also on productions of new products and programs. We do have a catalog scheduled for production by the fall of 2004, but, frankly, it is not a big priority since most of our business is on-line or in person. We have tried our best to make perusing our site fun and interesting!

    There is probably something we forgot to mention.
    Please let us know if you have any more questions
  • Visionary Dance Web Site:
    Check out our fabulous web site! It's really big!
    We have created helpful navigation hubs for your convenience for slow and fast computers.
    Don't forget to bookmark your favorite pages!

    First Introduction Page:
    Short and sweet with most important links.

    " Gateway Icon Page:
    with quick access to all departments by graphic buttons

    " Guided Tour Page:
    This page offers detailed descriptions (mostly print) to everything that's on our site,
    and/or has been newly added to our site.

    " Images and Ideas Page:
    Hub for special effects, video & sound clips, library articles, photo galleries, & more. . .

    " Most Popular Sub Pages:

    Weight belts
    Belly Dancer Bazaar
    Web Club entrances
    Calendar of Classes and Events
    Visionary Belly Dance Retreat Information 

Wanna bring Delilah to teach in your your area? This can be arranged. Call and inquire 206 632-2353

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