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Feedback from women (and men) who have bought and used our videos:

"I just wanted to take a moment to say that I am a very satisifed customer! I have recently purchased all three workshop videos and I find that they are the best instructional videos out there. I have several other videos which I purchased before discovering your website and now I want to give them away because I only want to watch Delilah's videos. I am just a beginner and already my dancing has drastically improved thanks to Delilah's videos. I also love the website, I find the pictures and articles inspiring and motivating.

At first I only wanted to learn how to bellydance because I thought it looked so sexy but now that I practice it more regularly, I'm learning about it's many other uses. It's very relaxing, almost like yoga or tai-chi; it has helped to improve my posture, self-esteem and body-awareness. It has also helped improve my meditation.

So thank you so much for all your hard work, keeping up the website and making these videos available to the public. Keep up the good work."
YB, New York, NY

"Thank you Delilah! I love your videos and want to share with everyone in the world how great they are! Happy dancing!"

"Just thought I'd send a note... I received the videos Vol I-III and wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed them. Although my busy schedule has not allowed me to practice dancing as much as I would wish, I must tell you as a beginner I have learned more by following the instructions in your videos than I did when taking a class. Thank you."
PT, Aqua Dulce CA

"I have been practicing on and off with your videos, and I'm so glad that I've chosen your videos. I don't have a live teacher to teach me, but your videos are perfect for people like me. You should come out with a book called 'Belly Dance for Dummies'. You've taken the guess work out and made belly dance workable.

Since you are my only teacher, probably for the next 3 years (I live on Okinawa with my family and Marine corps hubby), I can honestly say that I think that I will be able to dance with some skill by the time we leave the island. I hope to be able to teach basic belly dance on the island before we leave.

I'm extremely grateful for your website, and hope to be able to go to one of your retreats one day. Thank you for everything."

"The video is excellent, my wife is very happy with it and we will be ordering some more CDs and another video in the future."
AS, Great Britain

"I ordered your Workout I, II & III a few months ago. I also ordered Fire at The Iao... I can't say enough how well done and thorough they are. You are a fabulous dancer and teacher. My favorite is the Veil dance."
DH, Los Angeles CA

"It was wonderful to meet you at Rakkasah East! I have long been enjoying your video presence, so it was such a blessing to meet you in person. This morning I watched 'Live & Wild.' WOW!!! Such gorgeousness. I love what comes through your dancing! Your work, the instructional videos, the performance videos, your website, have all inspired me to come on out of my shell as a woman, and as a bellydancer. There are no words for the healing I've received while working with your videos. Very deep. Thank you, Delilah!"
JLD, Baltimore MD

"I received your Beginner's Belly Dancing DVD about 2 weeks ago, and am very excited about all of belly dancing! ... More than anything, I have been following your instructions, because there is no distractions, and I can concentrate along with you without hindrance. There are many reasons that I would like to learn this expression from within. It's beautiful, and self enrapturing. I want to move the way I want to, with no embarrassment and with total freedom. It feels good. I look forward to any future video's that I will be ordering from you, and all the instruction that I can get. Thank you so much."
PS, Baltimore MD

"I just finished watching your video Absolute Beginning, and I wanted to say how much i enjoyed it; I will be putting it to practical use immediately! I also visited the web club and found many items of great interest... I am a teacher in San Diego. Thank you so much for all your hard work. I really love your teaching VHS & DVDs."
MS, San Diego CA

"The Web Club is such a unique, wonderful incentive! I am enjoying Fire and Retro. Delilah's videos are always so timeless; very engaging and useful for all levels and all passages a dancer might be going through. I continually revisit them and am still challenged and inspired. I am also enjoying Steven's music. It is broadening my ideas about belly dance and is giving me the courage not to be so strict in my interpretations of what belly dance is and isn't.

I have borrowed my friend's Absolute Beginners and I'm getting ready to order it. What a unique approach to body awareness... Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that you reached and continue, through your products, to reach out in a meaningful way to someone way over here in New Jersey. I appreciate and value you, as many of us over here do!"
EV, Lindenwold NJ

"I would just like to say that I bought the DVD version of Beginning Bellydance, and I absolutely love it. I feel like I have my own instructor in the room. I'm hoping you'll be releasing the Vol I, II & III on DVD also, because you'll have a guaranteed customer here."
HW, Chicago IL

"The Absolute Beginning Bellydance video... I love it! I've been working with it and especially love and replay the 'philosophy of bellydance' talk. I find it extremely motivating right now. And I love the beginning montage of your performances. Thank you so much!"
JD, Baltimore MD

"Very much appreciate the video tapes. Your approach of shapes makes it so much easier to bring the information inside whereas others simply list moves and count off eight beats. One of the many things to learn: the rhythms and movement. I enjoy 'keeping my pencil on the paper', as you say in Volume 1."
Khrystynne, AK

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