Neighborhood Belly Dance Temple Priestesses
Temple Dancers


To Start a Performance Group called:
(and a subsidiary organization, The Goddess Scouts of America).

What is NTP?

The Neighborhood Temple Priestesses are a unique dance group made up of women of all ages, and all walks of life. They are committed to making moments in all our lives more genuine and vivid in our memories. They are under the direction a well known international performance artist known as “Delilah” . She resides in Seattle Washington and has a belly dance studio in the Fremont neighborhood. Events where the priestesses may be employed range from one on one to large public gatherings. The dance group uses women’s traditional middle eastern dance as well as non traditional performance artistry, ritual and creativity in each event. They tend lovingly to the needs of each patron who calls upon them being sensitive to cause, celebration and season.

Call for more details. 206 632-2353

Community Resources for Rites of Passage Gatherings.
We provide space, lighting, sound and entertainment in our studio located in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle for 1-25 people. Food and beverages may be brought in by host. Performance and/or combination of dance class or lecture. We have all the equipment for guests. We also travel to other sites and do many unique works.

Baby Showers, Wedding Showers, Births, Wakes, Memorials, Birthdays, House Blessings, Garden Parties, Anniversaries, Ground Breakings, Christenings, Blessings, Seasonal Celebrations, Hospitals, Assisted Living, Cathartic Dance, Belly Dance Lessons and Lectures, Rallies, Supportive Events and Fund Raising Needs, and other Acts of Love and Kindness.
Blessings to you.



To become a serious and enjoyable community resource for celebration of life's events. To cultivate the sacredness in every aspect of women's lives through dance, ritual, music and holistic therapies. To illuminate the largest factions of women in everyday society by artful demonstration.

Our goal is to reach women of all ages and assist them to fully awaken to their body-born potential for happiness, freedom and beauty as a woman. To counter the stereotypical views imposed by society that often seem to conspire to keep women locked in cycles of low self esteem. To honor the earth and the culture of all humanity. To extend this enlightenment to boys and men too. To promote creativity as an inborn necessity of a balanced life for all human beings.


We are slowly and actively looking for and contacting like-minded dancers of all ages to develop the skills and expertise of Neighborhood Temple Priestesses.

We are now entering YEAR TWO

The NTP is not a huge time investment. You put into it what you want and have time for. Of course this changes though out the year for all of us. Maybe it's just one project out of the year. We still will consider you a member. You show your interest by coming to a class or meeting. Cost is sliding. We just put out a jar. We use the studio for staging, crafting and rehearsing. It's got overhead. I am very dedicated to this cause and spend many hours planning, communicating and cultivating the group as a viable community resource. We have members local and international who are on our NTP yahoogroup that deals with NTP events and work in detail.

I teach and perform for a living so I have classes that prepare dancers for NTP work that are mixed into regular curriculum and NTP specific course work. Keep your eyes and ears peeled. If you have questions call me or grab one of the NTP gals or instructors after class and talk to them.
Jeanette, Lisa, Christine Hamby, Kalara, Shakti, Lori Green, Pearl, Bella Jovan, Dahlia, Kate, Laura Rose,

They will have different things to say because they all participate differently. Thats the beauty!

How to get involved?

Locally: Get in a class. Join our Yahoo Group. The first phase is slow, small and very important. We are looking for serious dedication at all levels of commitment.

Globally: Join our Yahoo Group or send an E-mail or a letter to Belly Dance Temple Priestesses and we will keep you updated. (c/o Visionary Dance Productions, 4128 Fremont Ave N, Seattle, WA 98103)


Seattle Headquarters:
(c) 2006 VDP Studios
4128 Fremont Ave. N., Seattle, WA 98103
(866) 22BELLY
(206) 632-2353