Roots of the Man

Steven George Flynn arrived on the scene October 20th, 1950 in Schenectady, New York at 2:18 am. Born a left handed, Libra, middle child with an older brother named Lance and a younger sister Meredith. He was the son of Larry and Rosemary Flynn.

He remembers growing up in Leominster, Massachusetts, spending lots of time running in the forests around their house. He entertained himself with his boyhood imagination, some little green army men, an Airedale named King and later a huge English sheep dog named Olli. He remembers, with a grin, the bongo drum wall paper he picked out for his very own room in the new house.

Young Steve Flynn
As did many American families of the 50’s, Steve’s father bought a Kodak movie camera to document the precious days of the Flynn family’s flourishings. For Steve this would prove to be more than just a device for archiving family memories. He could make movies! He took to directing and starring in little back yard movies at an early age. His first works included some claymation, a school project of Ivanhoe, some flying saucer movies, “Dracula” and “The Phantom of the Opera.” It’s interesting how early callings come to play a part in our adult life, or at least come back to haunt us!
Steve began taking piano lessons in the fourth grade with Mr. Bisset. His siblings didn’t want to miss out on the action and so they started taking lessons, too. Every week his mother would pick up Mr. Bisset at the bus station, bring him to the house for 3 lessons, and then drop him off at the next family’s house. In those days, the Flynn family walls must have been alive with the sound of piano scales and piano practice songs.

The family was a pretty typical portrait of a wholesome American household.
Steve's mother was a full time homemaker and Steve's dad worked as an accountant. The family went to church on Sundays. The kids did their homework every night, went on the yearly family vacations, summer camps (Camp Takodah) and did the typical holiday stuff.
Can you find Steve in this camp photo? Good Luck!!
Lance, Meredith, and Steve
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