Committed to Offering Value

Visionary Dance Productions strives to offer high value belly dancing music, videos, classes and retreats.

“We love bellydance and want the greater public to understand this art form for the beauty and joy it gives to women and for the opportunity it creates for wordless, personal, and feminine self-expression!”

— Delilah and the VDP staff

The reason Visionary Dance spends a bit more money, time and energy to present products and opportunities for growth, understandings, and enjoyment of this beautiful dance is because they value it.

We do this as independent artists without the backing of a big corporation. We strive to bring to you the true experience of bellydance as we, the artists, know it. This dance is as a creative, athletic, recreational, culturally diverse, therapeutic, worldwide phenomenon. It is vast in it’s complexity and opportunity for growth and study. Each instructional program we offer is a small part of a bigger picture, instead of a simple-minded Hollywood version of "How to Make Your Husband a Sultan" or "Exotic Slave Girl of the Middle East." We at Visionary Dance try to have a good sense of humor, but we treat the dance with serious respect of how it applies to the real day contemporary woman.

“We see this dance form and the music as celebrating life, feminine energy and creativity coming together to build upon itself and develop an entire family. We love diversity - each member of that family exhibiting different style and personality!”



7- to 10-day getaways taught and hosted by Delilah and VDP Staff. Our retreats are designed to pursue the study of music and dance as well as rejuvenation of the individual. Each retreat has itís own unique theme, special projects, performances and sometimes guest instructors. Dance notes are provided, often video documentaries are created, and dancers develop their craft, all with the benefit of live music and a natural setting!
We sincerely hope you will join us one day!

Commitment to live music

We always value and support the experience of dancing to live music!We provide it when ever possible. This does add to our expenses but it is an experience that is very important to the dancers evolution and it is becoming harder for dancers to get experience with. We wish to remind everyone to support LIVE MUSIC when ever possible!

About our Musicians

We have featured many musicians along the way. Steven Flynn is an American composer who has created three unique recordings for bellydance exclusively available on this web site (see CD page). The rhythms are traditional but the melodies and compositions are all his own. Steven has a gift for presenting the rich emotional landscape of body and soul and giving the dancer inspiring heights and depths to explore. Tales of the Night Wind features compositions with basic rhythm tracks for dancers either practicing or performing. Welcome to the Dance features rich theatrical compositions and a contemporary bellydance routine. They liked it so much in Lebanon, one of Steve’s cuts from the record can now be heard on Bassem Yazbek’s CD (Noura and Bassam). Rapture Rumi is a rich theatrical work originally written for the Robert Davidson Dance Company. Steven was commissioned to score the featured work. It involves Traditional Turkish elements as well as Flynn’s unique expressive capacity for dynamic storytelling. This work has been also used in theatrical performances and video productions by Wendy Beunoventura, Laurel Gray, Delilah, Haava, and many more performers. Steven Flynn also guest on Michael Beach’s Middle Eastern Christmas Album "A Time of Peace" and Jeremiah Sotos CD "Ahsas" with his haunting melodies of the ney.

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