Retreat Process

We come to study, learn and develop our selves. . . and have fun!

There is something very special that happens on a retreat which doesn’t happen at a workshop. It has to do with escaping the day-to-day pressures and routines in your life for an extended period of time. We put all that on hold. It also has to do with the natural environment and its effect on your body, emotions and mind. You meet with other like-minded people and share your interests in dance, costuming, music and culture. New life-long friendships are cultivated. There is a richness and a texture that cannot be explained, it must be experienced.

The retreat process seems to stop the clock a bit on the progressive course of our personal lives and allows us some perspective. Dancers often talk about these retreat experiences as being a crossroads in their lives, pivotal events and moments by which other chapters of their lives are measured.

It all comes back to the metaphor of dance as life. As we learn how to dance, we learn how to live.

It’s a beautiful phenomena to watch everyone's life unfold: The Celebration of You

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