Afraid of Flying?

Don’t be afraid!

One of my callings in life is to help liberate women!

As we learn to control every part of our bodies through the isolation movements of the dance we begin to trust.

As we gain more freedom of our self-expression, we feel engaged in life.

As we more fully inhabit our bodies, we learn to breathe better, our sensory organs function better, we feel happier and heal old wounds, we see greater connections to the universe in regards to time, space, mind, body, the natural world, and our personal spiritual capacity.

As we gain these physical and emotional abilities, we become more confident and more daring to dance creatively in every aspect of our lives!

Let us have a frank conversation about the times we are living in. Life is precious and life is always too short. There are no guarantees. Only YOU can live your life inside your own pair of velvet slippers. You get to choose what path those slippers shall dance upon. Come now, don’t keep them locked in the closet. Live today! They are meant for dancing!

Fear can be a paralyzing agent in our lives if we let it get out of control. A couple of ways to dispel any fears is to come up with a few good counter rationales:

  • Driving or riding in an automobile is still more dangerous than flying.

  • If you believe that time is shorter than we were ever raised to expect, then you need to be reasonable about what portion of your money sits in a retirement plan and how much you need to live for today? Grab the gusto to be, to do, to dance, to sing, and to play! Loosen up and live more fully today!

  • The Hawaiian Islands needs your patronage and it’s not likely that they will be the target for terrorist attacks. You are probably safer there than in a major mainland city.

  • Take it from someone who flies every month. The airlines are being pretty thorough in their security procedures. None of them want any kind of incident to taint their airline’s reputation. I feel perfectly safe.

  • And lastly, did you ever see the movie Contact? Jody Foster bravely goes through some sort of worm hole to the other side of the universe and it looks like she has come to a beautiful paradise island somewhere in a turquoise sea. Then she has this fantastic experience with an epiphany of realizations. That scenario is the closest I can come to the experience we undergo in Hawaii, dancing under the golden sun and the silver moon, with the in -the- moment live music of Sirocco. Our lives settle down to an amazing focus and vivacity. All of a sudden, we aren’t just moving aimlessly around a dance floor, but we discover we have valuable expressions to make with our dance!

As I have always said — dance is a metaphor for life. As we are born into this world, we are destined to physically move through time and space. This is the medium of dance. Coming to one of our Hawaiian Bellydance Retreats is a liberating dance experience, and also a liberating life experience.

Replace the anxiety of flying with the excitement of liberation and self-discovery.

What fears, where?

I love you madly,


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