What level of belly dance experience do I have to have in order to come?

Every year, belly dancers of all levels come to our retreats; from absolute beginners to professional performers and teachers.

How does this work?

Teachers and professionals gain by the experience of being taught by different instructors, even if they understand bellydance thoroughly. There is always something new to pick up from another teacher. The workouts are designed to benefit all levels. We all get stretched and challenged. And even most professionals don’t regularly work out with live music in their classrooms.

Delilah explains exact techniques, counts and rhythms. Written dance notes are also provided. She leads with unique visualizations and encouragement for free movement and open expression. In this way, the students can challenge themselves at the level they want to in any given moment. Delilah leads dancers on dance adventures that develop artistry as well as technique. This artistry is something Delilah believes in wholeheartedly and it doesn’t come at the end, it comes with the entire process of dance development. Delilah is careful not to put anyone on the spot unless she knows them well and that they don’t mind. Even then, it’s done with warmth and love, never criticism or judgment. If a student wants constructive criticism and a personal critique, they are encouraged to ask for a private session.

These retreats are never competitive or pressuring, they’re fun!. A student learns as much from watching as doing. There is a lot of encouragement to be patient with oneself about learning a new physical vocabulary too fast. The classes are very entertaining, as well as informative. Delilah asks for dance bios and photos so she can get a sense of who is coming and can utilize and design exercises to accommodate the group. If there is something in particular a student wants to work on, they can say so and she will do her best to help them work on their goal.

If a student wants to dance and practice more during a retreat program, she is welcome and encouraged to use the dance spaces during any free time. If it’s early in the morning or late at night and you don’t want to disturb people, bring a portable CD player and head phones. Take full advantage of where we are and go outside to dance in the supportive natural environment that surrounds us! Dance in the sun, the rain, the wind, the ocean! Dancers are encouraged to workout to their heart’s content. The musicians are very accessible also. If a dancer is eager, so are they! We are here to dance! (Well, they may not be up early in the morning.)

The learning process at my belly dance retreats isn’t like that of a college or ballet institution. It’s holistic in its totality of experience. We set a theme that directs the focus of the group energy and sets our course for the time we have together. We learn to be a group and support each other in our dance. We learn from other perspectives and individual dance styles. The beginner always has something to teach the teacher. This is the magic, and this is the difference!

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