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Fire at the Iao

New Release... Fire At The Iao

Belly Dancing Performance Video - 50 minutes - $39.95

"This is the best performance I've ever done that has been captured on video" Delilah
Flamenco and bellydance, hot and soulful. This video captures a remarkable performance, a beautiful, entertaining and entrancing evening of dance and music. This live show from the Iao Theater, Wailuku Maui in February, 2000, stars Nikki Conti & Sulyman El Coyote in Spanish Flamenco and Delilah & Sirocco in Middle Eastern Bellydance. It is also a great study piece for all dancers striving to understand and harmonize their own spirit of performance with the application of techniques. Read Delilah's article on the inspiration for this exciting video.

See our Belly Dance Instructional Videos and DVDs for a special offer when you purchase the companion to this inspiring performance. Order both A Retro Choreography (New!) and Fire at the Iao on VHS for $59.95.

Retro Choreography and Iao DVD Both Fire at the Iao and A Retro Choreography on DVD. Over 2 hours, with extra artists' commentaries on the performance.

Dance Delilah, Dance!


Dance Delilah, Dance!

Belly Dancing Performance Video - 30 minutes - $29.95

Internet Special... only $14.95. Save $15!

Any viewer will gain an appreciation for the beautiful art of bellydancing from this tape. It features Delilah in seven performances, all excerpted from the Delilah's Bellydance Workshop instructional video series. Each dance is uniquely and beautifully costumed, lit and staged, creating an inspiring, breath-taking dance experience.

"It's clear that a lot of vision - in the artistic sense - went into the video. It is far more than the reproduction of beautiful dances; it deals with moods, image and drama .... These are seven Delilah dances, packed with a wealth of beautiful movements, expression, and nuances that make each dance worth the price of the tape."
Shakira, HABIBI Magazine

Read Shakira's entire belly dancing video review

All Visionary Dances Production Sales Policies and mode of operations.

Dance to the Great Mother


Dance to the Great Mother

Belly Dancing Performance Video - 40 minutes - $39.95

This is a truly unique and important dancework. In it, Delilah portrays Isis, the Great Mother. Using the bellydance to speak of one of its original and most fundamental meanings, she celebrates the feminine creative principle. Delilah's dance portrays the joy and mystery of the arrival of new life through the female body. Artfully performed and presented, Dance to the Great Mother is meaningful and courageous. An in-depth interview, discussing both the creation of this dance and the meaning of bellydancing for women, follows the performance

Read a review of Dance to the Great Mother, by Mara Makeda

Dance to the Great Mother, a review by Shira

More about belly dancing and pregnancy

Why this video is important for Our Future

View Dance to The Great Mother on our Streaming Video Page

Live & Wild


Delilah & Sirocco, Live & Wild

Belly Dancing Performance Video - 80 minutes - $39.95

1998 Gaza Academy Video and Music Awards:
"Best Live Performance of a Solo Belly Dance"
"Best Choreography for the Camera, Innovative".

Delilah and Sirocco have been making wild music and dance together for years. The seven performances captured in Live & Wild display their remarkable chemistry, a dynamic mix of talent and inspiration, spontaneity and improvisation, joy and devotion. These are extraordinary performances, filmed in beautiful locations on the island of Maui, ranging from conventional concerts to unique dances in the sea and the bamboo jungle. This is music and bellydance on the edge ... Live & Wild!

Spirit Oriental Dance


The Spirit of Oriental Dance

Concert Belly Dancing Performance Video - 135 minutes - $39.95

Delilah and cast sparkle in a legendary concert presentation, hosted and produced by HAVVA in Memmingen, Germany; professionally videotaped with multi-camera edit. You will see Delilah, in her first performance for the German public, unveil two full length Visionary choreographies (which received rave reviews in the morning press!). In addition, you will see performances by some of Germany's greatest bellydancers: the late, great Dietlande Bedauia Kartuli, known as the mother of bellydance in Germany; the solo and teamwork of Havva and Bessiema; the Raks Shaki Dance Group; and special guest star, Said El Amir.

Bellydance awards


The Second Annual Awards of Bellydance

Concert Belly Dancing Performance Video - 120 minutes - $49.95

The International Academy of Middle Eastern Dance works to support and recognize the very highest standards in the field of Middle Eastern Dance. Their annual Awards of Bellydance show demonstrates this with a remarkable line-up of the very best contemporary bellydancers: Delilah (the 1998 Bellydancer of the Year award winner), Eva Cernik, Margo Abdo O'Dell, Mesmera, Atlantis, Jillina, Angelika &her Dance Ensemble, Zahirah, Katia, and Dondi. Delilah's performance on this video has won the Giza Awards prize for Best Live Performance, Interpretive, and Jillina's won the Giza Award for Best Live Solo Dance Performance, Raqs Sharqi. This is a dazzling and inspiring show.

Bellydance awards


Amara Presents: An Evening of Experimental Middle Eastern Dance

Concert Belly Dancing Performance Video - $39.95

I recently was in LA and a friend urged me I must buy a copy of this video program! She knew me to be a woman who would appreciate and applaud the power of creativity and freedom of expression for all women. So, I bought it! I got home and put it in my VCR and I was really moved by the performances of these artists. So moved, I decided to make it available to you on our web site!

Here are the liner notes from the back of the box:

An Evening of Experiemental Middle Eastern Dance is a forum for Middle Eastern dancers to perform their controversial works. The performances, all based in some aspect of the Middle Eastern dance idiom, make current borders and standard representations visible by playing with and pushing past them.

Dancers bring to light some issues that are covered up and neglected, such as gender roles, eroticism, sexuality and desire, spirituality, cultural appropriation, the role of the audience and stereotyping.

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