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Victoria in Belly Dance Costume

Choosing Colors

Veils colors are pretty standard, but if we run out of a color it may delay the normal one-week shipping time. Hip scarfs are a bit trickier. These unique, handmade scarfs come from Egypt and we usually don't know exactly what colors we'll get next. We may have a color not listed or we may be out of the color you choose. That is why we ask for your 1st and 2nd choice on the hip scarfs. Call or e-mail us if you need assistance.

Belly Dancing
Starter Kit
belly dance starter kit

  • Beautiful Coin Hip Scarf . . . $45
  • Belly Dance Music . . . $16.50
    by Steven Flynn of Visionary Belly Dancing
  • Veil (3 yards) . . . $15.00
  • Finger Cymbals . . . $18.00
  • 8 Belly Button Jewels & spirit gum . . . $5.95

Everything for $85
(Valued at $100. You save $15!)

If you have any questions,
Call us (206) 632-2353
or Toll Free 1-866-22BELLY
or send us an e-mail:

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Belly Dance Hip Scarf
(choose your color when ordering)

belly dancing scarvesThese belts are a must for anyone beginning bellydance. With five rows of double crocheted coins in assorted colors, they make great sounds and move nicely. Tie them around your hips, drape around your shoulders, or even make a bra cover out of one. A perfect addition to the Delilah's instructional video series, these versatile belts last a long time and are great dance investments.

Scarf colors: Red, Royal Blue, Black, Turquoise, Green, Burgundy, Dark Purple, Light Purple, Yellow, White, Animal Print

Coins: Gold or Silver

Finger Cymbals

finger cymbals

Brass, 2 1/4 inch diameter with engraved oriental design.

Belly Dance Music,
by Steven Flynn
(choose one when ordering)

You can listen to sound samples from all three recordings on the Visionary Belly Dance Music Page

Welcome to the DanceWelcome to the Dance

These nine compositions by Steven Flynn, filled with rich textures, heart-felt melodies and compelling rhythms, include music heard on the videos, Delilah's Bellydance Workshop, Volume III, and Delilah's Costume Workshop, as well as new works. The music weaves worlds in the air, for dancers to glide through in their bodies, or listeners to tour in their minds. The songs provide fresh opportunities for the dancer to expand her art with music that, while non-traditional, is perfectly suited to the bellydance. Also contains a full 20 minute routine, complete with drum solo.

Tales of the Night WindTales of the Night Wind

Seven pieces written and recorded by Steven Flynn for the video series, Delilah's Bellydance Workshop. You'll find baladi, masmoudi, karshilama, chefti-telli, and a beautiful bolero. This is music for the contemporary American bellydancer.

Rapture RumiRapture Rumi

The ecstatic, passionate poetry of the 13th century mystic Jelaluddin Rumi is the inspiration for the music on this new album by Steven Flynn. Dark, turbulent, jubilant,these churning melody lines haunt us and rip at our hearts. Joined by master percussionist Armando Mafufo, Steven utilizes ney (reed flute), tar (frame drum), digeridoo, violin, and more in creating this music. Hot rhythms and yearning melodies combine to make songs that speak of the desires of both body and soul. Great music for listening or dancing.

Belly Button Jewels with spirit gum

Jewel colors: (top) Emerald, Ruby, Topaz, Sapphire, (bottom) Aqualite, Onyx, Diamond, Fuchsite

Belly Dance Veils
(choose your color when ordering)

3 yards by 58 inches in colors that complement your dance costumes

belly dance veils

Colors: Purple, Red, Yellow, Turquoise, Royal Blue, Green,
Fuchsia, White, Hot Pink, Light Purple, Light Pink

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