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Drum Workshops, Classes & Ensemble
Riq • Tar • Doumbek • Zills • Tabla • Tambourine

Our Mission
: To create a tight Seattle based Middle Eastern drum ensemble to work in conjuction with dancers and other musicians...

to be a sight and sound to behold!

Let's get drumming!


Who should drum?

Everybody! Man, woman and child! You can start at any age. Drumming improves coordination and mental focus. It's a great way for kids to work off excess energy and has proven very beneficial for senior citizens. Hand drums are very affordable instruments and are easily portable. Satisfaction in learning to play them is quickly achieved compared to many other instruments. They come in different sizes with varying volumes, from as loud as a big table balady or as soft and quiet as a tar or deff. They are organic and basic to the human heartbeat. You have nothing to lose by giving it a try. You just might have an undiscovered talent for it.

Belly Dancers' ear and chops improve vastly when they add drumming and the study of Middle Eastern rhythms to their studies.

Beginning Drumming Workshop Sunday June 15th, 2008
This Workshop is part of Belly Con see schedule details



Drums Now Available from VDP Studios!


Erik Brown gained his foundation in music studying bass guitar for over 15 years. Introduced to Middle eastern music in early 2001 Erik took it in like the elixir of life. Dedicating the last 3 years to intensive practice of rhythms common in Middle Eastern Music. Learning from some of the greats, Master Percussionists: Suhail Kaspar, Uncle Mafufo, Layne Redmond and Mustafa Al Kediary, Erik has developed a strong base in Middle Eastern Percussion.

Erik has performed with John Bilezikjian, Orchestra Habibi of Seattle, Americanistan of Eugene Oregon, DJ Kazan of MTV Asia, Bollywood Sensation DJ Manpreet, Entropic Advance, and Hejira of Seattle, and is a regular member of Seattle band Ek Balaam. Erik has played solos for many notable Northwest dancers including Delilah, Sabura, Saqra, Elisa Gamal, Nadira, Mahasti Abidi, Jaleh, Zeeta, Nabeela El Shalimar, Hasani, Zorina, Asiya, Phaedra Nicholle and many, many more.

Middle East Drumming: Dumbek


basic strikes, rhythms, posture


a techniques class series for intermediate and above; timing, applying slaps, pops, half tecs to rhythms
basic strikes, rhythms, posture

timing, applying slaps, pops, half tecs to rhythms
basic strikes, rhythms, posture

Belly Dancing with a Drummer
A dance class with Delilah and drummer Erik Brown. Dancers learn by dancing to the live drum, picking up rhythms and techniques, but drummers, too, can learn a lot by watching the dancers dance to the drum. This is essential for drummers if they want to develop artistic finesse when playing for a belly dancer.

Coming Soon!

Percussion Ensemble

Directed by Erik Brown
DATES: Sundays– contact us for details!

To sign up for any class, download the Registration Form (pdf format).

Drumming Workshops

Beginning Class
DATES: June 15th
both one-day introduction and technique workshops will be offered.

Solstice Parade Drum Ensemble Rehearsals
April 2,9,16,25,30 from 1-2:30pm
We need Drummers to participate in the Solstice Parade!
Please call Erik Brown at (206) 225-3109

Dear Drum and Dance Community:

It is my dream to seed the beginning of a strong and impressive Middle Eastern drum ensemble in the Seattle area to work in concert with other Middle Eastern musicians and the bellydance community. Thus I am sponsoring various drum instructors at my new studio in Seattle (Fremont).

This past year in the Fremont Solstice Parade we had 100 participants in our ensemble. We were quite the sight – all moving in a choreographed purpose down the street in red and purple. We were made up of dancers, drummers, banner carriers and flower girls. This coming year with the opening of my new Seattle studio and the increased energy around belly dance these days, we are aiming for the Billion Belly March in 2006! Yes, lets do it! I am encouraging dancers from around the country to join us (details in February)!
participants. I want to see a strong contingent made up of Middle Eastern drums: tar, doumbek, tambourine and finger cymbals. In next year's Solstice Parade, I want us to be as impressive to the ear as we are to the eye. (Oh yes, we also need people interested in zorna or mizmar too.)

My vision of a Middle Eastern drum ensemble, however, would facilitate far more than just the Fremont Solstice Parade. I see a large and strong hand drum ensemble becoming a powerful community resource for all sorts of events: art, entertainment, ritual, healing and even political events. They would bring a steady and soulful heartbeat to our families and neighborhoods.

I hope to spark your interest! Please pass this on to any interested friends you may know.

Yours in dance,


Visionary Belly Dancing
4115 Fremont Ave N • Seattle, WA 98103
206 632-2353<

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