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Remarks and Memories

Finding Her Passion
Annette’s Dreams

Hello Delilah and Steve,

When I returned from Hawaii, I remember sitting on my sofa and thinking that I felt more relaxed and stress-free than I can ever remember. I didn't realize the changes that were taking place while I was in Hawaii until I got back to the Mainland. Then, I knew something was different; but I couldn't put my finger on what it was. The meaning came to me in a dream: I was in my "sun-kissed, Fire-In-the-Dance costume on the volcano. It was nighttime and you could see the glowing Lava as it flowed into the ocean. I stood on the black lava rock with the wind blowing my veil and listening to the waves crash on the beach. All the elements in one place (earth, wind, fire, water) were so powerful that I felt them all in my diaphragm — when I breathed in and out. So I breathed in and out some more. This "feeling" renewed my spirit and gave me the ability to interpret it through belly dance.This feeling is my passion and dancing in nature enabled it. For this, I thank you.


PS. I also want to thank you for putting all this together. From the flyers and advice with airline tickets to making sure we got there, for the Caravan trips into nature, the brilliant, creative, and patient instruction, for the T-shirts (what a special surprise!), for the "Fire in the Dance" show flyer, for being able to dance to live music — our musicians were stellar, for the ability to make new friends and then receive unconditional support from them when we were dancing solo, for the ride back to the airport, and for all the other details we didn't know about. You guys are GREAT!


Fran Murphy designed the slick little Caravan Retreat brochures that were sent in the mail to promote the retreat. He also did the lovely poster for our Kona Show. His lovely wife, our special Claire Wesley designed the beautiful name tag buttons for you all. Steve does a ton of design work for our brochures and printed material and Corinne Hollister did most of the retreat web work. Pine works in the Visionary Dance office and is very familiar with most of your names.

Thanks everyone!
— D

Kalani Hanua Resort

Lauren Gardner did a super job being our laiason at Kalani Hanua. Richard Koost gifted us with his hula wisdom and beautiful presence. The food and the staff were steller!

Barbara’s Letter


I miss you guys — thanks so much for creating such a fantastic life-changing, fun, juicy, inspiring, learning, island-touring, loving, dance evolution — wow! I feel completely charged and ignited. I really learned so much in such a short time and had so much fun dancing with all the students and teachers — in different costumes all day — especially to the live music — my God — what a treat! It was so wonderful to be submerged in such a passionate and creative community of men and women. For me it was really a special blessing. I loved all of it — next time I'll definitely bring Mark.

Mark and I had a great night of romance the night I returned.The whole night I was surrounded by the flow of the ocean — the wind — the waves — I kept seeing the point where we did the breathing — the sunrise on the edge of the world and the lava flow from the volcanoe. I have always been a nature girl but since I got back it seems all my senses are so much more alive. I thank you both for that because the retreat was such a wonderful combination of the elements both of you combined.

So, now I'm anxious to share all I learned with my East Coast community. As of Feb 1, I'll be teaching 5 or 6 classes all over the area spreading the glory of " Barbara's Body Dance". I'll be teaching adults as well as mother/ daughter classes. I would love it if you could share some of your mother/daughter retreat highlights that you think would be great in class. I think our society — especially our New England society — really needs some new ways to bond mothers and daughters and I know you know all about that and agree. I certainly have a few new ideas from dancing with you but I would love any and all thoughts you have. I also want to hear how Goddess Scouts of America develops because maybe we could have an east -west collabdance-oration (good word eh?). It's also been fun to have this new connection in this belly dance world — so many people know the name Delilah — it's like having a new password

It's great to be back home with my family but it"s shocking to be back in this iiiiccccyyyy frrrreeeeezzzziiiinnnnggggg cold — it's so cold!!!!!!!1 Now I know why they call Hawaii paradise — it has the perfect climate.

I'm really happy and honored to have met both of you — You are a special creative force in the world, I think. My happiest memory of you is one of the last mornings in the studio when you were happily hugging each other. I wish I'd taken that picture because it was such a loving moment to witness in the midst of all the commotion and energy around you

I'm so looking forward to seeing the famous video and also to getting our mailing lists to keep up with everyone and to possibly organize a Delilah event on the East Coast — that would truly be amazing.

Blessings to both of you .

Love Barbara — The Dancing Spirit

Finding My Passion!
Joetta Lashway

Finding my passion is definitely an ongoing process. The time after the retreat has been as powerful as the retreat itself in finding what moves me.

Being “non-pedestrian” for ten days in Paradise has worked miracles for me.

I continue to do my Sufi breathing exercises Steve taught us. The Sufi breathing is a source of inspiration and strength. Every time I do it, I feel the fresh morning air on my skin and see those amazing dolphins swimming in the ocean. I always feel happy and rejuvenated when I finish the breathing. I don’t let a day go by without doing it. Thank you, Steve.

My husband noticed immediately that my dancing has taken on a whole new dimension. He says I dance with my whole being now. He has also told me that my dancing has become multi-faceted and more creative.

I feel a need to move and I am finding my passion more and more through dancing. I think I always had this passion, but, from the first day, when Delilah gave us her spiritual warm-up, I feel more of an ability to tap into what makes me tick. Now, I know what it feels like to move from that deep place inside myself and be authentic in my expression.

This is a work in progress, but it has been very therapeutic for me. More often, I feel like expressing myself in new and different ways. Even my yoga practice has evolved into more expressive dimensions.

Every day, I have been asking myself what my passion is. I keep coming up with the same answer. My passion is and has always been to bring forth the fullest expression of my inner being. I could not imagine anything being more fulfilling than that.

If I can give this gift to myself and to the world, then I will leave this world a full and happy soul. Thank you, Delilah.

Recently I was at an event and somebody asked me if I was an artist. I said for the first time in my life, without hesitation, “Yes, I am a dancer.” I realized for the first time that I truly feel like an artist. This as an amazing gift that you have given me, Delilah.

My time spent with Sol and Nikki were wonderful as well. My favorite image of Nikki is of her dancing at the volcano. I got such an image of a little gypsy band playing music and dancing and expressing pure joy from the heart. It was a very romantic and soulful image that I will never forget.

Sol and all his wisdom has given me a special gift as well. He said to wear my heart on my sleeve and never hold anything back. An artist and person with a heart must feel what is going on inside. This is now my mantra for life. I’ve started this practice and it is exhilarating and liberating. I am no longer going to be afraid for people to see me, really see me.

Volcano Link

Our favorite volcano has been going nuts this month with some fabulous activity. The photos and even video (complete with sound) of the lava is very amazing! One picture on the sight shows the lava coming up on the huts and bathrooms we used at the end of the road ! They moved the buildings just in time. Very dramatic!