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NOTE: many of the links and photos have had problems with their instillation due to the challenges of up loading while on the road. I hope they are mostly fixed now! If not please check back we are constantly trying to rectify any problems.

September 1st

Beginning of Journal Note from Delilah:
Caravan Blog
This project was started on July 4th. . .8 weeks ago. It's a dance all its own.
It started with 5 sponsors emailing and asking if I would come and teach on the East coast. I called them and said if I come in the fall, on specific dates, with the live music of Sirocco, at our own expense could they see it through and sponsor an event? A couple sponsors thought I meant next fall but, no, I mean to begin in 12 weeks and finish it by the 18th week - plenty of time if we work hard. They said they would sponsor and I got my yellow pencil out and started doing the unbelievable (see my quote by Goethe, it's what I live by)!

Next, it was a matter of calling more sponsors and filling in the gaps of time and miles . . .Continuation of Delilah's Blog

What is a Blog?
As we understand it, it's a term coined on the internet for "web log" or a sort of public journal.There are tons of them on the internet.. . . Our friend Bill pointed it it must also stand for BELLY LOG!

This is a pretty huge project for our little band of Caravaneirs to take on alone. We could not do it with out the love and support of other dancers, fans and devotees!

Thank You ! Thank You! ThankYou!
May 2000 blessings find you all!

Come to our show we will give you a kiss!

Dealilah, Uncle M, Hanya, Laura Rose and Sol

Collection of names of folks on camels:
Sponsors First:
Zajal, June Seany, Tom Scharff, Riahana, Najia, Lareina Lorrain Lafata, Lisa, Sacred Source, Barbara Donohue, Shukriya, Nadia Moussa, Laura Lee, Laurel Victoria Gray, Doug Yeuell, Brad Sitwell, Paula Reid Stump, Ranona McConney, Sherry McDonald, Rob and Sherry Stevens, Steven Flynn, Magic Circle . . .

Sponsors Helpers: Artemis Mourat, Scheherezade, Sofia (Lacy) Hill, Jim Sorensen, Scott, Kristine Johnson, Victoria Flynn, Justin Ruedebusch, Corrine Holister, Ahmed, Lucy Smith, Gerson, Amy Smith, Maya Candice Jean, Sharina, Mezduline, Lenny and Ginger Berg, Natasha and David Feldhouse, Anita Gurge, Rose Straw, Delilah's Seattle Class, Jackie Goldsmith, The Casablanca Restaurant, The Lafayette Grill, The Joy of Motion Dance Center, The Community School for Arts and Music, Jack and Andrew, Lisa Giokas, Bill Tricomi, Nancy Beck, Ruth Phillips, Mariam and Joe Zatoonian, Elisa of PAN, Joanne in Syracuse, Lindy, Cora Rose and her friend, Debra, Susanne and Chris at the Fox Glove B&B, Mark the Chiropractor, John of Gems of the World, Jeff, Donna, Hanya's Mark, Scott, Mark and Cecile Carr, Stephonie and Lisa, Jennifer Sears , Mark Donahue, Joya, Jake and Issabel, Zorina, Danaise, Doug and the crew at Joy of Motion, Mina, Lisa Giokas,The Silk Road Dance Ensamle and Laurel Grays Students (PS thank you for the lovely flowers) Cassandra, Katherine and Kaylon, Dawn, The Flynns;Lance and Sue, Sherry mc Donalds family, Tammy, D. J., Maja and the Gypsy Tribe. . . . .
(lots of names haven't been submitted yet )

Special thanks for the sweet presents our fans have brought us! We have been pleasently suprised! It's been fun signing autographs on video/DVD covers, and Sirocco CD's and posing for photographs with folks. We are glad to meet everyone!


Hi Delilah:
I just had to take a minute to send a note and say the show was completely
awesome last night at the Lafayette Grill in NYC.
I left right after your performance(early work this morning) and I told my
husband when we got in the car that my cheeks were actually hurting from
smiling so much.
You were completely captivating and have a very strong presence and just
looked like you were having so much fun.
My husband said he loved the snake crawl you did across the floor the
most-this is funny......................he had gone to check on the car(bad
parking space) and when he came back you had already started performing so
he couldn't walk across the floor to our table-he had to watch the rest of
you r show by the bar. So when I asked him if he saw you dance-he said oh yeah,
the snake crawl was my favorite-I said but you weren't close enough to hear her, she was doing
the" ssssssss" sound like a snake, he said that is okay, I heard her daughter
doing it at the bar. So you and Laura Rose must having been doing the
"sssssssssssssss" in synch which I thought was a real crack up.
It was absolute inspiration.
Just had to pass that on.
Hope to see you in Maui in April.


Hello Caravan Crew-

I just wanted to say how much I appreciated having the opportunity to both
see Delilah and Laura Rose dance AND take a workshop with Delilah
I gotta tell you - my legs are KILLING ME! I really hope I'm even halfway
as in shape as Delilah is when I'm 49. Heck, I'd be glad to be half as in
shape as she is now, and I'm 25! I have two of Delilah's workshops on
tape and I was really encouraged by the workshop yesterday to go back and start
working on them every day again.

I also wanted to offer a word of encouragement to Laura Rose -- in seeing
you dance on Saturday, I could totally tell that the potential is there
for you to be a great dancer. You have wonderful stage presence -- that sort
of charisma is something that you are either born with or without -- and your
creativity (cartwheels!) is admirable. I hope you continue to pursue dance
and someday come out here to DC to do a tour of your own. :-)

Best of luck with the rest of the tour!

~~ Lucy Bowman



Laura Rose and Sirroco gave THE HOTTEST performance of Rakkasah. Totally
in the moment, real, live and smoking hot!




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It will look like this:

Visionary Belly Dancing Caravan Tour 2003

Delilah and Sirocco
40 days and 40 Nights, New York to Florida

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Uncle Mafufos Drums

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