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Fall 2003 Past Event.

Delilah Presents:

End of the Caravan Trail. . . .

Saturday November 15th

Let's Celebrate!
Let's have a
(And a Workshop, Show and SALE!)
Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood/
Holiday Inn

Workshops and Sale
Starts 9:00am - 6:00 pm

Show Time
Doors open 8:30 pm
Starts 9:15

Come one come all
Join us from anywhere in the country!
The weather is warm and people love to dance!

MEET ME IN MIAMI! . . oops!.
(well nearly. Actually
" Ft Lauderdale/Hollywood"
from our perspective on the West Coast Miami and Ft Lauderdale seem like they are very close but they are in essence 30-40 minutes away.
We are sorry for any confusion )

So meet me in Ft Lauderdale/Hollywood
For Our Last Gig on our Tour!

Let's Celebrate!
Come stay at the Holiday Inn / Ft Lauderdale Fri & Sat Night if you are coming from out of town because Saturday will be a big day!

9:00-10:00am - Our "End of the Trail Sale" begins at
10:00am-4:00pm - Participate in a belly dance and zill (finger cymbals)
workshop with Delilah and Sirocco
4:00-6:00pm - Drum workshop with Uncle Mafufo
8:30pm Party and Show
And meet me for breakfast on Sunday Morning!

Holiday Inn Location
2905 Sheridan St. at I-95
Hollywood, FL 33020
Tel: 954-925-9100 | Fax: 954-925-5512

IF you are flying in the closest Air port is Ft Lauderdale/Hollywood. However you can also fly Miami 35 minutes away. Consider flights schedules and costs.
Free Hotel Shuttle to Ft Lauderdale. Pay shuttle or cab to Miami International

Local Contact for information:
Call Candace Jean, AKA Maya 305-757-9661

*Itinerary *

Saturday Morning
•Shopping Spree!
9:00-10:00am Doors open.
We will be sure to send some special stuff down to Miami / Ft Lauderdale ahead of time. However everything must go! Not only will the Caravan sell what merchandise is left at discounted prices: videos, CD's, DVD's, coin hip scarfs, weight belts, drums maybe... but they will also sell what they can't take back on the on the plane: TV/VCR, clothing racks, collected apparatus for creature comforts on the road, costumes used on the tour, veils, sports bras, jewelry, finger cymbals, dresses, posters... whatever is left

Details on Items offered in Shopping Spree

• Bellydance Workshop
with Delilah and Sirocco

10:00 -10:30am, Belly talk
Delilah's opening lecture of inspiration and notes about the Caravan Tour experience

•10:30-11:30 am, Earthquake Warm up
Delilah will lead you through a rich textural warm up with the live music of Sirocco!

• 11:30- 12:30 , Slow Dance
Delilah has some new arm and hand patterns and some 9/8 gypsy veil work to share

****30 minute Break

1:00- 2:00pm, Zill class for Dancers
Sulyman will teach a Turkish Gypsy way of playing as well as other techniques. Dancers love Sulymans finger cymbal classes!

• 2:00-3:00, Techniques and a Choreography
Delilah will share a techniques break down of her favorite moves. She will take some questions from the students and then teach the Tribal Style "Power Belly" choreography that employed belly rolls, undulations, gestures and powerful eye contact.

3:00-4:00, Back with Sirocco
We will bring the boys back and dance Delilah's Choreography to the live music of Sirocco
...Followed by a relaxing cool down.

Uncle Mafufo's Drum Class

• 4:00- 6:00pm

All aspiring dancers, instructors and drum enthusiasts love Uncle Mafufo's Classes. All levels can participate. Armando is a magician at weaving an ensemble out of different skill levels and varying instrumentation in his workshops. He's a very warm and magical person. Kind of the Obi Won Kenobee of drums! Everyone always feels comfortable in his classes.

Bring whatever hand drum you may have or borrow. SPECIAL DEAL You may BUY a drum that Uncle Mafufo has picked out on his web site. Tell him you are taking "Caravan Drum Workshop" and you'll get a $5 coupon on a CD.

Drumming has many therapeutic benefits to the body, heart and mind and is a good way to channel energy for those of us with lots of it! It helps with Alzheimers, relieve stress and improves coordination and concentration. You can start at any age. Many people who never dreamed they would be good at a musical instrument have discovered drumming!

Belly dancing is big with teen girls right now, and the teen boys may want to know a few drum rhythms seems to me. . .Just a thought--- Delilah


"End of the Trail Finale"

Delilah, Laura Rose, Scheherazade and guests

and S i r o c c o !

Delilah will dance with a memorable cast :
her first teacher Scheherazade
her teacher's daughter Carla
and Delilah's daughter Laura Rose!
. . .
Everyone is invited to Dance to the soulful music of
S i r o c c o !

Read: Once upon a time. . .

8:30pm doors open for shopping and cocktails
9:15pm Show Time


Sign up online below or send checks


Workshop Prices...

• 4.5 hour workshop with Delilah and live music by Sirocco $80

• Finger cymbal class $15

• Uncle Mafufo's Drum Workshop $45

At the door add 15% to all

Show Tickets...
$15 in advance plus $2.50 handling per group of tickets purchased
$25 at the door if available.

For Holiday Inn Hotel Reservations
call 1-800-480-7623
Tel: 954-925-9100 | Fax: 954-925-5512
2905 Sheridan St. at I-95
Hollywood, FL 33020
*Be sure and tell them you are with the
"Visionary Caravan Tour" and receive a discount rate of $79 per night

For Workshops and Show
You may send a check with a registration form or use your visa or mastercard card.
Pay by November 1st by check and November 14th online.

Visionary Dance Productions
PO Box 30797
Sea Wa 98113

or call Toll free 1-866-22BELLY

Call or Email with Questions
Caravan Info at


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