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East Coast
Visionary Belly Dancing Caravan Tour

The 2003 East Coast Caravan Tour featuring Delilah and Sirocco is now completed! What an epic journey it was. We are leaving our map up and the list of all our events and sponsors as a document of our achievement. We thought you might like to see what Visionary dance is capable of producing from time to time. Keep your eye peeled they won't be shy about announcing anything on this site if it's up and coming. However for the rest of 2003, they are exhausted.
Next major event is Delilah's Visionary Belly Dance Retreat on Maui April 5-14 2004

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Florida Finali Event; Workshop SALE Show and Party

LOCATION: Holiday Inn Ft Lauderdale FL
Let's get this show on the road!
Support your Caravan belly dancer!
Buy a sports bra!
Limited edition.
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The East Coast Tour Itinerary

40 Days and 40 Nights

Important note: Below are the brief details of the events that are planned and being planned. To participate you will need to contact the sponsor of each event. At the bottom of each listing is a link to a page that will show you more details about the music and dance offerings, performances, photos, the sponsors and the places it all takes happens! These are alot of details to manage for one web site. While this is the hub for the over veiw of the entire tour, please rely on the sponsors information for absolute facts.
Thank You!

Here we go !

October 3, 4 Fri SHOW & Sat WORKSHOPS
Ithaca, New York
Delilah and Sirocco
Opening East Coast Caravan Tour
Friday Night Show
with special guest Laura Rose.
Belly Dance Workshop with Delilah and Drum, Ney, Zill workshops with Uncle Mafufo and Sulyman
Contact: Zajal 607-273-3744 and June 607-277-0239
Location: The Community School of Music and Arts
Read more details: Ithaca Caravan Stop Details

October 5, 6 Sun SHOW & Mon WORKSHOPS
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Raihana Presents
Delilah and Sirocco
East Coast Tour Caravan Tour with special guest Laura Rose and friends
Sunday afternoon Workshops and Show
Monday Workshops: Delilah & Sirocco in a belly dance workshop
and Uncle Mafufo teaching drum, Raihana 412-488-8477
Read more details Pittsburgh Stop Details

• October 7, 8 Tuesday SHOW & Wednesday morning WORKSHOP
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Tuesday Night
The Casablanca Moroccan Dinner and Show !
Delilah, Laura Rose, and Najia dance
LIVE with Sirocco!
Wednesday Morning Small Workshop with Delilah
Studio B Highland Park
Contact Najia 610-449-7201
Read more details
Philly Show and Workshop

October 9-10-11 Thurs, Fri WORKSHOPS & Sat SHOW
Boston, Massachusetts
Sacred Source Presents:
Delilah and Sirocco East Coast Tour with special guests Laura Rose and more
THREE DAY Belly Dance Workshops with Delilah
"The Power of Belly Dance Within",
Three Part Music Course; Drum, Ney, Zill workshops with Uncle Mafufo and Sulyman
Contact Lareina at 781/306-1333.
Read more details: Boston Caravan Stop Workshops and Show Details

• October 13, 14 Party, workshop, for teen class
Tiverton, Rhode Island
Reception and Party at Barb's
Come hear Delilah and Sirocco tell stories, show video clips, and sell merchandise
October 14th : After noon Workout with Delilah and Sirocco and Show
Contact Barbara Donohue 401-624-4289
Read more details: Rhode Island Party, Workshop and Show .

October 17, 18, 19
Somerset, New Jersey
Vending and saying hello!
Belly Dance Weight Belts, Caravan Sports Bras,
Instructional DVDs, Videos, CD's, Dresses
Purchase tickets for the show on October 21st at the Lafeyette Grill in New York City
• Read more details Rakkasah EAST Festival

••••••••NEWS BREAK••••••••
October 18-19 Sat -Sun

A workshop with Delilah is in the works for New Jersy/New York City area. Contact; Nadia 1- 212- 677- 8173 or Laura Lee 212-925-3215

October 21, Tuesday Night
***First Time in New York City!
Nadia Moussa presents
Delilah and Sirocco Live and Wild at the at the Lafayette Grill!
Don't miss this fun party and show! Buy your tickets early!
Delilah. Nadia Moussa, Laura Rose and Guests Artists

Read more details about the show, Nadia Moussa and the Lafayett Grill:
New York City Details

October 25, 26 TWO SHOWS Sat and Sun and Workshop
Washington DC / Maryland
Joy of Motion Dance Center
Delilah and Sirocco LIVE & WILD with guests
The Jack Guidone Theater
Friendship Heights
(202) 362-3042
Sunday Workshop with Delilah & Sirocco
Read more detail: DC Caravan Stop; Workshop and Show Details

•Also on
Saturday Oct 25th
Silversprings, MD
Music Workshops with Sirocco * Drum Zil and Ney
hosted by
Brad Sidwell in Silversprings MD
daytime only
Read more about
: Music & Drum Workshops

October 28,
Winchester, Virginia
Drum Zill and Dance
Workshop with Sirocco in the afternoon 2-5 pm
Supper across the street at the Italian Restaurant
. . . shopping too!
Belly dance workshop with Delilah and Sirocco 6-9 pm
Miramar's Dance Arabesque 540-888-4344
Read More details: Winchester Workshops

October 31 Halloween , & November 1
Winston Salem, North Carolina
Presented by "Gypsy" Paula Stump and the "Ruby Scarab Dance Troupe" 336-721-1066
Delilah and Sirocco perform with guests
• Friday Evening Costume Party & Contest as well as drawing with fabulous prizes
• Saturday Music and Belly Dance Workshops
Read more details Winston Salem Caravan Stop;

November 3, 4, 5, Mon Tues Wed
Atlanta, Georgia
Ramona presents:

Delilah and Sirocco in
“Three day Atlanta
Urban Dance/Music Retreat and Concert”
Belly Dance with Delilah, Drum, Ney, Zill workshops with Uncle Mafufo and Sulyman.
Ramona 404-354-8925
Read more details: Atlanta Caravan Stop; Workshop and Show Details

Nov 8-9 Sat-Sun
Orlando, Florida
Blue Lotus Center Presents;
Delilah and Sirocco Caravan Tour / Concert and Workshops
Belly Dance with Delilah, Drum, Ney, Zill workshops with Uncle Mafufo and Sulyman
125- B West Church Street
Sherry Mc Donald at 407-841-6303
Orlando Caravan Stop: Workshop and Show Details

Nov 11-12 Tues & Wed
Crystal River, Florida
Sherry Steven’s Polynesian and Belly Dance School Presents
Delilah and Sirocco on Caravan Tour
Concert and Workshops
Belly Dance with Delilah, Drum, Ney, Zill workshops with Uncle Mafufo and Sulyman
Rob and Sherry at 352-563-2442
Crystal River Caravan Stop; Workshop and Show Details

November 14-15-16 Sat & Sun
Ft Lauderdale / Miami
, Florida area
Last Stop
Come help us celebrate !
Join us for the weekend at the
HOLIDAY INN / Ft Lauderdale
Fly into the Ft Lauderdale /Hollywood Airport
End of the Caravan Trail
Belly Dance Workshop, Drum Workshop,
Zill Workshop
P A R T Y * S H O W *
Everything must go!
Merchandise, DVD's, CD's, Weight belts, Coin hip scarfs, Tee Shirts, Sports bras, Costumes, Enchantress Dresses, free stuff, TV/ VCR, Ice Box, Clothing Racks, personal comfort items. . .you name it!
We're not taking it home!
More Details
Ft Lauderdale/Miami area Caravan Stop; Workshop and Show Details


This entire plan was born July 4th so things are moving very fast!

See how you can help with this incredible journey . . .

See the Visionary Dance Events Calendar for a complete listing of upcoming workshops and shows!

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