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Great Shakes
Costumes with Good Vibrations


Dear Dancers

Welcome to "GREAT SHAKES"Showroom. Here you will find her-storic belly dance costumes for sale imbued with their good dance vibrations. Scroll down our long list and enjoy. You will find photos, descriptions and sometimes a video so you can see the costume in motion. Many of the entries at the bottom have SOLD SIGNS on them. We have left some of them up for you to see a bit of what has come and gone.


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New Acquisitions


Costumes from Star Dancer:
Margo Abdo O'Dell

margo abdo

About Margo Abdo O'Dell From Minneapolis:

Margo is a well known master teacher, star performer, and creative artist in the field of Middle Eastern dance. Her dance work has been recognized with grants from many major institutions. Margo Abdo O’Dell is one of few women of Middle Eastern descent in North America who has publicly taught and performed Middle Eastern dance locally, regionally and nationally.

Learn more about this star dancer:
More About Margo


These are professional line costumes!

1. Margo's Ivy Costume:
A vibrant kelly green and gold with a BELLA Label. This costume is gorgeous. The mother goddess would proudly dance in. It is heavily beaded with multiple layers which is a Bella trade mark. It has a slip lining and the bra is made over vest of stretch velour. This is often a kinder look to women's figures than the strapier styles. Beaded vining ivy motifs lift from bra to neck choker and from the waist band up on to belly. Another vine climbs down the right arm for and asymmetrical look that is nicely balanced with a left hand wrist cuff.

A heavily multi level beaded skirt
A beaded bra / vest combination
Head piece
1 beaded wrist cuff
Green Veil
Extra gift: a Video of Margo dances in this costume

Click Here to see video of Delilah modeling the Ivy costume

Cost : $950.

Size 34-38 B, C cups if you take out pads.

More on the costumes:

Last night Ruby came over and tried the Ivy Green & Gold costume on. It’s a little long on her but oh Boy, what an amazing creation. Really can’t see it until some one puts it completely on and starts dancing in it. The different layers and lengths of beads make it heavenly to move in. It weighs quite a bit. Ruby said in her experience it’s not your average BELLA design. It has got even more beaded detailing.



margo abdo


Margo Abdo's Silver Bling Costume

Delilah Silver Margo Abdo  

2. Oh My Goddess!

Silver and aurora borealis iridescent crystal beaded and bejeweled.
So much bling my eyeballs hurt! Wouldn't it be Crazy if I sell it before I get a photo up! She wore it only once at the concert in Washington DC. She does not have a photo of her in it. Take my word for it's really got beautiful detailing! Plus a little shoulder cape It's made for a tall dancer. I am 5'5'' and I would have to hem it. This can be done easily. It is so beautiful I'm tempted to buy it myself.. loll. While it sure looks like a Bella or a Sim design but alas there is no label.

Amazing bejeweled and beaded bra (to die for)
Beaded and bejeweled skirt base fabric is a silver stretch,
A unique shoulder drape with jewels and beads,
2 head piece variations,
2 anklets,
A veil.

Size B-C cups 34-38
Length of skirt from Hip to Hem is at least 38-39 inches (can be shortened 3 inches easily)
PRICE: $900 and Worth every penny!

Click Here to see video of Delilah modeling Margo's Silver Bling costume

2 Costumes from Actress Claudette Roche

belly dance costume
belly dance costume
belly dance costume
claudette roche

About Claudette Roche

Claudette is a busy TV actress, a model, and an in demand accent and public speaking coach. You may have seen her on The Game, Without a Trace, Cold Case, The Practice, NYPD Blue and many other dramas. She has really enjoyed belly dancing for fun, fitness and sisterhood for a number of years and danced for a number of professional engagements. These are two of her favorite costumes she wants to pass on.


Blue Turkish Splendor:

A beautiful turquoise Turkish style cabaret costume. As you can see the photos register differently depending on your computer. The sequins are iridescent and so it changes. I'd say it's a turquoise rather than a blue.
Comes with a multiple choice skirt combination.
The sequins are iridescent turquoise allowing the bra and belt to go with many shades of blues. The bra and belt have lots of iridescent jewels that don't get shown with justice on the computer screen. It has much more bling in person than is shown. The straps have a nice shaped design with extra beading. The belt is wired for extra strength and a nice fit! The bra has been comfortably re-worked so the bra fits a 32 but can be fit-34 B maybe C cup. There are extra beads for design adjustments. ( I personally love wired edges of Turkish style costumes).


2 gauntlets
2 anklets
Heavy long beaded belt
Silk veil and a chiffon veil

Three Skirts
A. Delightful blue duo toned harem pant with paneled over skirt.
B. A full circle satin skirt with silver over print details (that match a silk veil perfectly).
C. A knit skit straight skirt with ruffle edge with beading and side split.
A set of Finger Cymbals

Click here to see video Delilah modeling Claudette's costume

Cost $450 for everything!


belly dance costume

A Yummy Orange Sherbet Costume:

Accents of silver and gold beads. Plastic and glass with lots of different color sequins.
Large emerald cut diamond colored jewels give it lots of bling. Made by Pharonics of Egypt.
Bra would fit with some adjustment 32-38 B-C
Belt can fit a much larger person than Claudette. As has been fashionable lately, it is designed to be worn up high on the hips to even cover the navel if desired. Or high in the back and dip down beneath navel in front. It has a lot of versatility of how it should be worn based on your figure type.


2 Arm sleeves
A head band
A lightly beaded skirt is very light weight even though it has 2 layers . It flares nicely at the hem and has a nice slinky feel!
2 beaded anklet with toe attachment
Beaded and jeweled bra
Unique beaded an bejeweled belt with scarf tie
Matching Veil.
A set of finger cymbals

Click here to see the video of Delilah modeling Claudette's Orange Sherbet Costume

Cost $400

Also A pair of silver glitter suede bottom shoes size 7 1/2
Very Fine by Dancesport
$30 used but in good condition.

Call Delilah at 206-632-2353



A Costume for  a Wild Woman:

delilah snake costume
delilah Snake costume
delilah snake
delilah snake costume



Leopard (or is it cheetah print) with a couple green beaded, sequined and bejeweled serpents wrapping  around the dancers hips and bra. Kind of a wrestling match is going on between the two while the dancer is dancing and undulating! Very Cool
Reason for selling? It's just a little too big for Delilah. Worn only twice.

Composed of:

  • Skirt
  • Bra
  • 2 arm sleeves and a head band.
  • Lots of gold beaded appliques with aurora rind stones for bling.
  • There are 26, 3 1/2 inch gold and green beaded tassels for a great delayed movement line.
  • The costume is very well made with elastic in back of skirt.
  • Bra is lined, padded and has halter hook and back straps.(veil in photo not included)


This is a new costume bought in Egypt last April 08. 
It was worn at the memorable benefit show the Feldthouse Family Circus had for Sulyman after he lost everything but his dear life, last June in the Summit Fire in the Santa Cruz mountains. He barely got out with what was by the door, his lap top and a guitar. Sol is a member of the famous musical duo Sirocco that is featured on many of my performance and instructional DVD's and documentaries.

Delilah & Sirocco:Live & Wild, Absolute Beginning with Delilah, A Retro Choreography with Fire at the Iao. and more. . . see STORE

In July an all star cast of singers dancers and musicians came together for a 4 hour show, including Sol's daughter film actress Fairuza Balk doing a fabulous Gypsy dance. Show had a lotta love! Lots of money raised to give Sol a fresh start. Including even an RV to live in back on the mountain property
He said " The stuff you owns owns you." He is practicing the art of letting go.
Still hurts.

Cost: 595 plus shipping


Call 206-632-2353 or E-mail Delilah for purchase details: email delilah

Black Velvet and Silver 


Silver and black beads with crystal jewels. The design features sexy cutouts and open side lacing. Very slenderizing because the fringe is varied in tone in the vertical direction. The black sculpts the body and the silver keeps it rich and vibrant.
This is a brand new costume that the award winning Ruby from Bellingham bought in Istanbul.  When she got home she wore it the first time and found that it was too small in the bust...she almost fell out!  So, that was the last time she wore it.  It is a beautiful costume, similar to Bella style but sewn by a lesser known woman in the Taksim district.

 The bra is a 36 C/D but could possibly fit a 34DD and definitely could be fitted for a smaller cup too. Cups measure about 8 inches wide and 7 inches tall. Back strap is 36 inches long end to end.  The belt measures 35.5 inches around and is attached to the skirt. The skirt is about 37in long.  

The entire costume includes:

  • a Bra
  • Belt/Skirt
  • one ankle cuff
  • head band
  • arm gauntlets
  • and a beaded circular veil.

Cost $600 plus shipping


Call 206-632-2353 or E-mail Delilah for purchase details: email delilah



Teal Green, Silver, Black and Iridescent Jewels.

This is truly an amazing costume. So sorry we do not have a close up detailed video yet. Delilah just decided to let this one go. It has an asymmetrical design with lots of different lengths, layers and drapes of beaded fringes. A zipper in the back . One thigh has open bead and jeweled lattice work the other has fish net inserts. Shoulder strap designs are very cool. Fit is amazing and it’s very well made.

Delilah wore this in Las Vegas at the IBDC show with the House of Tarab ensemble.
See video clip.

Beaded Skirt
Head band
Ankle cuff

COST: $600

brown delilah

Brown and Gold

This costume Delilah wore on her birthday for a new years party for Ottoman Imports.
It is very light weight and shear. Beautiful contrast with rich browns and golds then with a big diamond jewel center pieces on the bra and bum. It has elastic casings sewn into the bra for extra comfort. Nice!
• Bra
• Beaded skirt
• Bejeweled bracelet

Click here to see video of Delilah modeling the brown and gold costume.

Cost $300


Simple Bra and Belt collection

No story to go with these. They were costumes we picked up at a going out of business sale.

• Pink and Silver Turkish with wire edging $150

• Turquoise Turkish $150

• Wings and Case $60

Click here to see video of these costume pieces


red delilah costume

Red and Gold

Really simple and light weight bra and beaded skirt. The bra has some extra elastic casings inserted for extra comfort. Never been worn. Yet. . .
Size 24 B 38-40 hip

Click here to see the video of Delilah modeling her red costume.

Cost $275


delilah turquoise

Turquoise and Pink:


Delilah brought this beauty home from her last trip to Egypt. Then she wore this costume in the Fremont Solstice Parade 2008 while leading her Billion Bellies that year in support of Code Pink Women for Peace. Her dancers needed to be able to see her clearly in the parade for cues, so the turquoise skirt made it easy. The beautiful gold bead work moves down onto a flowing skirt.
Size 34-36 B
35- 40 hip
A bit long on Delilah who is 5’ 5’’
• Bra
• Beaded skirt/ belt
• 2 Sleeves
• Head band

Click here to see the video of Delilah modeling this costume

Cost $590


Black and Silver


belly dance costume belly dance costume


This costume has good lines and bright silver contrasts. Vest and skirt made by Aziza and previously worn (but barely). Bra and sash are brand new. The various parts of this costume easily can be mixed and matched with different colored bras and belts to create amazing wardrobe versatility.
Price $325.00 plus shipping
• Bra size 36C, however a 34B works fine
• Vest with sleeves fits M to L plus
• Coin hip sash
• Two-panel opaque skirt (may be worn alone or with under-skirt)
• Full circle under-skirt with elastic waist; One size.
• Extra black and silver hip scarf for head drape, as shown, an additional $40

DelialhThis is a killer costume!
. . . . .Serpent not included!

I know it's hard to see in this photo. More photos see snakes alive. Delilah just decided to put it up for sale.



Bra: C-D cup

Belt: Estimate 38-40 inch hip. It's built into skirt with beaded lacing up out side of hip. Sexy

Accessories: Lower arm gauntlet, head band

Beads: Gold bugle and seed with aurora borealis jewels

You can use any color of veil with this costume! Delilah has used purple, yellow and leopard pattern. This costume was used for a Paul Allen's Christmas Party, a few other performances with Brothers of the Baladi, Rotary Club with Congressman Ralph Munro and as part of Hathor's wardrobe.

Cost : $595 plus shipping

Brown, Green and Coral Cabaret Costume

belly dancing costume
belly dancing costume belly dancing costume


Worn only a few times by Delilah. Elaborately made by Pharonics of Egypt. An especially nice design with fabulous beaded detailing. Wonderful skirt line that hugs your hips and flairs at your feet. It’s an earth mother goddess inspired cabaret costume. It looks earthy and dewy. Reminds you of a sun-lit forest. The lycra base color is warm brown, with moss green, coral, and beige sequins swirling around crystal jewels. The waist strap lifts asymmetrically off the hip and can be made to spiral around your body or simply fasten around the waist like a belt.
Price $875.00 plus shipping
reduced price $550.00 (plus shipping)

• Bra with short, beaded sleeves Size 36 B-C
• Skirt with built in belt; medium stretch
• Two ankle bands
• Headband
• Kick pleat (optional detail)
• Veil

Cowrie Shell Bellydance Bra and Belt set

belly dance costumebelly dance costume

Fit for a Sea Goddess. Originally made by Aziza of California and worn by Delilah, maybe 4 or 5 times. Skirt not included
Price $290.00 plus shipping

• Bra size 34 B-C
• Belt
• Arm bands
• Headband

Gold and Coral Bra and Belt Set

belly dance costumebelly dance costume

belly dancing costume

Simple and Elegant. This costume is a Vicky Horiuchi original. An American designer famous for color and bead designs as well as her ability to make the most comfortable and breathable beaded bras of all time. She employs a labor-intensive technique of stretching the fabric as she beads retaining the elastic quality. Worn by Delilah on the Delilah &Sirocco Live and Wild video. This is one of Delilah's favorites. It’s been well used (seen a lot of nightclubs) and re beaded once. Still a gem! (skirt not included) Delilah will autograph the lining and include the video.
Price: $1,000.00 plus shipping
• Bra size 34 B
• Belt size medium, somewhat adjustable.
• Headband
• 1 arm band
• Delilah and Sirocco; Live and Wild video


We're looking for Belly Dance costumes with good vibrations . . .
worn by popular belly dancers

If you'd like Delilah to host a costume for sale, please E-mail:

or call 206-632-2353




Light Sea Green Complete Costume

Sea Green Costume Sea Green Costume

Light Sea Green seed beads, pearl, silver bugle beads, sequins diamond and rainbow rhinestones: Egyptian made elaborate design and lavishly beaded and bejeweled.
$899 plus postage and insurance

E-mail Delilah for purchase details.

Beaded and pleated circle cut skirt
Veil: 2 5/8 yard
Beaded crown
Beaded and form-fitting belt with Delilah’s autograph in lining
Beaded bra with elbow length beaded drapes
Beaded ankle band
Extra beads and sequins for repairs
And add to the list a personally autographed copy of The IAMED AWARD Video

Size 36-38 inch hips at upper hip line (where the upper edge of the belt would reside) 36-38 C to D cup

Costume Herstory

Delilah wore this costume as featured dancer in the IAMED Second Annual Academy Awards of Bellydance concert and video release as well as for a Solo performance to Leylit Hob in the Absolute Beginning Bellydance Instructional DVD. It has been worn less than a dozen times.

This costume has been professionally redesigned from the original for more practical dance execution. The sleeves were re-beaded and shortened so they do not tangle across chest as in the original design, making it a one-of-a-kind costume. Bra also was slightly elasticized for more comfort.

Blue, Gold and Pearl Belt and Bra Set

Blue-gold bra and beltblue-gold bra and beltblue-gold bra and belt

Brazilian made, never been worn
$270 plus postage and insurance

E-mail Delilah for purchase details.

Beaded bra 36A-B cup
Beaded belt
Beaded neck band
Nicely designed glass and plastic beads on velvet background

white & gold costume

White and Gold Bra and Belt Set

Brazilian made, never been worn
$250 plus postage and insurance

E-mail Delilah for purchase details.

Beaded bra 36B
Beaded belt
Beaded neck band
Gold trimmed straps, silver and gold glass beads and white pearls on velvet back ground

Refund Policy: You may return any costume and receive a full refund but you pay shipping costs. Returns must be shipped back within 24 hours.


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