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A few dancers have written about stringing the transaxial pattern pieces together through the core point. Yes, you could do that but . . .while I think it's useful to make the connection in your mind, I not especially think it's very useful to actually do and have all the parts strung together. It limits the use as a tool for studying all moves. Your body is the model for that.


You will also find you can stick the sharp end of a pencil through the pieces and turn the pencil as you draw the patterns to illustrate how the movements work.


I held a small workshop on using the Transaxial Method using the pattern tools that are shown on these pages. I got some interesting feed back. Now mind you, it is a different experience to simply read about how to use the tools than it is for me to show you and actually teach you (up close and personal) how to use them. We worked on all sorts of moves and skills in this workshop. I will be glad to come teach this as a workshop anywhere in the country, just call me!!!. From the feed back of the students they seem to feel it was very beneficial for students and teachers. The workshop was a mix or beginners and advanced students and pro dancers.

We began by cutting up enough sets of both models so we could experiment with both and had a stack of maps to use for dissecting all moves.

Cheryl said while she had been dancing for a many years, she came a way with seeing aspects of the dance more clearly in her mind. Leslie worked on the Persian Shuffle step and finally got the difficult little suspension hook in the back end of the dance move that she had not understood before. Someone put the pieces in the wrong order, (we laughed). I mixed the hip scarfed hip piece with the topless rib cage piece; interesting; Most everyone at the workshop agreed they liked the naked model better than the costumed one because they could "feel" the movements under their skin better. The costume posed a bit of a blind.

There is a odd thing that happens when you start working with the pieces. A sympathetic body awareness creeps in. You start pushing the hip piece around on paper and you feel your hip muscles responding. This is especially noticable in the belly exercises. This is very exciting too!



Question: Delilah, You have described your ideas about body language to me in depth over the years. Do you mean to tell me you could do some sort of movement with your arms and hands and I would be able to understand it like a language? Mike

Answer: Well yes . . . Except I think WE as a world culture have done a good job of beating this knowledge out of folks. The inquisition, the puritanical attitudes towards the body, dance and emphasis on Christs suffering. We are so mal aligned with nature, the body, art and creativity, feminine values and so aligned with technology, literacy (written words), commercial rites and power over others that we have lost much of the ability to be bodily aware. We are like Helen Kellers to the bodies language for the most part . . . But I think it can be reclaimed. I think that is what women are responding to as they become possessed by belly dance.

We have to take many steps back and quit trying to re translate it back into the language of words and let it be the language of the body. What then must it be like? I invite people to imagine. To take your self to that place. Number one, you can't get there in a hurry, in a sound bite, on video tape, in a written page. . .YOU have to experience it in "real time" with a piece of your life continuum. If it can be measured, it will be breath by breath and heart beat by heart beat, physical processes and it tap on root memory association. It will be known, not learned or taught to you. I believe that it is by nature "sacred" and deals with the cosmic universal unconsciousness rather than the chatter of our disconnected selves. With in that, may lay the food and water of all life. . . Delilah

Thanks for the feed back!

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