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A Retro Choreography

We are so pleased to have finally given birth to this program and make it available to you! It’s been two years in the making. We hope you have enjoyed it as much as we have enjoyed making it.

And there’s more!

Welcome! To the Visionary Bellydance Web Club #202. We would like to Thank you for your purchase of “A Retro Choreography” and "Fire at the Iao."

As an added bonus to our program, we have prepared for you additional pages that relate specifically to this program. It is our hope that in this way we can add an ongoing interactive aspect to the world-wide education and promotion of bellydance arts.

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A Companion to A Retro Choreography


Weight Belts for Belly Dancing
Hip Scarfs

Transcripts Plus Extra Notes
Delilah's Commentary, Fire at the Iao
Nikki and Sol Talk About Flamenco, Fire at the Iao
Introduction to A Retro Choreography
Preliminary Belly Dance Lesson
Seven Part Belly Dance Lesson
Choreography; Step list (48 or more skills)
Notes on African Hop Step
Creative Exercises
Floor Design

Zill lesson
Fire at the Iao zill breakdown

Extra Instruction
My Hip is a Circle

Costume Notes
Delilah’s White Costume Archive
Cut a dress in Half
For The Love of the Enchantress Dress
For Sale

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